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  1. Tough to see what damage they've suffered. There's been no loss of opportunity because Alamy's not exclusive, and of course they've actually made sales, albeit at a price they don't accept. But the contract covers that- Alamy decides what prices to accept, not contributors.
  2. Just stepping back from this for a moment. I am in all distribution and also NU but had none of mine included in this China deal. However, I did have some China sales at around the same time through another agency - well essentially they are just a distributor as they don't seem to sell direct at all - and I got 2 cents for each!! My point being that at least Alamy does offer opt outs even if the operation is not foolproof. Other agencies/distributors don't offer such options, and they don't enter into any dialogue either. I understand that fees of c 10 cent
  3. The leaves are off the trees, it's cold and there's a breeze. Winter has settled in, and. we take it on the chine. Besides this awful rhyme, what's up in winter time? I've been shooting a lot of signs. Signs outside of restaurants and shops. Sale signs. Street signs. Do they sell? They do! I've had 47 sign snaps licenced in the past year. And some have sold for $$$. I shoot a lot of tabletop food, too. But I've only had 12 sales on those.
  4. Guardian Online https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jan/25/george-osbornes-help-to-buy-scheme-disaster-housing-market Patricia Phillips https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/jan/25/why-cant-bt-connect-me-to-broadband-on-the-edge-of-london Simon Collins https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jan/25/snake-oil-doubts-loom-over-tech-firm-darktraces-high-octane-sales-strategy True Images https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/jan/25/dementia-patients-who-see-same-gp-have-better-quality-of-life-study-finds MBI https://www.theguardian.com/
  5. I would like to know why i have $59 instead $74, because the last sale was for $70 and i have over $250 a year, that's supose to reach 40% of gain. Before the $70 sale i had in Current Cleared Balance $ 46 Thanks!
  6. Has anyone else noticed their measures information being much less than "normal" over the last 10 days or so? Since COVID my average daily views have been 1200-1400, and 8-12 zooms, but in the last 10 days or so both figures have been roughly half of those (and consequently CTR hasn't changed significantly) I originally wondered if it was due to August holidays, but it seems rather more significant than that. I wonder if Measures is partially broken? Kumar
  7. Well, after about 6 months uploading photos to 8 sites, i achieved a lot of sales in some, little sales in some others, and Alamy stills remains as the only one with not even one sale... Is this site harder to make a sale? It´s not so popular? I don´t understand my mistake. I took some advice in the keywording and other things that you people gave me in my previous post. But, in fact, with the same kind of keywording (and everything, because I upload at the same time with the same info in several sites) i´m having sales everywhere except here... Any suggestions? Thank you
  8. My journey so far. 2018 - Joined in June, no sales, 560 images by end of year. 2019 - 4158 views, 41 zooms, 12 sales, $419 gross (ave. $34.91), 1175 images by end of year. 2020 - 4622 views, 34 zooms, 24 sales, $799 gross (ave. $33.29), 1872 images by end of year. 2021 - 6760 views, 47 zooms, 37 sales, $503 gross (ave. $13.59), 2400 images by end of year. So, steady progress, especially in views (obviously getting my captions and tagging right as I would only say about 100 produced a false positive). The only down side is the gross and
  9. Now that we're over halfway through Jan., sales of various shapes and sizes as well as zooms have started trickling in, so all is not lost (except the fair 50/50 split of course). 😁🙁
  10. While my sales volume and revenues had been steadily increasing since 2007 (when I joined Alamy), the revenues are now declining steadily since a couple of years. I had 264 sales so far in 2021 (my personal best so far), but my revenues will likely end up on par with what I made in 2013. I assume this is due to the average price per images dropping rapidly? Is everyone else seeing the same trend?
  11. I asked this very question to Alamy support. I don't want to see any more of these sales given I've been opted out from NU for many, many years.
  12. I'd also be very interested in a Stockimo forum. I've been a contributor from the start and have had some good sales there. Ditto what Lisa said about their Twitter account (and same goes for their Instagram account).
  13. I ❤️ Stockimo. Happy to share my experiences on a forum and happy to help guide newcomers. Their Twitter account does a great job of showing the biggest sales of the month and year. They also show you which photos scored a perfect 4, so you can see examples of what kind of photos they are looking for. They even help promote their favorite newcomers. But if someone starts a forum off of Alamy please let me know. I’d be happy to share my knowledge.
  14. I had the same thing, only noticed it as my cleared balance dropped slightly, it was from a sale last September that had just been refunded ... another so called newsletter / presentation use that isn't possible to prove whether it has or hasn't been used ... which is why I dropped out of the personal use scheme, too many refunds. In my personal opinion, the time is way overdue for Alamy to enact a strict no refunds policy on personal use and presentation / newsletter sales ... ( To add insult to injury, I also had two sales for $1.00 each ! )
  15. A good suggestion - thank you. But its a busy day and for $4 maybe more effort than is warranted. If it doesn't make sense soon - I'll email alamy support. If they're taking a 60% commission on sales they might as well earn it by doing the legwork to figure out why there's a discrepancy. It already takes far too long for me to keyword images, prep them for sale, occasionally find/report sales Alamy left unreported - I shouldn't have to be doublechecking their math on top of that.
  16. have you checked the "Net Revenue Sales Report" (the report you get under Download Sales report button). $4 is in the range of the retroactive "affiliate bonus" Alamy has been giving away more frequently since last July.
  17. I too have been opted out of Novel use (in 2008, I am pretty sure that all nearly all of the images bought under this price were uploaded after that) and got plenty of these 4 cent sales. also, as far as "Future growth opportunities" are concerned, please don't pursue any that result in sales for pennies.
  18. Hi... I'm not in the Novel Use scheme yet I had more than 80 of these sales. Could you explain how my images are available in the Novel Use pool when they've never been part of the Novel Use scheme since April 2013?!? Edit. Also, I'm quite sure the majority of the sales we're of images that were submitted after April 2013 so would never of been part of it.
  19. Hi All, Following on from this, we’ve been looking into the data further and can see that a small percentage of contributors’ images have been included in this deal who were IN distribution for China but opted out of novel use. We apologise for this oversight as we originally aimed to set this up with the intention to include NU only and although the vast majority of images we’re in this pool, it has come to light that a handful were not. Regardless of this error, we’d like to reiterate that this does not indicate a shift in strategy in the way we or our
  20. Hi All, Apologies on the radio silence up to this point whilst we investigate what's been happening with these sales via a Chinese distributor. The detail is more complex than it appears and we are still picking through the data to ascertain what’s involved and how it has come to pass. I'd also like to apologise for posting this on what is a Friday afternoon here in the UK. It's never the best time to post replies and I'm aware there will may be suspicions that this is some kind of deliberate tactic of waiting for a quiet period but I can assure you it isn't.
  21. Steve, I thought $1.67, was low, then $0.95, but $0.17 is the lowest. A few low licenses thrown in with high value isn't ideal, but may end up being acceptable. My worry, and others who haven't had really low sales yet should also worry, is that as more ridiculous sales are being reported, so how long will it be before most, if not all licenses go for silly prices. Do Alamy only want to make bulk sales from the bigger agencies with no concern re the smaller contributors? Something is really wrong and illogical.
  22. I don't mean this to be one of those tedious whining threads, but 2022 has gotten off to a very slow start for me with only one small sale showing up yesterday and just two zooms so far. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  23. 1 teeny sale and a few zooms so far. I was also wondering if the zooms/measures behind the scenes upgrades had been completed. It was supposed to start Sept 30 and last 3 months, wasn't it?
  24. To give you some hop I have had a $155, and two $40 sales this month plus a few sub $10 sales. Keep working on your keywording, captions and content and the rewards are there.
  25. Some of us remember another way of earning "Brownie Points;" making a personal impression on actual human picture researchers. Alamy's digital ranking system is pretty awful in my mind, and yet, it's far better than anything else I've ever experienced. I would rather have my micro-priced sales counted towards my rank than feeling like I have to visit headquarters and leave boxes of chocolates for the researchers. (something that always made sales spike back in the eighties) These sales we've been discussing have been part of my stock photo reality since I first got involved in the
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