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  1. We're almost end of January. You'll be very lucky if you have distro sales reported by April. Distributors are very slow to report, it's more like 6 months. Sometimes I even have the feeling that some distributors report only once a year.
  2. After a bumper December, a slugulant start to 2021. Three low $$ sales to date, not looking great. Zooms OKish.
  3. Definitely a slow month here as well. Currently, I have only three sales showing. One of them is a direct license for $$$, though, which helps ease the pain somewhat, and zooms and CTR are coming back to life. Hope springs... ☘️
  4. January couldn't be slower than this... No sales, no zooms, no nothing... Well, back to hibernating...
  5. It's been on Alamy since 2008 and not sold for any of those - or anything else for that matter! I've had three sales from that same day though. Total sales from that New Zealand trip have at least paid the airfare. I've been making constructive use of lockdown by reviewing my keywords from way-back. It's been a very useful exercise - I've learned a lot about keywording over the years and some of my early efforts now seem downright cringe-worthy...🥴
  6. Sales up to my monthly average of last year already, so OK. $$ low, with the only licence over $20 being a distribution deal, so 70% commission hurts.... slow views and zooms however, so expecting dip in couple of months...
  7. Hi Gen, I'm wondering how you go with Australian images and distribution sales, or at least how those images went before you opted out of PU and the distro sales dried up? My images are mostly from Western Australia, a tiny amount from Tasmania and South Australia, several from Bhutan and 4 bird images from NZ. Basically I have imagined distro sales of Australian images would largely be to overseas countries interested in travel/tourism, which is obviously an area with not much happening for the foreseeable future, but I could be wrong in thinking that this is what distro sales are
  8. Well I got zero sales in December (usually a good month) and zero sales so far for Jan. It's absolutely dreadful.
  9. Hi In June I started uploading part of my portfolio to Alamy . I signed up many years ago but for some reason never had uploaded anything So far with more than 3000 photos I've had 31 zooms and a CTR of 0.54. But only 3 sales and all of them of the same topic (editorial portraits of people in Cuba). This sales amount to a net income of $30. So I guess I'm doing something wrong because there's no logic in spending the time to upload and tag 3000 photos if sales are so rare. I'd really appreciate your advice
  10. Do you have an update on this please? It is still happening. To understand the problem, my photo count on the left reads 1726, which includes the one image I put through QC and passed yesterday. When clicking that number, it goes to my portfolio page and only shows 1725. This has been happening since at least November last year, was corrected for a short period in the latter half of December, and then started again since early January. It regularly takes images 36-48h from a QC pass to appear for sale. This is not so problematic for stock images that are not time sensitive, but it is very trou
  11. Alamy are potentially missing out on sales by not updating the database quickly enough (obviously). I had 2 searches yesterday for 'Bodnant Garden', one of 80 images and the other of 41, of which 3 were zoomed. I uploaded 23 more images the day before of Bodnant Garden but they aren't on sale yet, therefore I'm missing out on potential sales. John.
  12. Zip, Zilch, Nada ...... and zooms are through the floor.
  13. Zooms have been sporadic for a long time now and that's hardly surprising considering my views have dropped to about a third of what they were a few years ago. I'd add that my sales have dropped too probably due to the increased number of images on Alamy uploaded by other agencies which I just can't compete with. So far this year I have no sales but know of one or two that haven't been reported yet. However it's not a good start and with a fairly ordinary portfolio I can't see things improving. Last year was bad, I don't expect any improvement this year. Zooms used to be a source of hope but t
  14. Zooms down from past glories but I have known worse. CTR very good by my indifferent standards, and with a reasonable proportion of exclusive zooms, BUT, more importantly, sales dreadful, one PU to date this month. As John Mo said, swings and roundabouts. Plenty of Alamy images continue to be used in The Times, I'm not seeing a noticeable decline.
  15. I understand that the commercial buyer will not go through the normal portal and Zoom images there before buying. It happens, I see it, no problem. But, personal use images will be different. Who would buy an image without looking at it closely if they were going to use it for Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. I think its acon. Its commercial users who see a $13 useage as the cheapest option and go for it because the chances of getting caught are nil.
  16. Slow for Views, sales are ok'ish, 4 that were published last June finally reported(Spanish distro sales!), + 3 others... So I'm kind of on target for an average month. Phil
  17. In my last reported sale I complained about German sales most often were distributor sales - today I had two upper $$ editorial sales to Germany at my 50%. So my complaint was perhaps not quite fair.
  18. Also a slow month for me. 2 small distributor sales dropped in yesterday. Only one zoom for this month so far, which is unusually low for me. And a couple of sales from last year, which should have been cleared by now, are still showing as uncleared.
  19. My zooms were much lower than previous years during 2020. They really started tanking in October, though, and my CTR sank to an all-time low. This month zooms are looking somewhat healthier and CTR has perked up. However, I only have one sale at the moment. Usually I have 6-7 by mid-month.
  20. Thanks all and some good detective work there, I hadn't realised it was in the Sun as well. Will be curious to see if this comes in as two separate sales as I believe the Sun and the Times might be related businesses. @spacecadet it is there, but far down in the article with a lot of scrolling and clicking the load more entries button.
  21. I have had 25 zooms so far this month but not single one of them have translated into a sale yet. That number of zooms is about average for me for a two week period.
  22. Yes it does! I love nature of all kinds. If it’s there, I have to shoot it without considering sales potential. If I can ID it, I upload it. Who knows...maybe someday one of the rarer ones will sell for $$$$. And I have a used spaceship for sale, too.😂 I do have a correction to what I said. I have had some of my hummingbird moths zoomed. But those are special moths.
  23. Good for you. That's an interesting point you make about specialist portfolios possible being more resilient during uncertain times like these. I can't help noticing that most of my zooms and sales these days are of my Mexico images, which used to be a specialty of mine.
  24. Charlie, Hi. I know you're relatively new to the Forum and feeling your way around, but you seem to be making lot of troll like comments on various threads inviting arguments - and you have had several arguments this week. Lockdown is frustrating, but it may be more worthwhile increasing your porfolio size than picking fights. I don't see the benefit of going on a Forum and telling everyone their photos may be undesirable. That could only be possible if everyone has identikit portfolios - if you look at people's portfolios you'll see they are actually very varied. Zooms are o
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