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  1. Hi, A picture of mine appears on a hungarian web article published almost two months ago with Alamy credit. Yet I can't see the sale on my Alamy contributor dashboard. I know that there is a delay between sale and payment, but I wasn't aware that a sale might post month later. How long does that usually take? The credit line shows Alamy / Profimedia, so maybe it takes longer because it is a sublicense? And by the way: found two more pictures that don't appear in my sales history - this time the publishing dates four months back. Chris
  2. Hi everyone, So after the whole new contract ordeal I've reviewed and re-labelled my portfolio, but noticed that I'm getting an increased number of Personal Use sales, is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. I normally have regular sales throughout the month but have had nothing for a couple of weeks. Am I being paranoid but I do wonder if I might suddenly get a load just after the new contract on 24th.
  4. I asked Alamy how IO had had two personal use sales but the images had not been zoomed. There answer FYI was: Hi Bill Alamy measures doesn’t register every action on the site. Views and zooms are only registered from customers who are logged in and who have spent a certain amount of money on Alamy. Thanks, Shelley Alamy Contributor Relations
  5. I’ve been uploading my better photographs to major stock agencies for a little over a year. I’ve had good success with Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock (more than 260 sales of so far). However, I’ve had ZERO sales from Alamy. What’s up? I not expecting to generate a huge number of sales from Alamy, but nothing at all! Have other contributors experienced similar results? Jerry
  6. Hi, This just appeared on my Net revenue sales report: ","28/5/2021","","","","","Other fees","Affiliate ommission charge for IY01834456 Image R",0.0000,-0.9100,-0.9100,"" It's the first time I get one of those, does anybody know what it is exactly?
  7. Morning Everyone - Just been notified that I sold 5 images yesterday - however, total sale price is $0.67. Are these prices normal? My other sales have been in the $$ and $$$ regions... Many thanks Colin
  8. Hello fellow photographers. Happy May to all! I don't have the largest or strongest portfolio, but I had 7 sales last year, particularly active period of September to November. However, everything dried up suddenly and no sales since November. I am based on west coast of United States. Is this typical for anyone in the States? Anyone having good success this year? What kind of content has been doing well for you? I guess I don't attend rallies or catch social issues in time to provide those kinds of photographs. Thanks, and good luck to all, stay healthy
  9. Is there a way to sign up to receive email notifications when my photos sell?
  10. I thought this might be an interesting statistic to explore. Last year (2020), I averaged 13 sales per month, which worked out to roughly 1.7 sales per month per 1000 images on sale. How about you?
  11. I was just composing a reply to a new contributor asking about the lack of sales in his first months of being a contributor here. That prompted me to look back at my own record and I realised I had just celebrated my 10th anniverary at Alamy. Looking back at my first sales, it took just three months to get my first sale, but it was not until I'd been here nearly two years that I reached the dizzying heights of ten sales. What startled me most though is that those first ten sales achieved a gross value of $695 - heady amounts. Compare that to my last ten sales which took three mont
  12. Hello, I found this forum while looking randomly for some of my pictures on the internet. The forum shows that one of my pics identified by its ID code was sold in September 2020 with my name and the website where it was published. Yet, my personal dashboard did not track that sale more than 6 months later. So it seems that some people manage to track all sales by Alamy every month, and I'm just wondering how you make it. Can somebody explain please ? And help me find my own sales and the websites where I was published ? Many thanks. Iacob
  13. Hi, on Alamy since May 2019 but no sales, my portfolio is rather small but still any help or advice how to do photography and/or descriptions better will be highly appreciated, thanks
  14. Hi, I started uploading images in alamy from 2016, but has only 300 images (targeting 1000+ images at end of this year). Only last year I got 2 sales for net income $8. It would be really helpful if someone can review my images and keywords and let me know what needs to be improved to increase the sale. Thank you !
  15. Had the most odd experience today, I had eight views with three zooms on my own name! The only images of mine to show containing my name were eight live news images, has anyone else had this happen or think of any explanation?
  16. Had the most odd experience today, I had eight views with three zooms on my own name! The only images of mine to show containing my name were eight live news images, has anyone else had this happen or think of any explanation?
  17. Hello everyone. I have nearly 800 photos on my profile https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/215526.html and just 5 zooms for last 3 years. Are my photos just bad, not sellable or am i doing something else wrong. Thank you in advance
  18. Anybody else had this today. Measures showing more zooms than yesterday, click into "your images" which normally shows yesterdays images plus any zooms in the appropriate column. Nothing. Just a bit odd not particularly bothered as most of my sales are never zoomed. Andy
  19. Where have they gone? I used to show 30 to 40 zooms. At the moment, I have 9. Is this me, or is it Alamy and all of us?
  20. Hi all, Hope you had a decent and healthy start to the new year - and 2021 will be huge improvement over the one just gone! I have been with Alamy since around 15 years, and despite a constant fall in commission, have so far stayed with them. In the last ten years on teh 1300 images I have up here, I made a average sale of just under 5 a year. Obviously nothing to make a living of. Most of my images are from China and editiorial. I have been a live news contributor. After working on the picture desk of the Asia hub of one for the four major news wires I have changed the way I keyword, f
  21. I understand that the commercial buyer will not go through the normal portal and Zoom images there before buying. It happens, I see it, no problem. But, personal use images will be different. Who would buy an image without looking at it closely if they were going to use it for Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. I think its acon. Its commercial users who see a $13 useage as the cheapest option and go for it because the chances of getting caught are nil.
  22. I'm getting a basically blank page if I check my Sales History. The image I sold is still appearing on the right. Another blank page for Account Balance. Paulette
  23. Recently, I've noticed a sudden increase in Presentation Sales. It actually represents 63% of my sales and there are variations in the price. Previously, I've only had the occasional Presentation Sale. I've not changed any of my settings. Any thoughts on why this might be?
  24. Hi everyone, I have recently been making a few sales as personal use since removing all restrictions. I can be happy for the increase in sales although no more than $10 or less per sale, My question and concerns is how the material is being used and if these personal use buyers have a contract with Alamy stating the material cannot be used outside of personal use. Any experiences or views on this, would be appreciated. Thanks everybody, Paul.
  25. Hello everybody! I've been on Alamy since March 2018 and I have made 6-7 decent sales a year in the first two years, so these were my expectations about the potential of my portfolio. The problem is that this year my latest sale dates back to the beginning of April and then I've not seen a single sale in more than 7 months! The numbers of zooms hasn't changed significantly over the last year (just a very slight decrease). So I'm beginning to think that there might be some kind of issue, because this complete lack of sales over so long a period seems too strange to me. What do you s
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