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  1. I reported an uptick in presentation and PU sales earlier this year, but things now seem to have gone back to "normal" -- i.e. I'm getting 2-3 on average out of about 14 sales per month. However, sometimes they do come in wavelets of sorts. Like everything else, it's unpredictable. I am seeing an uptick in low-priced sales overall, but that's another story. 😟
  2. Only $ but all sales welcome, especially of the 42 year old photos when I first arrived in London. Protesters outside a London appeal court in 1978 following the conviction of the publication 'Gay News' and its editor in 1977 for 'blasphemous libel' for publishing a poem about Jesus having sex with a Roman centurion. In 1977 'Gay News' was fined £1,000 and the editor, Denis Lemon, fined £500 and sentenced to nine months imprisonment, suspended. The Court of Appeal quashed Denis Lemon's suspended prison sentence but upheld the convictions. The prosecution was started by Mary Whitehouse w
  3. I see. But you have such a small portfolio, are you on multiple agencies? I'm not aware that there is an easy way of extracting your net income without doing some calculations. But you can download your sales report and get your net income there and just stick it in an Excel spreadsheet to add it up for each month, very quick and easy to do. Kudos for trying to live off of stock photography though. You must be very successful selling your illustrations.
  4. Oof... My point was simply that Alamy's way of reporting sales (and the occasional refund) is transparent, not opaque.
  5. Well, John, it's nice that you can not worry about money. On my dashboard "sales to date" is one number. Going to "balance of account" as directed by DJ Myford, is a different number. I can't find uncleared sales that account for that difference. That's why I call it opaque. I know fans of this agency are proud of their ability to decipher the reports. However, some of us are mere artists who aren't so clever. Every other site I have EVER worked with makes it easy for us not so smart people. They report what they owe me. If I want to know what they char
  6. Alamy's sales reports aren't "opaque". You can see what the buyer paid, Alamy's cut, and what is due to you. Not sure why it should be "stressful"...
  7. Where are you looking at your sales that you do not see the net amounts? If you go here: https://www.alamy.com/alamycontributorreports/Reports.aspx?Rep=2 (you have to be logged in) you can set it to Date of invoice and the date up to the current day. It will then give you all the details you need. If you hit the download button, you'll get the sales details as well. The link to this page is the Download sales report button on your dashboard page. wim
  8. That would be very easy to test, because you can see views; zooms and search terms here. So if you see those here, and see sales elsewhere of the same images, you'll know. If you do, please let us know. wim
  9. On my dashboard, there is a number for "sales to date". That's nice, but I know that number is not my actual earnings, because Alamy always has to do it the confusing way. How do I see what My actual earnings have been? I'm trying to decide if I want to continue with Alamy. I find their accounting distressing, and it may not be worth the anxiety to continue. I really do try to just ignore it, and pretend it's all okay, but every time I see a sale, I have to mentally backtrack and tell myself "that wasn't really a $20 sale, it's probably more like $8,
  10. Thanks Chuck. I really appreciate your point of view. However I still don't like the idea of being exclusive at any agency. I respect your experience but I've been doing this for 12 years and so far I've had great results. I don't know why but at the beginning I never uploaded to Alamy . In the few months since I began uploading here my income here is less than 1% than what I've made elsewhere. I can't be exclusive at Alamy with those numbers. I like Alamy's business model but the competition is fierce and.no agency (in my opinion) is safe. I prefer to have
  11. I have seen an “abrupt” stop to sales in November, when October was very good for me, so I’m wondering why especially as I get consistent multiple sales per month. November I have just one sale so far.
  12. maybe your field of images has been affected by the on going pandemic. i have noted a shift in my sales away from some subjects
  13. Recently, I've noticed a sudden increase in Presentation Sales. It actually represents 63% of my sales and there are variations in the price. Previously, I've only had the occasional Presentation Sale. I've not changed any of my settings. Any thoughts on why this might be?
  14. I'm in the personal use scheme, I don't like putting up barriers betwen myself and people who are willing to give me money. As far as I can tell my PU sales have not been misused, yet. I can relate to a couple of images that were bought by newspapers and a few weeks later a PU sale popped up. Now you can't make this up but one was of man selling sausages. It was a typical someone doing something picture. Being in PU got me a second sale. I have seen contributors being vexed by PU sales being returned because the purchaser thought they were getting the
  15. Paul, I see personal use sales as a valuable addition. I have 11 sales this month, and 4 of them are PU. Is there abuse? I'm sure there is. But I don't track the use of my sales. Edo
  16. Hi Paul, Judging from the Forum, a lot of people are not keen on Personal Use licenses. I agree that from time to time the odd PU licensed image is used for publication. Personally, I don't apply any restrictions on my image usage. The PU fees of $10-20 are almost always higher than the editorial sales I get so I'm happy to have them. I would note though that my average sale price is somewhat lower than some contributors, which is suspect is due to the subject material of my portfolio. I'm on 62 sales this year for $695 gross so $11.2 average per image. I believe I used to be
  17. Hi everyone, I have recently been making a few sales as personal use since removing all restrictions. I can be happy for the increase in sales although no more than $10 or less per sale, My question and concerns is how the material is being used and if these personal use buyers have a contract with Alamy stating the material cannot be used outside of personal use. Any experiences or views on this, would be appreciated. Thanks everybody, Paul.
  18. Black Lives Matter murals in Oakland are indeed my hottest topic. I just counted ten zooms on different murals, two in the last couple of days. No sales.
  19. Hello everybody! I've been on Alamy since March 2018 and I have made 6-7 decent sales a year in the first two years, so these were my expectations about the potential of my portfolio. The problem is that this year my latest sale dates back to the beginning of April and then I've not seen a single sale in more than 7 months! The numbers of zooms hasn't changed significantly over the last year (just a very slight decrease). So I'm beginning to think that there might be some kind of issue, because this complete lack of sales over so long a period seems too strange to me. What do you s
  20. According to my zooms and sales, it's looking like capturing current events, especially Black Lives Matter, is the best focus for me, aligning accessibility and interest. I do live in a major travel destination as well, so could probably focus on that, especially because I know the secret spots and niche locales. I've been meaning to photograph the parrots of San Francisco (there are is a flock of famous cherry headed wild parrots living in the city) and I just looked it up and there are only about three photos of that topic on Alamy.
  21. Although I'm retired from the 'day job' I'm still officially self-employed for tax purposes. When I get a payment from Alamy I issue an invoice from myself to Alamy in order for it to go through the accounts, and I attach a list of the relevant sales, Of course I don't actually send it to Alamy, it's just for accounting purposes. Is that of any help?
  22. Yes, I've had Canadian distributor sales. There seems to be one one major Canadian distributor, which I guess I'm not supposed to name.
  23. 'Good Discoverability was introduced several years ago at the same time as the new Alamy Image Manger (AIM). Alamy say its intention is the encourage contributors to make better use of the caption and keywords (tags) field in order to make their images more discoverable by the search engine. As the number of keywords used approaches the maximum of 50, including 10 supertags, the Discoverability bar turns green. In practice, most images do not need 50 keywords and maybe not even 10 supertags. Encouraging contributors to aim for 50 simply encourages keyword spamming where irrelvant o
  24. Jahangir, I have worked with agencies all over the world and have lived in Europe, Israel and the USSR then Russia. I have always had a U.S. bank account and all of the agencies I've worked with and continue to allow to license my images send me, in 2000's, a statement when monies are paid to me. Alamy sends my payment via ACH transfer and Alamy sends me via email a "Remittance Advice" which it states is "Payment for Sales made by Alamy Limited (A UK Company) of Your Images." It is described on the email as "Copyright Royalties" I had the same system when I lived in Moscow, RU,
  25. You don't issue invoices for your image sales, Alamy does. You can't provide them because you don't produce them. There's zero chance that Alamy will provide you with copies. Anyway it seems a very odd request- I don't know how banks operate in your country but how you deal with paperwork is nothing to do with your bank. Is it a money-laundering regulation?
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