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  1. 38% Of last years sales. 51% of last years revenue. Allan
  2. I just got this in my latest sale statement: "22/6/2021","22/6/2021","","","","","Other fees","Rev/Manual credit - C95GTB",0.0000,-20.0000,-20.0000,"" (stated as "other fees" in the Net revenue sales report). Did any of you had $20 deducted from your account the same way and do you have the precise explanation for that fee? Edit: I just noticed the pic number. It looks like an "adjustment" for a $40 sale from the month of April.
  3. The cover of one of my books - 'Innocence of Eye' was taken at a zoo. Two-legged animal. Fourth book down from the top here: https://www.pete-davis-photography.com/printsales It's not on Alamy of course, like me come July. I'm outa here too. Won't make one iota of difference to me as 99% of my income through photography comes from print and book sales so I won't be missed. I could just stay and be a sleeper but I have always taken a stand against photographers being taken advantage of and Alamy have taken one step too far. I'm sorry for those who depend on stock for part of their income. Despi
  4. I'm doing quite well compared to last year, but I think it's pretty meaningless to compare to the full-Covid year. Compared to an average of 2017-2019, I have a little more than half of sales and a little less than half of revenue.
  5. Today I had a sale reported, details below:- Country: WorldwideUsage: Editorial, The Tablet Weekly Publication & Digital version - Website www.thetablet.co.ukMedia: Magazine - print, digital and electronicStart: 21 June 2021End: 21 June 2026 This is the first time in over fifteen years of my membership of Alamy when details of the publication using my image have appeared in the sales history. Has anyone else had this happen? I think that possibly someone has slipped-up in divulging the details.
  6. So far so good for me. Reached the 68% of sales w.r.t last year total and 111% in revenue.
  7. so likely will the gross for those that have substantial distributor sales (still Never directly addressed)
  8. sounds like most folk are having a promising first half year. I am 76 % of last years sales and 69% of last years revenue so looking good at the moment, although this month is a bit slow.
  9. 90% of last year's total sales and 149% of last year's revenue. What do I win?
  10. 56% of last years sales and 47% of revenue. There's still a week to go as well......... John.
  11. Sales approximately half of the total for last year so on track, although I've added a few hundred pictures to my portfolio... I've already made 3/4 of last years revenue though, so that's pretty good.
  12. Same here Alex, half way through and sales are higher and revenue equal to the whole of last year.😃
  13. Congrats Alex! I am on pace to meet last years sales and revenue...so nothing too exciting.
  14. Exactly one sale short of half last year's total sales, at this midpoint of the year - but several hundred dollars short of half last year's total revenue, alas Alex
  15. Surely with all these restrictions etc bing put in to place, which will cost contribs revenue, why don't a number club together and ask a lawyer..... I would suggest Swan Turton as IIRC Alamy used/maybe still do get their advice/services. Might be a conflict of interest but photographers mulling over and pronouncing on legal issues might be great for popcorn sales but it's not really getting anywhere.
  16. Welcome, Graziella. Don't forget that Alamy is primarily an editorial agency. Just about anything can license here, but in order to make regular sales you need to think about subjects that could be used to illustrate articles in magazines, newspapers, books, etc. Look for subjects that you have unique access to in your area. I would echo what Steve said about cat pictures. Also, a lot of people are eating less meat these days for a number of reasons, so images of big hunks of meat probably won't do well. Your images of poke bowls and healthy looking fruits and vegetables will probably stand a
  17. I have 343 images on Alamy taken with a Panasonic Lumix GF2 which I picked up on ebay for £75 (used but it looked almost new and included the 14-42mm lens). Had 11 sales from it which has more than recouped the cost. Fairly useless (for Alamy) at high ISO though.
  18. Nice to get a couple of small sales today after a dry spell. Both just $ for UK editorial website.
  19. So why wasn't this known to Alamy in December 2020? At that time we were told that no commission change was necessary to fund these planned developments because they could be paid for from increased sales. Two options: 1) Alamy doesn't know what it is doing so has had to reverse what we were told six months ago 2) Alamy knows full well what it is doing and decided not to tell us about it in advance
  20. But they have answered on the first page. They need our money to invest in and improve their website and marketing resources. Apparently 261,976,344 images aren't enough so they need to reach every human being on the planet with more ads. Maybe they also want to launch a space program so they can reach the aliens and make them to contribute with some extraterrestrial images from the galaxies far far away, to go where no photo agency has gone before... "How can Alamy justify earning more from a sale than the photographer? Our core rate for direct sales continues to be 40
  21. It's probably not commercially viable to charge more in today's market. But if the proportion of unique imagery on Alamy is so small compared to the main catalogue, surely you can advertise the unique imagery as a strength somehow??? And not punish contributors that stick with Alamy only? I understand the problem of people mistakenly(?) saying images are unique on Alamy when they're not, but surely that is just a minority? I've never sold on another platform for example. Also, how about working on increasing the number of sales rather than taking money from contributors
  22. Exactly. All we have had is woffle and prevarication. Letting the days go past until they lock down the discussion. What are the reasons for our commission being cut to 40%? In particular having been given the assurance at Xmas that this was not being planned and another assurance that sales are on the increase and could fund developments. What changed? Without a reason this just seems like greed and legalised theft - an opportunistic grab of contributors' income and nothing else. Before you lock the the thread don't you think that your contributors deserve
  23. This got me thinking, he mentioned the start of the end came with digital cameras. I have always been of the opinion that the start of the end came with the inevitable "crowd sourcing" take up. Its a bit of a chicken and egg thing though. I can't think of any crowd sourcing activity that has not seen the value of the produced item drop significantly in order to become/justify an attractive scaleable sales model. Art, music, photography, video clips, YouTubing, influencing, online teaching - if you are not in the top 1% of successful artists/technicans/creators in these industries you are l
  24. Hi Angelika, You look like you live in a very beautiful part of the world. I do have a lot of comments, I hope you take it a positive sense. 1) The commission change is going to drop how much money you're going to make with a small portfolio. But in any case, 278 pictures in 2.5 years is not a prolific output. You'll achieve more success if you add more to your portfolio. Basically, take a lot more (stock worthy) pictures. 2) Your captions are far too short: St. James Pro-cathedral - Image ID: 2F96WEJ Protestant cathedral??? Which county, co
  25. There is only one zoo that I know of that has gotten aggressive in eliminating images from stock agencies taken without some sort of permit but I decided a long time ago to be honest about my wildlife photography. If it is a captive animal I say so. If it is in a zoo I give the name of the zoo. If my living depended on this income I might be willing to fudge things but, as it is, I want to just have joy in what I do. I do this for fun and I do have a bit of guilt about competing against people who are real professionals and need the sales, but one thing I won't do is support microstock. Not my
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