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  1. Best month for me ever with my small portfolio. Three sales for a total gross of $155, all direct sales. 👍 But are you all quoting $ as in American $ ?
  2. I had two sales for $44 gross. Four so far for the year (my first sales with Alamy)--all flower images taken on my own property so at least there was no great expense to get the shots!
  3. Highest for volume (just) in rolling month with 45 sales. Seven $$$ but one of those was a distributor TV license. Total a tad over $1500 gross. Pearl
  4. 52 sales - an highest ever monthly total for me - but poor average prices yielding $725 gross / $362 nett. CTR of 0.97 with a total of 69 zooms. No $$$ sales, the highest being $49.99, with most clustering around high $ and low $$. Above average as a month - thanks Alamy - but that low average price per sale is a little disappointing.
  5. After continuing to upload an average of a few images a day, like January, Alamy income has stayed closer to my normal range: 13 sales for $626/239
  6. 56 for $1883 gross; better than recent average for income; 6 sales for $$$, best $250; three best sales were all for TV use so seems this may be a new thing, judging from this and other photographers' experiences? 138 zooms; CTR average to poor at 0.60 Hopefully onwards and upwards! Kumar
  7. Although a January sale cleared yesterday, it was not quite enough to take me over the $50 payout threshold for the month. But it had a $19.99 PU at the beginning of the month, and surely that should have cleared. But no, it seems that, in addition to card & Paypal options, Alamy offer to bill even Guest PU buyers. How does that work? Years ago businesses would trust known customers to pay on invoice (in fact there are stories of shopkeepers turning up on the death of a former customer to collect a lifetime of unpaid bills) but surely a personal use sales should only be paid fo
  8. Well, technically, there is no longer a UKNS as such. It's just that we're now all in the pot for news sales! I didn't used to be in the UKNS, but this past month 3 of my 5 licences were to newspapers - so I guess that there's just more competition for low fees?! 😬
  9. 2 for $29.90 gross. Second month in a row no UKNS, which is 'curious'. Of course, the two regular sales were better for me than two UKNS would have been.
  10. I have couple of drone images on sales, dont sell well, started now with an agency specialized on aerial/drone. Financially its not worth the effort, but fun factor is high, finding new angels of common subjects. In the EU we have common rules now that make it easier to fly - but restrictions e.g. in Germany continue, not in nature protected areas, 150 m from people, 100 from railway, highway. The new DJI mini 2 might be a good option to start, with a weight < 250 g you are less limited. I plan to buy one in addition to my Mavic 2 Pro.
  11. Above average sales at 15, but revenue low at $209. Highest $39.67, but not exclusive to Alamy. No payout this month as only $10 cleared out of $239 owing. Zooms zooming along though. John.
  12. OK for the current climate - $142 gross for 3 license sales. Consistent good zooms, only 1 of the 3 sales had been zoomed.
  13. 2 sales just dropped in on the 1st which is unusual for me. ROW Magazine - $$
  14. 2 for $57 with consistent views but a lack of zooms. Good to see what looks like a rebound in volumes for all you regulars on here though.
  15. 5 sales for $157 gross net $68 a poor month and an appalling month across all stock sales I had to go back to August 2014 to see returns as bad as these and back then I had less than 500 images on sale 😒 But at least the CTR picked up after a 3 month slide
  16. 24 sales for $773 gross - on the good side of average for me Alex
  17. Pretty fair with eight sales up to Friday 26th Feb. Mixed bag in terms of amounts earned, ranging from micro stock prices up to mid range amounts.
  18. My best monthly quantity to date at 9 sales. Revenue was $291 gross. Views consistent but zooms down around 30%.
  19. 10 sales for $627, including 3 $$$ sales. Can't complain.
  20. I think it is thanks to Alamy that negotiated good prices for a set of 7 images. The curios is that those 7 sales, it seems for a TV series, were refunded twice in February and sold again at the sale price instantaneously at the same day of the refund. I got another TV sale for the normal $150 at the end of the month but this time it was only refunded once and sold it again the same day. Very strange situations with refunds this month.
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