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  1. Is it me or can everyone else access their sales data? I am getting a "500 Internal Server Error". Maybe by the morning it will be up and running again.
  2. Hello everybody, I am still waiting for my 10.000 dollar sale. How is your luck? Mirco
  3. I wonder does anyone know why alamy does not include publication details and usage dates in their sales information?
  4. Hi all Do sale's get reported in real time or when the your image's data is refreshed ? Thanks Dave
  5. I have today sold a photo to the Pitcairn Islands for use in a textbook. Print run - up to 5,000. Population of the Pitcairn Islands - 48. That's optimistic. Has anyone else ever had one of these? Perhaps the entire population is employed at a textbook publisher.
  6. hi guys, im currently building up mt portf, and have looked at the archival / reportage section, as i think my items depict a certain historical theme. one question is though, i have already uploaded some in the normal way. and assigned RM etc to them if i upload them under the archval scheme (if accepted), will this affect what rights i can assign them? eg are the archival scheme images likely to sell for much less, or can these only be royalty free or whatever. thanks
  7. How long do members give the sales team to notify them of sales they are already aware of before chasing them up?
  8. In the past 6 weeks my sales have plummetd. Has anyone else suffered the same experience ?
  9. I haven't had any of those infamous HuffPost $27/$29 sales for quite some time. Hate to admit it, but I almost miss them. Are they gone for good?
  10. I am thinking about joining 'Novel Use' on Alamy and wondered what types of sales members have experienced with this aspect of Alamy and whether members consider it a worthwhile additional option. Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, Since i am new here i have still one question of curiousity. When a client downloads a image from me does the sale will be reported inmidiately?
  12. Just before I ask MS to provide this, there doesn't appear to be an option to download sales (either all or some) into a spreadsheet - just as you can with Pseudo Summery that appears in another format. But it would be helpful as I want to compare/analyse sales trends from my other agency. Thanks, Richard.
  13. Is it just me, or did sales in the last half of May die? Up to the 16th things were normal (13 sales for $580) and then.... nothing.
  14. I have just had my fourth sale this month pop up today, and we are not half way through. Just as I was loosing faith in ALAMY, stock photography and life in general, .....sob sob, this came as a boost to my moral, as well as a small boost to my dwindling funds! That said, I shall probably have no more sales this month! Has anyone else noticed that sales are increasing?
  15. I usually have a few sales by this time of the month, but I've had none at all so far in June. Is anyone else noticing a downturn?
  16. Hello people! I 've had some RM sales in April, 2013. But prices seem to me very low. I've checked a couple of sold images what should they cost if I buy them. This can be made on specific image page on the tab 'Custom pricing'. Here are the results: 1. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - Print only Print run: up to 100,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 April 2013 End: 01 May 2013 Placement Inside print, includes online;Any size up to DPS flat rate Should be sold for US $ 345.00 Actually was sold for several times less! 2. Country: Czech Rep
  17. http://fineartamerica.com/saleannouncement.html?id=99ccbd49a30f19c2fe5cbc03ecc680b7 Now if I could do this several times a month, I'd be a happy camper.
  18. None of mine do. Why? Is this because the IQ pricing structure does not take these into account?
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