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  1. 14 sales for $448 gross, including one $$$, which is above my average. However, my zooms were very low, and CTR was the lowest of the year.
  2. Best year so far for me. Sales: 41% increase w.r.t 2019 Revenue: 55% increase w.r.t 2019. Gross. Average image price: $33
  3. Sales volume up slightly on last 2 years but down slightly on best ever. Gross revenue down by about 30% on best ever, so net down further. One (kind of) positive, the rate of decline in gross revenue eased during this year after two years of approaching freefall.
  4. Best month of the year if I ignore a very late refund for a $$$ sale I made in July! 33 sales for $893 gross.
  5. 19 sales for $309. Lots of tiddlers. Highest $74. Zooms down by 1/3. CTR down to .53
  6. Let's get the inevitable ball rolling. My stats for 2020 compared to 2019: Sales volume: +16.67% (best year ever) Gross revenue: + 1.96% (5th best year) Net revenue: -4.18% (5th best year) Average image price: 25 # images uploaded: 1,361
  7. Approx 50% of my sales and also 50% of gross revenue during 2020 compared to all sales and revenue since I started in 2017. More photos, better photos, better idea of what sells.
  8. 2020 has been better than I feared, but I think we're fighting against some headwinds that have been there for a while, and will continue into 2021. My predictions are that 5 i) My sales volume will increase 5 ii) My sales revenue will decrease 5 iii) For me, alternative revenue streams outside stock photography will look increasingly attractive, when I account for the true cost of making images available.
  9. 3 sales in the last few days including this picture taken in our garden 11 years ago!
  10. I just had my second best year in the number of sales, 72, just one short of my record from 2012. Money-wise, not so much, but I had hoped to pass $50.000 in gross sales this year but I am $18 short. On the other hand, my average gross sale price on Alamy is just over $71. Not bad, but that is thanks to the early years when prices where high. So, Happy New Year everybody! I hope next year will be better in every wat!
  11. It has more or less already reached that point, but I don't feel satisfied laying the blame solely at the door of "amateurs". A lot of it has to do with how greedy potential clients are and their complete misunderstanding of what it takes to be a photographer and why it costs money. The transport costs, the kit costs, the cost of your experience, the cost of the post processing, then things like liability insurance just don't get factored into people's calculations. I am only just breaking into this industry (aside from stock) and it absolutely astounds me that people expect our skill and time
  12. Ain't that the truth. Looking back rather than ahead, I see that I'm going to earn roughly the same this year as I did in 2009 when I made about one-third the number of sales. A bit on an eye-opener! 😮
  13. Three sales in today of wildlife photos, all with the same licence details, including this bee drinking from my garden pond. $$ for multiple editorial uses.
  14. I've often wondered what the plural of 'Nostradamus' might be. 😎 Predictions for 2021? Well, my sales didn't fall off a cliff in 2020 - as I expected - and I'm hoping that Alamy/PA will open up new markets for our pix.
  15. What is this with Japan, I have also just had two sales come in from Japan for $350?
  16. Just the opposite here just had 3 sales come in that will account for a 3rd off my revenue this year! which was already a high.
  17. Just had 3 sales come in amounting to a third of this years revenue! now my best year ever in terms of sales and revenue.,Lets hope this continues into 2021.
  18. Hi, Welcome. It's a good first step you're doing to check out the requirements rather than jumping straight in - it's very annoying and time consuming to have to go back and alter all your captions and keywords later! The caption should contain as much relevant information as possible and be written as a complete sentence rather than as random words. Your pictures will appear at a certain level (e.g. first page, 10th page... etc.) in searches by clients, depending on various factors. CTR and Sales are the only factors we know about for sure in the secret formula Alamy uses to
  19. 11 in this morning including this one with sales to two different buyers, Crocus chrysanthus 'Dorothy' taken in my back garden. Both sales $ tiddlers - but enough to pay for the bulbs.
  20. Just $ but all sales welcome. Exterior of Wagamama Restaurant in St Peter's Square, city centre Manchester, uk. The handrail of the tram stop is an excellent tripod here. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size
  21. The positive news for me in 2020 is its my best ever year for number of sales , and some 15% more sales than the previous best year for sales
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