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  1. Is it me or are zooms down? From a normal 12-15 per month, spread evenly, I'm looking at just 3 to date for this month! My views are very healthy and in fact above average. This could of course mean I'm good at key-wording but a rubbish photographer, which is more than likely, but how are things for you?
  2. There's a book due out next month with one of my pictures in it. The picture has sold before but I'm wondering when this usage will be reported. ie. Could it be one previously reported or can I expect it after the books been published? What's the norm?
  3. Hi all, Im sure this has been asked 10000 times but was wondering if someone could have a look see what I can do to increase sales and rank or any tips general to help me to improve my rank, would be most appreciated. I do know it takes time and effort and luck really as I only have 500+ images at the moment. Thanks in advance Peter
  4. I’ve been posting images to Alamy for a couple months now and I’m trying to make sense of how to optimize my keywording for improved views, zooms and hopefully sales. So far I’ve kept my keywords focused and fairly sparse to avoid coming up in searches that don’t fit the image. I’ve been perhaps a bit too successful since I’m also not getting loads of views and zooms…or sales. I’ve been reviewing My Alamy and find that with few exceptions the majority of searches are simple one, two or three word searches that result in thousands of views. Common words like “race”, “white cat”, “jellyfi
  5. Had 5 IQ sales of the same subject, cityscapes of Tel Aviv, popin today... The pictures are to similar to be used for editorials... Might be for postcards or something similar... As much as I am happy with 5 sales a day, wondering if is not a scam of some sort... People buying pictures and then not paying or ask for a refund... Please check if you have something similar.
  6. Just a little curious about Live News Sales. I have noticed that I could get a live news sale with say for example a national papers online service on one day for a particular story, then to find it used again the next day for a similar but not same story. Would this be classed as two sales or one? Regards
  7. I search for image use more frequently after an infringement. I found one photo used by National Geographic News in early January and another today from an online magazine in Canada used last week. Credit to myself and Alamy on the websites. Neither on my account. I am now wondering how many sales vanished into thin air? Is it usual for delays in sales posting?
  8. I suppose this must been asked many times, but I think it is an essential tool for us, contributors, to see which images work and which not: - an overview of views per image - zoom per image - and sales per image And if you could add which keywords where used for the views, I think we as contributors would have all the tools to evaluate what works and what not, both in terms of images as for keywords. As I said in one of the forum threads, I really like the new image manager, if you could add this features to the IM it would be extremely useful. Or it can be part of a new statistics
  9. I'm surprised it's taken me this long to ask, but is there a way to download the sales history (the one with thumbnails) in a form that can be pasted into, say, Excel, and annotated? I print mine out every so often and use a pencil to write down where I've found images, but it seems a bit primitive..
  10. Hi, anyone want to share their Stockimo sales average / low / high mine: $32,50 / $1,59 / $122,68 Update (13/07): $23,57 / $0,12 (SS-Sales) /$122,68 /Arthur
  11. It would be instructive to see which images clients clicked for a given search term, so I'd like it if Total Zooms linked in addition to Your Zooms.
  12. My IQ is apparently not high enough to figure out what IQ sales are? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum, but recorded in alamy for several years, but I only had a few pictures on this site. Since January this year, I encoded a large number of images (approximately 15,000 photos). I got up today, about 130 zooms (which I think is very good) but only two sales (which are not linked to zoom). I am quite frequently forum since January and I could learn from your experiences, it takes some time to become a part of zooms sales. But can you tell me, from your experience, how many months do I have a hope that some of these zooms become sales? Excuse me in adva
  14. Help me to understand. There are sales, but the rating remains at the same level. This is just me or is it a general rule?
  15. When I browse through the forum, a lot of people suggest that you need to upload as many images as possible for higher chances of sales. While I do understand that it works on the probability of your image appearing in a search and hence a higher chance of sale , what would be the other criterias for the chance of sale to be higher ?? Dont know if we can put a number, but what could be the average sale per annum for the following, according to you 1. <1000 images 2. >1000<5000 images 3. >5000<10000 images 4. >10000 images Thanks in advance for the
  16. Nine sales of the same image which is actually now seven as two have been refunded. Pity they are all low value. In fact they look like DM sales. What's the highest number you've had on the same day for the same image?
  17. Not really sure why Alamy does not have the clout in news given its event coverage, I see very few images in Papers given that every event usually has an Alamy photographer in attendance. ???????????????
  18. Hi all, i became an Alamy contributor since Feb 2016, now i've 3500 pics, 10700 views , 17 zooms but no... sales! While i'm trying uploading different topics in quantity , what do you suggest me to focus on? Better keywording, Better quality, Wait 1 year to start seeing sales? What else? Thanks in advance
  19. Just wondering, what is the highest price that you've had for a book cover license? My highest were two @ $450 each. Both were textbooks, two-page spreads. One in 2013 and the other in 2014.
  20. Can we please have correct description of licence in "My sales" I do not see the point in giving so much detail in the licence description if, as an example, with newspaper sales the details are actually wrong. A recent sale of mine carried this licence information: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national Print run: up to 2 million Placement: Inside and online Image Size: 1/4 page Start: 01 August 2016 End: 02 August 2016 One use in a single editorial or advertorial article used within print and /or web versions, with re-use of the article in other titles o
  21. Is there a reason that competitors are filling the Daily Mail pages now, with no Alamy images to be seen?
  22. I have now reached the happy situation where several of my photos are regularly used on newspaper websites. That's the good news. The not so good is the need to keep track of the usages, and of course the peanuts paid for some of these licences! I've taken to creating a small Word file for every usage that I find. This includes the HTML address, a cut and paste of the title and date of use, sufficient text to identify the article along with the photo. The file names include the user, the subject and the date of use. I then have to compare my registered sales with what I believe shou
  23. I realise I must be getting on everyone's nerves with this, but I'm getting more and more angry. I early Jan, I realised that I have many unpaid uses on one particular image on the Daily Muddle and its sister website. CR confirmed the uses weren't reported or paid for, so sent me a form which I wasted an hour filling in with all the details of each individual use, returned the form, then I got a reply saying I hadn't to contact CR about it again, it was in the system. Over nine months later, I haven't heard a word about it. Yesterday it happened that two low value sales for that same file
  24. I've noticed an increase in multiple zooms of the same images during the last few months, including one that has been zoomed four times this month but not leased. Any theories about why a potential buyer might zoom an image several times and then walk away?
  25. To make my Claim on DACS for TV use I need to know the Channel that the images were sold to. This information could/should be on the sales report please. Not asking for complete details , just the channel . Peter
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