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  1. If a zoom is what I understand it to be (that someone has seen your image in a search result and clicked it) then it follows that sales must generate zooms. However we won't see those zooms unless they are from select (large?) clients. I know what you mean though, some of my zooms don't lead to sales but a good amount of my sales don't register as zooms.
  2. It was going to end suspiciously with the same numbers as last year (90 sales) but a few odds and ends arrived in the last two days taking it to 96 sales Revenue only up by 10% on 2019 doesn't matter what I upload the annual revenue always seems to pootle around $1100 net and has done since 2017
  3. Hello Dee, I have the same problem. 2016 I joined Alamy, 1,5 years later in 2018 I made my first two sales, each 150 USD (75 for me). Now I sold a picture for 2.54 USD!!! Thats a joke... And it's not even for personal use: Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 01 January 2021 End: 01 January 2026 I will observe that, if it doesn't change this year and I only earn very little money for one picture, I will be gone. Sad, because finally I sta
  4. 2020 Identical number of sales as 2019 but revenue down. I uploaded over 1500 new images in 2020 but it seems fruitless. Perhaps 2020 not a good year to compare to others - the world is taking an economic battering and I don't expect sales to improve for a while yet. Need to ride out the storm.
  5. To say that 2020 has been a difficult year would be an understatement to say the least. However, things held up well on Alamy, better than I expected anyway. What are your 2021 stock photo predictions? Here are a few from me. Actually, they are more like hunches because I don't really have much to back them up with. I had Alamy in mind for the most part. 1. As COVID-19 vaccines roll out and a glimmer of light appears at the end of the pandemic tunnel, sales volume will gradually increase. 2. Image prices will remain low but will stabilize at current levels.
  6. How are doing your monthly zooms this month, guys? Mine are very low at single digit since several weeks unfortunately. Normally, for me this is a good period where I average also three-digit zooms for many days (sometimes even weeks) in a row. I guess this bad result is due to covid 19 outbreak but I wonder if you too are experiencing low zooms lately. Stefano
  7. Pretty grim - worst year for 5 years. Running at 65% of the last three years in sales but at roughly the same average price. Nothing for six weeks - longest period I can recall since sales became regular. When the payment comes in for Jan, I will only have one sale uncleared. It is so bad that even the latest one has cleared! Oh well, onwards and upwards. Maybe this year I can get more than one batch uploaded which may help. Good luck to all for the coming year - stay safe and sell well!
  8. 2020 - 453 sales compared to 2019 - 465 sales. Gross revenue $170 more for 2020 than 2019 which is less than half of my best year 2013. For volume 2020 has been worst year since 2015 but worst for gross revenue since 2009. Pearl
  9. 14 sales for $783, including two large distributor sales to Japan for $515, and bunch of smallies.
  10. Sales: -13%, compared to 2019. Revenue: -30% compared to 2019, -47% compared to 2018. (gross, from chart on dashboard) Worst full year for gross revenue, only worse year was 2009, the year I started. Admittedly, due to personal circumstances, I hardly uploaded anything this year. These circumstances have changed, but I'm not sure whether it would be worth the effort: there is almost no 'live news' down here which is of interest to the nationals, and the local papers don't pay for images, or at least they don't use Alamy/other agency images. General stock prices are shooting dow
  11. 253 sales for $8210 gross - sales down for the first time ever, and revenue continuing the gentle slide downward that began in 2018. Happy New Year, all! Alex
  12. I have like 37 zooms total. They've just shot up in the past couple of months. Fourteen just since September 1 on all kinds of unrelated photos. Five zooms on a single George Floyd mural. One on a Breonna Taylor mural and one on a BLM shrine. I guess the zooms on the George Floyd mural bring all my other photos to higher placement in other searches too, so they get clicks. I notice it helps to follow current events. Zooms obviously don't translate into sales though. I'm kind of amazed how hard this is.
  13. Sales this year 128 - most ever. Last year it was 114 gross revenue was about $2500 same as this year. The last year which had less gross revenue than this was back in 2010 when 46 sales produced about $1900 With Covid restrictions and on-going cancer treatment I was pleased to add 855. In normal times most of my images come from towns and cities but I have been to any of those in 2020. I am still very pleased to be an Alamy Contributor - it is what I do, Thanks Alamy for doing so well in this difficult year.
  14. Sales volume: up by 2 licences on 2019 Gross revenue: A little over double on 2019 Average image price: 36.69 images uploaded: 290 My best year for sales volume and gross earnings was 2016 Allan
  15. It varies all over but some sales are under a couple of dollars gross (as bad as that is) and some are in three figures and a very few these days are in four figures (apparently more common in the past).
  16. SFL I am new to Alamy, do you see a lot of $1 sales ? I don't have thousands of images up yet, I am still uploading, but the one sale I got was $25. Is this the average price? One sale I got from another Stock House was actually 25 cents ! Any comment would be appreciated
  17. Not to mention the loss of a long term friend of those on alamy, Keith. I miss his helpful posts and I’m glad to see that he still has regular sales on here, which will be a help to his family. RIP.
  18. Yes, I find I have to be noticeably more careful with my A77ii (APS-C) than with my A99 (FF) despite the A77ii being a couple of years newer. I'm looking forward to when my budget allows for the upgrade to the A99ii which I believe has the same focussing system as the A77ii (which is bloody good). Paired with a 150-600 or similar it will probably finally negate my need for APS-C for the long lens stuff. But that's quite a good few sales away yet...
  19. i noticed that as i was posting it. interestingly it's not specifically in the Sales Report Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home useStart: 08 January 2021End: 08 January 2026
  20. Don't shoot the messenger: section 15 of the contributors agreement Advertising and promotion You agree that the Images may be used worldwide at Alamy's option without charge and without prior consent or approval from you in Promotional/Marketing Material or in any other manner at the sole discretion of Alamy designed to promote sales of Images and/or to enhance awareness of the Alamy name/brand or that of the individual Contributor, subject to the following: If Images have been used in Promotional/Marketing Material prior to account termination and
  21. Why am I getting sales for $2.99cents ? I have not signed up to novel use or anything. I know bulk discounts exist but these prices are just stupid.
  22. Approx 50% of my sales and also 50% of gross revenue during 2020 compared to all sales and revenue since I started in 2017. More photos, better photos, better idea of what sells.
  23. 2020 has been better than I feared, but I think we're fighting against some headwinds that have been there for a while, and will continue into 2021. My predictions are that 5 i) My sales volume will increase 5 ii) My sales revenue will decrease 5 iii) For me, alternative revenue streams outside stock photography will look increasingly attractive, when I account for the true cost of making images available.
  24. Is having 23 uncleared sales at Alamy normal since January ? I was shocked to see this having just looked now. Its bad enough that sale amounts have drastically reduced but to have so many sales uncleared is disappointing. And on another note, what happened to the forum link at the bottom of the page ? I have to Google Alamy forums to get the page up now.
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