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  1. Yes, having a realistic warning of what may be ahead for you is better than being unhappily surprised. I know there are cynics out there but I doubt your doctors would recommend doing this operation if they didn't feel it would be very beneficial for you, in the long run. I am like you in that I hate taking pain meds any more than really needed. When I broke my arm badly a few years ago, what ever they shot me up with really took the edge off and was welcoming, but once in the cast, I was done with pain meds. I hope you are rewarded with lots of nice sales while recovering!!
  2. I was thinking the same for the first week, but then had 3 decent sales yesterday and another small one today Alex
  3. 2 sales for a whopping $2 each gross and another 2 sales for $0 each. Yes $0. whats that about ?
  4. Best Year ever for both volume (by a massive margin, but the super low ones are meaningless in every way) but surprisingly and more importantly for revenue as well. Living close to where COP26 was taking place has helped boost figures for the last couple of months, but even without it sales have been holding steady, so cautiously optimistic for 2022. Impossible to predict where this is heading - been horrified by so many tiny sales but there have been some unexpectedly good ones in there as well, so who knows 🤞 Happy New Year everyone!
  5. 5 for $62 gross Income 30% up on last year (but last year was poor) Sales increased by 20% (Ditto) Looking forward to some bigger sales inbetween the little ones in 2022
  6. Best year here also 79 sales for $2154, average $27.21, added 1000 new images. 52 sales for $1400 in 2020 so average sale up around $1 per image No complaints here either
  7. Another BEST YEAR EVER Sales volume up 52% highest volume ever Sales value up 39% highest revenue ever so I have no reason to complain. Lower prices more than offset by increased volume Happy new year everyone and thank you Alamy
  8. More low sales here too. I have sixteen (16) 0.15 sales, netting me 0.04 each between 30-31 Dec. All RF or RF editorial. I opted out Novel Use in 2017. What is happening?? Fellow contributors, what are your plans with new uploads?
  9. My three 0.15 sales were all RF and all flowers. The $8.82 one was RM (very different subject). Here's one of the big 15 cent sales:
  10. 15 sales for $421 gross. Mainly low (and super low) prices, which were offset somewhat by two welcome $$$ ones. Amazingly, it seems that I will end up with the same total number of sales (153) as last year. The odds of that happening must be extremely small. Perhaps the gods are trying to tell me something. 🤯 Happy New Year everyone!
  11. 10 sales this month for $486. Highest = $200 Total number of sales for 2021 = 59
  12. actually, these being Distributor sales, when this year's batch goes through on December 30-ish (as speculated 😉), it will be 88% commission that Contributors will be paying.
  13. First sales of the year for me... Low $$ PU for this one: Country: Worldwide Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale. Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use Start: 10 January 2022 Duration: In perpetuity March of the Highlanders at the Lonach Gathering in Scotland Mid $$ for this one: Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic, Use in a single website, app, social media or blog (excludes advertising), world
  14. Sales is a big part of it. Frequent sales may influence how high your other images appear. This used to be a great influence. Then over the years it seemed to have almost disappeared, now it seems to have some influence. Also if your image comes up for a search term and is zoomed, it seems to have a big effect if someone uses the same search term later. According to people here on the forum. Very difficult to prove this last one. To prove that sales have an important effect, just search for an image of yourself that has been sold before. The same for an image that has sold multi
  15. These images should be marked as 'Public Domain'. Without captions and specific keywords/tags nobody can find the image that they want. Presumably it has taken quite a few years to build this vast huge collection. Has the OP any sales to report? I find it all a bit puzzling.
  16. I had four sales invoiced today. Three of them were those irritating $0.15 jobs. The net from all four sales will be totally wiped out (and more) by an "other fees" charge that popped up yesterday. Somehow this feels like a fitting way to end to this wonky year. 🙄 P.S. I opted out of Novel Use several years ago.
  17. VERY slow month for me here and on one of the other sites, but I was happy to see 8 sales the last 2 days (30th, 31st). Unfortunately, all eight of those sales have netted me .32 cents... Ridiculous.
  18. Alamy's contract changes this year will leave many contributors worse off, currently on 40/60, potentially dropping to 20/80 next year, compared with the traditional 50/50. My question is, are Alamy actually doing anything in exchange for their enormous increase? Like selling more of our photos? Or achieving higher prices? I can't say I have noticed much difference since the new contract came into force. My sales volume has stayed about the same. Possibly I have had more higher prices, but its really to early to tell. One thing I can say for certain is that if I d
  19. I’ve had a look at your keywords (tags) and I’m sorry to say you won’t make many, if any sales of some of your images. Your horse, for instance. What kind of horse? Is it a quarter horse, a Shetland pony, or some other breed? What’s the scientific name or animal family of “horse? Your plants/flowers, what are their scientific names and where is the location they were grown? 75% of all of my plant sales, the search terms that were used (found in my zooms) were by the scientific name. Instead of “elm tree” the buyer searched the scientific name. That goes for bugs, butterflies, etc. You ne
  20. Hello - I've only just noticed that as of August last year I've been charged 60% commission on all sales; material supplied is exclusive to Alamy. Any ideas please ?
  21. With less than 500 images I'm going to presume you'll be paying at least 80% commission in July/Aug as per the new contract. It'll be down to how much your gross sales add up to though.
  22. I got a new years present of 9 of those huge $0.15 sales for which I got the huge sum of $0.04 - so $0.36 total. Alamy really should put a floor on the lowest price images can be sold for. It does bring my total number of sales to a tie with my previous best year. I wonder if my total take will be half of what I made that year though.
  23. Three sales for $6. Sigh. (They weren't great photos but sold for eternal web site usage. On my own stock website I charge $25 for web site usage.)
  24. and note the 45 days is just when all your images will be removed from searches, sales can still happen after, especially with rumoured (unconfirmed, not denied) practice of yearly reporting from some distributors.
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