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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2021/apr/01/coronavirus-live-news-france-to-enter-month-long-covid-19-lockdown-batch-of-johnson-and-johnson-vaccine-fails-quality-control?page=with:block-6063ee618f0867d27365a0f2#liveblog-navigation Koror Photograph https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/apr/01/next-boosts-profit-forecast-as-covid-crisis-fuels-online-sales-surge Iain Masterton https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/apr/01/complaints-mount-over-utility-points-delayed-repayments True Images https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/apr/01/
  2. March was my best month in a few years! 7 sales for $590 gross.
  3. My slightly different take, more for the benefit of new contributors... Average age of a sold picture is just over 3 years. Oldest picture had been for sale 11 years. Q1 2020 vs Q1 2021, almost the same sales and values but average licence fee up $1 Stay safe and stuff. 🦔
  4. A reasonable month for me 12 sales for $296 gross, $129 net Also pleased to get very fast responses from Alamy CR to "Unauthorized Use" forms I've submitted. THANKS ALAMY Mark
  5. 23 sales for $621 gross, a reasonable average for me Alex
  6. as i often created different ratio i now have the 3000*2000 equivalent for my most prevalent ratios. (i have rounded up for ease since 3000 was already that way) Ration Longest side 3:2 3000 (x2000) 7:5 2900 (x2071) 5:4 2750 (x2200) 1;1 2450 (x2450) 16:9 3300 (X1856) 4:3 2850 (x2137) so yes 3000 is actually a good rule of thump for all ratio "squarer" than 3:2
  7. I had 17 for $384.75 gross. Happy with the number of sales but average price quite low. Highest was $72 this month.
  8. I have a bunch of OOC scans from an old book, but I manually captioned them all. No zooms yet, but one PU sale. Surely the ones reffered to above will cause problems in the ALAMY search alogrithms, and be a waste of server storage space?
  9. 10 sales for $278 - best month in 2021 so far.
  10. It seems to me that weekend sales have picked up during COVID times. They are usually PU, presentation, or distributor licenses for me. I also see sales popping up at different hours on my sales report. They used to show up only in the morning. Now they often appear later in the day (my time) as well. Perhaps this has to do with some Alamy employees working from home.
  11. 9 sales for $138 gross. Best month in 2021 so far, but the bar was set pretty low from Jan/Feb!
  12. 8 sales for $396 gross net $158 Nothing more than the usual
  13. My wow is best month since last March which was the best ever for $$$... 14 sales, 5 tiddlers, 6x $$ and 3x $$$😁 Hopefully a sign of things to come! Phil
  14. Happy enough with the month - 47 sales for $919 gross. I only had one $$$, which is disappointing, but 14 mid $$. Onwards!
  15. Continuing sluggishly for me, a total of 4 sales for mediocre prices, 2 PU. I'm seeing an increasing number of PU sales in recent times, and, while the fees are not great, they are better than newspaper scheme web rates.
  16. Thanks for this. I'll have to bone up on my vertical and optical planes, parallax, etc. Having a level in the pan head sounds like a good idea. I've also been overlapping about 30% between frames. Shooting verticals (portrait format) certainly makes sense when you think about the geometry and extra cropping room. I'm using the Affinity Photo software that I just purchased for creating panoramas. It appears to do an excellent job with the stitching. Hope to have a couple worth uploading soon. The Sony in-camera panoramas can be quite good. I have a few up on Alamy. I've had a few zooms but no t
  17. I'm not convinced the ES2 is all that good for slides: The combination FH-5 plus ES-2 only allows to hold slide mounts with a thickness of 2mm or less. That is a terrible design flaw! (here) And here someone even says it's 1.7mm 1.7mm is the thickness of the Kodak paper mounts. Most normal mounts are 2.3mm or even thicker for glass mounts. Maybe people have 3d printed better solutions by now for the ES-2. Or made one out of cardboard. Otherwise it's just one of those slide copy attachments that's marketed a bit better. The holder for filmstrips looks good. Mi
  18. First ten - $1925.59. 10 Oct 2003 to 20 Dec 2005. 26 months. Last ten - $214.24. All last month (March). However, if I look at the same time period of 26 months in recent years - 10 Oct 2018 to 20 Dec 2020 - I get 486 sales = $12067.17 Edit - one thing I don't miss about 'the good old days' is having to send the images on a CD/DVD then having to wait up to 6 weeks to find out if they've passed QC.
  19. I found my RM sales completely stucked after agency acquisition. I don't have a sale since that period when Alamy has been bought by PM-something.... I guess RM files are not pushed in the same manner as before.... Should i switch my files to RF? Any other experience that way?
  20. I remember asking very same question couple of yrs ago, with similar port size. Prob. still somewhere in Forum. Besides the obvious explained above (diversity, quality, metadata, port size, etc) one more thing to understand is: Stock photography is not "get rich quickly" scheme. There are people here that, judging by "Images Sold" thread, make regular sales for decent amounts. But these contributors have diverse ports measured in 1000s or even 10s of 1000s, and have been around for long time to build their Alamy ranks and master many other aspects of the industry. Someon
  21. First 10: $1,274.38 (2004-2006) Last 10: $505.37 But the last 10 include two sales larger than any since June 2019. So either the last 10 result is skewed, or things are looking up.
  22. For me too it is a part time pursuit. I didn't get in on the really great years, but as long as I have made enough to pay for my gear, that is something. And I have just spent an additional $3000 over the past month, so better get some sales this year. 😁
  23. I've had an increased number of good sales over the last 4 months or so. This was the best fee: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Advertising and promotion Media: Television (advertising) Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Placement: National Start: 05 March 2021 End: 05 March 2022 Television, VOD and online (advertising) Yes the average fee is lower than it was but the volume is much greater than it was when I started. Alamy seems to be doing something ri
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