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  1. 17 sales for $655 gross - roughly average revenue for me, but low sales, matching my lowest of the last twelve months Alex
  2. 5 sales for $187, most sales in a month and 2nd highest $ so not complaining!
  3. Decent month for me. 34 sales for $716 gross / $340 nett. Zooms and CTR both good. With $270 from my (Alamy claimed) DACS payout added to my good October cleared earnings I'm looking forward to my best ever payout from Alamy since I started in 2014. I've also just passed last years nett sales revenue. Thanks Alamy.
  4. tough month for me, what i had thought i had learned by early year seems so far away. in fact i had blanks for most of the month. a bit of activity in last week helped. plodding along. 3 sales, 62 gross, small DACS. zooms gone, worse CTR
  5. My best month in the last year. 14 sales for $317 gross, including one $$$ sale. YTD sales volume now exceeds that for 2019, but $ still a long way short.
  6. My best ever month for both number of sales and revenue . Just keep on uploading...
  7. An average month with 20 sales for $527 gross, largest value sale being $125 gross. Also $171 DACS payment from Alamy.
  8. 4404 views. 20 zooms. Average CTR O.45. 18 sales for a gross total of $310.00. Highest $49.99 (x2). Lowest $4.98 (x5). Average $17.22. As a matter of interest I've looked back over my 14 years with Alamy at average prices for my sales. Today the figure (Gross income divided by Total sales) is an average of $42.12. One year age the average figure was $47.45 and two years ago it was $51.75. How times change.
  9. 10 for $98 gross. I could do with some $$$ sales this month.
  10. An average month with 6 sales for $101.80 plus $36, via Alamy, DACS payment
  11. 26 sales for $217 gross (plus $45 DACS), happy with number of sales but the fees are utter crap. Onwards!
  12. 17 sales reported, mostly distributor sales to Finnish media meaning very little money. $150 gross and $60 net. My average earning per image was $3.50. Had no sales in September and not expecting much from November as this distributor (All Over Press) seems to be invoiced bi-monthly. 11 zooms with CTR 0.88, which is above my average. Haven't really uploaded anything for a long time.
  13. A pleasing 17 for $440 - a good result by my recent standards boosted by one sale just short of $$$. A decent DACs payment ensured a healthy payout for November. It looks like my overall number of leases will be similar to last year, but my gross sales income is well down. Zooms not brilliant.
  14. I had an awful October, just 5 licences for $130.17. CTR was great though at 1.64, with a few zooms where mine was the only image looked at. DACS $270.01
  15. So I'll start by saying that I am happy. 15 licenses for $774.00 makes me very happy and to be honest couldn't have expected more considering the times, size of port etc. DACS payback TV only portion via Alamy was $82; the other I claimed myself;and that was quite a decent amount as well, overall making this a terrific month for me. I always have to remind myself that I restricted PUs and that could be having a negative impact on the number of sales, how much of an impact I don't know but can only find out once I remove those restrictions. I am now considering removing them to see what ch
  16. A good month for me. 15 sales on Alamy for $365 gross, $165 net. Direct DACs payment of £351 was also very welcome. Mark
  17. I had 10 sales, a DACS TV payment and one large refund. My take home pay for the month is $34. Without the refund that would have been about the same as the $100 I got from each of my other two sites. Those on daylight savings time: remember to turn your clocks back tonight.
  18. The full-figured lady hasn't sung here yet either, but barring a last-minute aria, October looks like a spot-on average month with 14 sales for $668 gross (DACS not included). One $$$ license to report. Zooms remain somewhat pitiful. This appears to be the new normal, but oddly it doesn't seem to be (?) affecting sales much. Happy Halloween!
  19. The number of sales were slightly down from the norm, but prices were stronger than normal. September was my slowest month.
  20. 42 for $1200, and a huge improvement over the last five months, but does include a number of older sales. Very much a catching up of paperwork month.
  21. Well, 4 sales but for a lousy $40 gross (3 in low single figures). Views and CTR dropped to their worst for over a year.
  22. Had not a sausage until I checked this morning and found two sold both for mid $$ dated yesterday from zooms that I got about a month ago, so a great result for October. I wasn't convinced they'd sell but given both images (different but same subject area) had been zoomed I'd have found it more odd had they not sold down the line. I'm very thankful for these sales as I have put a lot of work into expanding my port over the 1000 mark this year and am starting to get regular(ish) sales now averaging around 1 good mid $$ photo each month so looking promising even for a port that has a
  23. Best month of the year other than January. 27 sales for $1,144 gross. DACS brought in $242 via Alamy. So I am a happy camper after a relatively slow summer for me. Hope the year finishes out on a high note! Updated: Well I should have waited for the big lady to sing, just had a Personal Use drop in at this late hour marked as an Oct 31st sale.
  24. Poor month. 10 sales for $265. Good DACS and still waiting for 17 undeclared sales.
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