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  1. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come from Alamy. I wouldn’t be surprised if all these images get redistributed from China to other markets. I also had a number of ‘sales’ at $0.15 and will opt out of Novel Use as soon as I can. Alamy doing nothing for its reputation here!
  2. I have continued the growth i had set for myself, again doubling earnings from prior year for 3rd year, and i guess i should be happy, but the end of year left me with a bitter taste. Refund, the extra affiliate charges, and the Chinese fiasco really has hit me (my December is actually a negative net overall). So i am taking a step back to figure out how I feel about the 2021 results, but in the end i am within my growth target, i just hate the fact looking at sales report is more frustrating that fun recently.
  3. 2021 was my best year for sales at 254 but no where near my best year for revenue, especially with the commission cut.
  4. Best year for sales with 273 (previous best 212). Third best for revenue - $6581 gross.
  5. Income 30% up on last year (but last year was poor) Sales increased by 20% (Ditto) Average sale $17.65
  6. 279 sales for me, up from last year and equal to my previous highest total in 2019, for a gross of $8523 - also up from last year, but still a thousand or so lower than my previous best in 2017. Alex
  7. Just had 2 sales for $0 each. No, I’m not joking!!!
  8. 2 sales for a whopping $2 each gross and another 2 sales for $0 each. Yes $0. whats that about ?
  9. Best year ever for me. Increment of 39% more in terms of sales and 67% more in terms of revenue gross.
  10. Best year for sales (100 - one more than 2019) Third worst year (not counting my first part-year, 2009) for gross $$ at $1597. Only last year was worse for net, due to a big dip in sales in 2020. So the only positive is that this year has netted me more than last year. But I was still on 50% for much of this year, so next year ... 😞 My 'other place' (also with reducing sales values) with 11% fewer files has netted me almost twice as much, with December still to be reported.
  11. Best Year ever for both volume (by a massive margin, but the super low ones are meaningless in every way) but surprisingly and more importantly for revenue as well. Living close to where COP26 was taking place has helped boost figures for the last couple of months, but even without it sales have been holding steady, so cautiously optimistic for 2022. Impossible to predict where this is heading - been horrified by so many tiny sales but there have been some unexpectedly good ones in there as well, so who knows 🤞 Happy New Year everyone!
  12. 24 sales for $289. Poor month in terms of revenues due lots of PU and presentations.
  13. Saw an increase in sales but a reduction in income (at 100% sales value). When I recalculate the sales number to get me the 40 percent income value I am left with the impression that in my particular genre of photography its really not worth me bothering anymore. Its the end of the road for me as I don't see things improving to a point to inspire me to use my time this way anymore. A sad reflection but an honest one for my personal situation. I won't give up photography but will give up stock.
  14. 13 sales for $360 which included 2 at $128 and 5 at $0.20! Happy new year. Nick
  15. 5 for $62 gross Income 30% up on last year (but last year was poor) Sales increased by 20% (Ditto) Looking forward to some bigger sales inbetween the little ones in 2022
  16. Looking at the most recent 0.15/0.04 sales, definitely not microstock. More like nanostock.
  17. Best year here also 79 sales for $2154, average $27.21, added 1000 new images. 52 sales for $1400 in 2020 so average sale up around $1 per image No complaints here either
  18. No tiny Chinese sales for me, but still seriously underperfoming vis-a-vis the $30 'average', at $8.79 gross average. 7 sales, $24.63 net. Zooms very poor.
  19. Another BEST YEAR EVER Sales volume up 52% highest volume ever Sales value up 39% highest revenue ever so I have no reason to complain. Lower prices more than offset by increased volume Happy new year everyone and thank you Alamy
  20. No, Alamy is definitely not a MS agency. Because at Alamy, even at unusual times, there are still plenty of sales. So Alamy managed to license a total of 8 of my photos on December 30, 2021 and December 31. For 0,15$ each. To China. One of the images was an elaborate 360° panorama. The MS agencies I know didn't manage such a great performance. So Alamy is not in a row with normal MS agencies.
  21. I finished the year with 266 licences for $5789 gross, which was my best year so far. I uploaded about 2350 images. Sales volume up 87%: 266 sales in 2021 compared with 142 in 2020 (my previous best year) Gross revenue up 42%: $5789 in 2021 compared with $4066 in 2020 Net revenue up 31%: $2512 in 2021 compared with $1916 in 2020 It's clearly going to be difficult to continue maintaining or increasing net revenue with the recent low prices and commission change though.
  22. Some are still uploading small amounts and others aren't I'm on to minds what to do as after checking this morning everything has gone to pot with the lowest CTR at 0.24 and no sales Just wondering if it's worth staying Decisions to make over the next couple of weeks
  23. More low sales here too. I have sixteen (16) 0.15 sales, netting me 0.04 each between 30-31 Dec. All RF or RF editorial. I opted out Novel Use in 2017. What is happening?? Fellow contributors, what are your plans with new uploads?
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