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  1. Its early days yet and I would treat Alamy as a slow burner which often doles out decent sales. In my first year I had a single $1 sale but now I regularly get reasonable sales usually around 5 to 12 per month
  2. I use both Lightroom Classic keywords and also add keywords in Alamy Image Manager. My Lightroom keywords are set up so I can find things: people, type of location shot (mountains with volcanoes as a sub keyword, street scenes, political and religious demonstrations, etc.). Birds are subdivided by families and sometimes species; orchids are by genius and some species; food. I apply my keywords after I cull the shots. I can tag quickly from the keyword list. I have several locations inside Nicaragua, Mexico, the US by state or county. My pets are by name, so those tags I eliminate whe
  3. Thanks guys for the input, I am going back over the images and tagging as the whole stock photography is very new for me. I've had 20 sales in 6 weeks on other sites but very little interest here so I suppose the images are of interest to someone. I will keep plugging away.
  4. My recent sales to newspapers have been very poor. I hope Alamy are raising the base price for editorial usage as the fees after their 50% are often the price of a Coffee.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. @kay Yes it was print use. @Avpics and @losdemas It's likely that most of my other sales for that paper were online use only, other than a couple that were around mid $$. Interestingly, I got paid yesterday for another image from the same shoot, that was not submitted to Alamy. It was in the tabloid that you look at, in the bathroom. The fee I received was just over half of the gross amount of the larger sale from the Alamy tabloid. Meaning, to me at least, that you'll get roughly the same amount whether you sell directly or via Alamy.
  6. The only ALN sales that I've had to that newspaper - for print - were low $$$
  7. Knee how, Olli There are many savvy photogs in this forum. And they've giving you and me and newbies solid, good advice. I will not comment on what you are doing, right or wrong. Instead, I'll just tell you what I do. I only submit common-access editorial stock images. I don't do Live News or have no model or property releases on any of my images. Yet I do make regular monthly sales, usually a few more than the expected one per thousand a month. I don't expect to get rich doing this; it just what I do as a retired assignment photographer. I try not to use s
  8. Two nice sales this morning, both for the same tabloid newspaper (the one that shines in the morning, unless it's raining and specifically in Ireland). I'm sure of that, because I saw them published weeks ago, before the sales dropped in. One was an inset image over the larger image (about half a page). The inset fee was just into $$$ and the larger one almost double that price. The sales came via Alamy Live News. I'm definitely not complaining, but a bit puzzled. I've had a lot of ALN sales with that newspaper, but have never had one above minimum or quite low $$. Just wondering if Alamy
  9. +1 to the above as well. If your end goal is increasing your sales on Alamy, then it's image quality, keywording and captioning, increasing the size of your portfolio and picking suitable subject matter that you think might sell.
  10. Here's your real problem Image ID: 2F7W4HM 3 wheel 3 wheeler blue china chinese chinese 3 wheeler chinese street chinese vehicle handle bars hard hat headlight high vis high vis jacket jiaxing parked pavement shop front street worker utility vehicle zhejiang Most of those keywords are really very odd and irrelevant the hi-vis jacket is not central to the photo its just a background item and not very clear at all. Adding words like that will invariably hurt your zooms and CTR You haven't included transport, transportati
  11. I'm just looking for ideas to increase exposure. Trying anything and everything I can. My views are ok, increasing a lot recently but zooms are terrible, had 4 in the first couple of weeks and none since. Going back through and retagging but that's a slow process.
  12. Hi All I have been uploading on alamy for over 3-4 years now with only 25 sales . Can you please advise how to boost sale. Any positive or negative feedback on my portfolio will be greatly appreciated.
  13. I still allow PU sales, and I have noticed a bit of an uptick in Presentation sales during the past couple of months. They now outnumber PU. However, my lowest sales these days tend to be editorial websites,
  14. Same here Betty! One of my cicada photos recently sold. They were 17 years old and I just uploaded them. I have not seen it show up in my sales yet but Google Alerts sent me an email with a link to the use. I have Google Alerts set to send me an email whenever it finds "Michael Ventura Alamy" together. It misses a lot of uses but once in a while it find uses that I may not have known about. https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/4815696?hl=en
  15. I’ve been mining old images recently and have had a sale and zooms on them. It pays to look at what you have from past years. I found some that didn’t withstand upsizing back then are perfectly fine at native resolution, or downsizing. Who would have known that a rule back then would change.
  16. Could be the case with Presentation Use but our sales were all Personal Use. Also is it a huge coincidence that one of our images had a zoom the same day it was bought for personal use?
  17. I wonder if part of the problem is that Presentation Use isn’t very well defined and I can see an organisation that is t familiar with stock buying that license thinking it’s ok for web use. I have at least two such sales that I have subsequently found on an organisation’s website. In one case Alamy gave up chasing the customer and the other is still ongoing for months.
  18. As I said, if it's technically correct, let the buyers decide if it's worth purchasing. I've had some surprising sales from images that I thought would be difficult to sell. Upload your old images and sit back and await all those sales!😉😄 John.
  19. This thread is so inspiring. I used to get sales literally for anything in 2013-14 which no one could have even imagined.. but it seems alamy can sell anything even in 2021. Gonna search my hard disk for old stuffs
  20. I've only had 6 sales so far this month - and none have been PU. What am I doing wrong! I feel left out of the PU club! John.
  21. You don't need to make a gallery Is it a good idea? Who knows Does it help sales? No Also trying to put images into sub categories within the portfolio is a royal pain in the arse
  22. I have been playing around with my portfolio, swap images about every week to add a bit of interest. Only recently did I notice the gallery button, do we need to make a gallery, is it a good idea and helps sales?
  23. Third sale this month, this time for mid $$ Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. View of Storm Canyon and Laguna Mountains, California. At this point I have about half as many sales as in 2020 but twice the revenue. Of course, 2020 was a terrible year for both, but still good to see my chart going in the right direction.
  24. The above image of mine was sold for $ for the following honestly declared use. Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, Global Capital website, Emerging Markets Printed Magazine & Printed Supplements Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic It would havehad a higher price if it had sold at $$ for Personal Use. Lets have more dishonest Personal Use sales. I think the original $ price is fair for this particular stock photo. I see my image as boring and uninspiring. The image is something that any untalented photographic poser with a camera could h
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