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  1. They certainly sell. My best 2 sales this month are macro shots of insects. Having said that, there is a lot of competition with some subjects, such as butterflies and bees, so it can be hard to stand out. Of course there are a lot of insect species, so it's worth trying to find and photograph the rarer species, and life stages, etc. As with photography of people, it can help if the bugs are doing something!
  2. Oh man, next you’re gonna tell used that they paid well and live in better homes than most of us. Kidding of course. We all love your bear photos and they deserve all the sales they can get! Their images/your images are helping the bears who may not be so lucky.
  3. Actually, one of the annoying things about my polar bear sales is they are always used to say the polar bears are in trouble. The ones we saw were FiNE. The biologist told us the ice was perfect for hunting. It provided a good platform for hunting. Of course, I can hardly complain since I was deliberately taking images that I thought could be sold to illustrate climate change. Just don't believe your lying eyes. Paulette
  4. Two sales to the same buyer for an EU magazine. Both were for the same mid $$. Photos taken at the Liberty Center in Eunice, Louisiana
  5. Crikey.......what sort of sales volume is going to justify that fee? Perhaps they really mean "Throughout the Universe".
  6. Calendar sale this morning, my highest gross yet, ( distributor unfortunately ! ), $2,664.33 .... Nice one Alamy sales team !
  7. 3 sales on consecutive days which is unusual for us. But 1 newspaper and 2 PU’s so not going to celebrate yet!
  8. Still nothing for September. Zooms still happening, but way down. I’m not sweating it, but curious.
  9. I much prefer photographing people in London due to the fact that a person carrying a camera draws no attention, whereas in my home town I stand out and sometimes attract aggressive reactions. Sadly it's one of those Brexit-leaning towns that has an attitude against 'MSM', and worsened of late because of the Covidiocy coverage of packed beaches - of which I must hold my hands up as being 'guilty'. I now avoid taking those risks, to the detriment of sales 😞
  10. As per usual, (to quote an old English sleuth), my sales are coming in late in the month. Had two today. Took this at home. Fish on the grill for a surprisingly nice amount $$$! Interesting usage! 🙂 I must be the new Andy Warhol. LOL Country: New YorkUsage: Indoor displayMedia: Non commercial displayIndustry sector: IT Manufacturing and servicesPrint run: 1Image Size: up to full areaStart: 26 October 2020End: 26 October 2023The image will appear as decor for an IT company located in NYC. The image will be up to full area, and three year rights granted with a tentative installation window starting the end of October 2020 through the middle of December 2020. Rick
  11. Yep. Last sale 29th August and zooms, which have been well above average all year, have collapsed.
  12. Black Mountain, NC. Low $$, RM. Fourth sale for the month, I'm now tied with last year for number of sales (but haven't reached last year's revenue yet...) Country: WorldwideUsage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home useStart: 21 September 2020End: 21 September 2025
  13. Nice overview shipping shot Michael...reminds me of Port of Melbourne Docklands, where i used to chase many a container ship coming or going from the port...Really enjoyed photographing ships...Shipping shots made me some big sales....sadly not anymore...but i would still photograph them if i was in the Port area.
  14. Thank you for your comments. Somebody used the search term ‘red squirrels’ - I don’t know if they used quotes or not. It showed up in my ‘Alamy Measures’ and the images that appeared in the search were of grey squirrels. But thank you Chris, I had forgotten that with some of my older grey squirrel images I used the phrase ‘displace red squirrels’. My keywording has improved since then! On a positive note, I have had some good sales of grey squirrel images. My last one was for $***. Another appeared in the New Scientist. I now need to look at old images and the keywords I used, and do a bit of deleting.
  15. Yes, almost all that I shoot is submitted as editorial. It's pointless not identifying them as editorial as they would likely never be used for marketing or advertising. They do sell, some many times. We all need more sales, so I intend diversifying.
  16. I think there is a difference, news photographers tend to carry zooms to cover any situation because if something happens then they need to be able to cover it from whatever position they are able to get to. The classic 'street' photographer is generally more discreet and waits for things to happen in front of him or her and then they can capture it from close by, they don't particularly want to stand out as a photographer. That's rather a romantic generalization but I think it holds in normal circumstances. Exceptions to every rule of course, Martin Parr uses a Canon with a biggish zoom, Simon Roberts uses a 5"x4" from a tripod on the top of his camper van.
  17. I got a Fuji XT-30 recently and it takes great pictures even with the cheap lens. However coming from Nikon I do find the menu system fiddly and miss having what I was used to on the dials. They have done various offers in the UK of late, so if the price is high again maybe wait for the next drop. It's also way lighter than the Nikon D500 I've got and looks less conspicuous . It locked up on me today, which dissapointed me, as I was thinking about pairing it with an XT-3 as well. Had sales from it in the first weeks of owning it.
  18. positive that this years sales exceed each of the last two years - which were record years BUT negative - revenue is down 200% - yes 200%
  19. plenty of sales for me and have already passed the last couple of years BUT vast majority are all for $3 and a bit - with the odd one above $10 really poor
  20. Eleven sales so far this month, prices about average for these days.
  21. Five. I have a low CTR, so-so sales and don't upload as much as I should, so it's probably just the absence of QC fails.
  22. I think the Neowise photo showed in one search so far. But yea, I've seen an uptick in zooms last month and this. Good news, I hope it continues. Goodnight.
  23. I'm still at six, which is what I had last time we chatted, I think. Though I've sold two cell photos since then. I have an uptick in zooms since May but they don't translate into sales. Maybe I will get out and take some photos this weekend now that the air has cleared. Also: your Neowise comet photos over the vineyard are stunning.
  24. Thank you, Kristin! Yeah. we are still close, I have slightly over 500. I have bursts of uploading, like a dozen a weekend now and then. How many sales are you at? I am 3 total, 2 this year though. 😃
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