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  1. Very high ctr but no sales. Almost 2 years ago I covered the filming of War Of The Worlds and put the images up here exclusive.BIG mistake as I never sold anything and the programme (yes, I know it turned out to be more BBC woke tripe) has been aired and gone. I had some very good images in that collection but alas, they went into a big black hole here.wasted.
  2. Yes you can (as long as you created the artwork including paintings, sculpture, installations) and you can fill out a property release form to allow commercial sales See here https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/model-property-releases-stock-images/?section=7
  3. I agree with Futterwithtrees that no one should feel compelled to shoot anything other than what they want. We all have our reasons to be here and why we shoot stock. There is a demand for polar bear photos but I don’t shoot wildlife much and they are not real accessible to me. Others fill that need, such as Paulette (NYCat). So yes, shoot what is best for you to shoot and hopefully the sales will follow.
  4. probably me actually.... i had images of introduction of the queen and princess for a smaller Mexican Carnival which starts in 10 days, not much point in live news, so rushed them through stock on thursday after making sure them I had direct QC. oh well, probably little chance of sales, but it would be nice to have had a chance...
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been a contributor for a couple of years but not been on the forum before. My passion is for UK wildlife photography. I've a few hundred images on sale and I've had a few sales. I'm happy with my progress on Alamy. The last submission I uploaded passed QC and I captioned and tagged them in 3 separate batches on 3 different days. The first 2 batches were picked up by the Alamy search engine and appeared on sale as normal. The 3rd batch I captioned and tagged on 13/2/20, AIM showed them as on sale, but they have not appeared on the public screens yet. I can't find them by Key Word search, or Image ID search & neither have they appeared on my portfolio pages. It seems they have simply not been picked up and put on sale by the search engine. Has anyone else had or is having the same problem? Should I just go strait to Alamy and ask them to look into it? Thanks a lot.
  6. You could be lucky. It's possible that the same photograph has two separate uses by two different customers; one for the educational book, and the other one for the magazine. You've been lucky to find the magazine use, but it's not reported yet in your sales summary. You've had the educational book reported in sales summary, but haven't found the book that it's in yet. If not the above, then yes the licence/sale could be incorrectly reported. Reporting dates, dates of use etc., ....take with a pinch of salt ! It can often be several months after publication that Alamy/you get notified of use.
  7. Actually if your CTR is 20 that is excellent. Don't you mean 0.20? I only have 7 zooms for the rolling month and my CTR is 0.77, so there.🤪 Allan
  8. Fortunately, tutoring pays better than stock photography, so I stuck it out and lived to tell the tale. As I remember, the tarantula never returned. I guess the kid's very large pet iguana (seriously) got it. Yes, it's a slow month. I only have four sales so far -- two PU, one presentation, and thankfully a low $$$ one. CTR doing fine at 0.68, though.
  9. 😱 I’d have said, “Guess what? You don’t know where I am, either,” Then taken a powder. Edited to add: I just now pictured you unable to concentrate on tutoring and nervously and constantly looking around. If only I were there to touch the back of your neck with a feather. Bwa-ha-ha! The fence guy yesterday was nailing the last board on my fence. The compressor was making racket and he had earbuds in. I needed to ask him something but didn’t want to shout. So I tapped him lightly on the back. You’d have thought I stabbed him with a switchblade the way he reacted. Hee hee. Back on subject: I only have 8 zooms showing for the rolling month and my CTR has fallen below 20. It’s horrible.
  10. The past 6 months have been my worst since I made my first sale here back in 2009. The 6 months before that were my strongest here ever. I really feel like I went up a mountain and fell off a cliff... One example, got a $15 license here ($7.50 net) last week, the very same day as a $20+ license (net) of a single image on one MS site. Just one example of several when I wonder why all my Alamy photos aren't elsewhere earning more. When I see people here who have thousands of images - many times more images than I do - frequently netting less than I do each with a micro portfolio that has only grown to 500 images in the last year, I realize the writing is on the wall. For years I put my best pix here and had tiny ports around 1/10th to 1/3rd the size on the micros with little overlap, fearing people would buy from the micros vs. here if the pix were the same. But I did put a handful of my best pix on the micros some years ago to experiment. When I compare sales of those images that are on various sites, in nearly every case where images sell here and there, they have earned more elsewhere, in more than a few cases $$$$ more on the micros. Only two instances where sales here came to $$ more than on the micros. So, last year I finally followed the numbers and put a lot more on the micros while also adding the same to my port here and did not find any zooms here with corresponding sales elsewhere as I feared, though in the past there have been one or two times when an image was zoomed here and sold elsewhere. The additional sales elsewhere I believe make up for any shortfall, as images that sell both here and elsewhere tend to sell again and again often earning me $$$ to $$$$, so I can't worry if I made a mistake uploading them to more than one place. I don't think I have. Can't have all my eggs in one basket.
  11. I just got a bunch of these $3 in perpetuity yesterday. Last week has two usages each at $5 non perpetuity; the webpage they were using them had 3 of my images, yet two reported as sales. tried to complain to Big Al about the missing sale, but was told to wait 3 months before reporting the missing sale ($5 maybe $3). I'm not in the novel use scheme. Again hope theculturetrip company goes out of biz within 5 years. They maximized usages of another one of my images on different 9 webpages/lists lol yet not reported as a sale.
  12. I try to get diversity in my photos whenever possible, I do see that it can help with sales. This one I shot of my across the road neighbor, he is of Hispanic origin and was happy to pose, at my house, for this photo at the time of an election. It has sold a few times. This one (or a similar) has also sold...shot at a local university (I did have access for a magazine...so that helps) A diverse surgical team in an operating room.
  13. 2 zooms in 2 months, on the subject of insect pets moths make excellent companions, sleep all day and dead easy to exercise just turn on a light bulb.😀 Onwards.
  14. Well since joining Alamy in November 2018 I have only had two sales, back in June; given my modest number of images no doubt I shouldn't be surprised but it is disheartening. My click rate however is showing a gradual rise so I live in hope but the same portfolio on SS gets downloads almost every other day, sometimes two or more per day, and a fair number are in the UK. I have actually had several more downloads on AS with half the portfolio size although the payout is a bit less. I am encouraged by having reached five star status quite quickly but the relevance to this thread is that my cliff was seven months ago! I look forward to a better 2020.
  15. My theculturetrip sales were under Novel Use so I could opt out. But now similar ones seem to pop up that are not done under Novel Use. Paulette
  16. We've had sales to theculturetrip.com with that "app in perpetuity" through the Novel Use scheme. I opted out of that after two sales at $1.24. I think Novel Use should be more novel. Now those teeny tiny sales to editorial websites come along all too often though so far at least not less than $2.12 for me. Of course, if through a distributor it drops even lower. Paulette
  17. Yeah very nice rendition too Colin ...Mmm yes Gorgeous 😀 OK ...back on topic So...many hedge their bets....take a walk on the wild side....and are smiling more for it....and others like me are doomed to cling to the rope behind the boat hoping i can pull myself aboard..by shooting more images that is....Ahhh you gotta laugh...all is not lost...keep shooting guys and gals...there's still sales to be made...Ahh i'm trying to lift the tone...What's that song I'm hearing...Telegraph Road...Dire Straits.....😀 Just keep shooting ....Good Day Sunshine...
  18. Your welcome MDM....Glad to hear that this great song still strikes a chord with you...music and film including still photography plays such an important role in our lives....We photographers portray our visual take on the world...and here at Alamy we are part of the collective who are wanting to have our images seen, and of course also being reasonably paid for the licence uses.. Well we've been told that it's business as usual with the sell off to PA Media Group....so time will tell if we as individual photographers and the whole collective prosper...Surely a diverse collection of images such as Alamy's can really find its niche in the market and win a better share of the worldwide total sales revenue?...There are a lot of photographers from all skill levels trying to make money from their images....We can only hope that the new direction of this business looks after it's suppliers ( photographers ) and gives us the incentive to keep supplying images, by not eroding our return for effort further.. So yes congratulations to the PA Media Group, i'm just one of the many small contributors hoping that the future will see the Alamy collection prosper along with its loyal contributors.
  19. Alamy describe RM and RF as follows All my images are listed as RF All my sales show "Royalty Free" as the licence...... But the details vary - and to me they look like they are sold as Rights Managed? This looks like a Royalty free sale But this looks like its sold as if it was Rights Managed (and the fee reflects the use!) (Newspaper use in the Guardian) So - I don't think listing them as RF stops them being sold as RM..... Jools
  20. Already had my typical single sale of the month, but it never fails to fascinate me how vastly more successful some folk on here are. I once had three sales in a single month, but actually made considerably less than this month's single sale. I appreciate the good times are over, but having missed them it's obviously easier to cope with this possibly terminal downtrend. Regarding the ant, they are very sensitive creatures and I fear he may have picked up on his owner's mood over the lack of sales and simply lost the will to live. Very sad.
  21. Last month was bad, this month is worse so far with only a few zooms hence CTR down and not a sniff of a sale yet. There was a time a few short years ago where I was getting 10-20 sales with one or two in the higher $$ or occasionally $$$. It's now last summer since I had anything over $50. Hardly worth the effort anymore, and I'm better off by staying home.
  22. I admire your portfolio. If you keep up that quality I'm sure you will make more sales. Paulette
  23. I think not. My sales VOLUME in the last five years has been creeping up. My REVENUE has been steadily going down at Alamy. I see no change since last December when I decided to spread my eggs around. I supply Getty too. My wife is always telling me I'm wasting my time submitting to several stock sites. She thinks once it's out there in the "interweb", everyone sees it. That is not my experience.
  24. A delay of a month is not untoward. If the usage is in a book it can be longer. In a calendar, longer still. The issue I would be concerned about would be the two different kinds of usage you mention. I would expect a text book to pay more than a magazine, so I wonder if the purchaser has bought the correct licence. It is not out of the question that you may find the original sale refunded and repurchased with the correct licence at a different price. It is also possible that they are two entirely different sales. To get a sale with only 48 images in your portfolio is good going. Well done.
  25. Not all doom and gloom, this was yesterday's report from Alamy Measures. John. Last Updated on : 14 Feb 2020 08:31 GMT YesterdayLast 7 daysLast week (Mon-Sun)Last business week (Mon-Fri)This monthLast month Results per page: 2050100 Page 1 of 1 Go to page: < Previous | Next > Pseudonym Your Sales Your Views Your Zooms Your CTR (%) ********* 1 751 7 0.93 < Previous | 1 | Next > Total Views for John Keates : 751 Total Zooms for John Keates : 7 Average CTR for John Keates : 0.93 Total CTR for John Keates : 0.93 Average CTR on Alamy for last month : 0.55
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