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  1. This little Sony is two-years old. Yesterday it jammed. It will turn on and off but does not respond to any other commands. I've changed the battery and the memory card. It didn't help. If we were living in ordinary times, I'd pack it up and send it for repair. Not now. Do any of you have any tricks up your sleeve? Edo
  2. I am currently feeling an overwhelming compulsion towards purchasing a Sony RX100. I have read some of the threads on here with interest. I am tossing up between the latest model VII, or the earlier VA. I am leaning towards the VA for a number of reasons: 1) Cheaper price - can afford to buy sooner 2) Brighter, faster lens because of reduced focal range (24-70mm vs 24-200mm) 3) I am guessing slightly better/nicer backgrounds when using a shallow depth of field 4) Integrated ND filter I'm interested whether anyone who has used both has found one better than the other? The main advantage of the later model seems to be the extra reach, but I think I like the idea of the faster lens more. I'm certainly not wanting to replace my DSLR, but just love the idea of a high quality compact that I can have with me pretty much all the time and it just fits in a pocket. There are times when I want to head out on a walk or a bike ride but not carry my DSLR gear, and love the idea of the little Sony. I also like the idea of being in urban environments, for example maybe commuting through the city, and just being able to spontaneously capture something I come across. I'm also noticing about a $200 difference between the VA model and the earlier V model. I understand the VA has a different processor, but not sure how much real world difference this would make?
  3. Mysteriously, my RX100-6 started working again today. I carried it around, turned it on and off several time, used a number of functions, yet it kept working. I'm not confident that it will continue to do so. I enjoy kit when it works, hate it when it does not.
  4. Many thanks Ed. Yes, birds, wildflowers and landscapes are favourite subjects of mine, and I think I will still be largely using my DSLR for those. I was thinking of the RX100 more as an additional camera for spontaneous moments when I'm not carrying the DSLR, such as candid street photography or out on a walk but wanting to travel light. Having the extra reach would be helpful though. For example, I was out on a walk a couple of days ago, and a Nankeen Kestrel which is a small bird of prey landed nearby. The RX100-6 is also something to think about, as it is a little less than the RX100-7. That's good to know about the depth of field control being better with the longer lens. It looks like you are getting some great shots with the RX100 Edo!
  5. Sally, I own both a RX100-V and a RX100-6. For 3 to 4 years now, I've been taking almost all of my pics with the small Sonys. I always use the wrist strap and have no interest in the grip. For the subjects you capture most—birds, flowers, wildlife, and landscapes—I believe the RX100-VII would be the better choice. Handheld shooting with either zoom has never been an issue for me. I agree with Steve Bell that the lens is best from 24 to about 120mm, but I've never failed Alamy QC at 200mm. For depth of field control, the longer lens is more useful. Sony IS and some menu options are also helpful with low-light handholding. Good luck, dear, whichever you decide on. Edo
  6. My birthday today, so I had a lay in until 6:30am. Breakfast was yogurt and mushrooms on toast, then mid morning treat of a thin slice of low sugar home made cake. Two zooms on Wednesday, another two on Thursday but no sales yet, too early in the month. Last months zooms equalled my previous highest, may they continue. About to leave for a wander around Oxford, travelling light with just the RX100 and a brolly.
  7. No worries Jansos. I'm glad the article Michael sent is helpful, along with me weighing up the pros and cons 🤔. I'm leaning towards one of the older models at the moment now. I'll also wait to see when they are on sale again. It's great to hear that you are pleased with the results of the RX100 as a day to day pocket camera 🙂
  8. Thanks Sally. That article and link were very useful! You have helped me answer my own question! The benefits of the newer model don't seem worth the x 2 ++ increase in cost. https://photographylife.com/sony-rx100-series-comparison
  9. I'm still using the RX100 for day to day in your pocket type stuff and am consistently pleased with results. The new Sony RX range is a lot more expensive than the original. Is the bang worth the buck?
  10. I meant to say thanks for this too Ed. I'm leaning towards the RX100-7 now, as I probably will get a bit frustrated at times with a 70mm max. I've been looking at sample images from various people using the RX100-7 and it looks like a very capable little camera. I read that there is good eye tracking in it which is good for animal photography, and that appeals to me too.
  11. Just bought myself an early Xmas present of a Sony RX100 ( a bit lighter to carry around than my 5D mii) just wondered if any of you kind folk could offer any tips on using it to its best, things like best programs setting, modes etc, thanks all.
  12. Am I mistaken in thinking that the autofocus on my Sony RX100-V works faster and more accurately when I have the camera set on Intelligent Auto or Superior Auto than when it's set on A (Aperture)? Also, I usually shoot in bursts of three . . . and one is always sharper than the others. The autofocus on my newer Sonys (V and 6) is a lot better than it was on my RX100-3. ??? Edo
  13. I can't answer your first post as I only use the original RX100 and the later mkIII. I would say that I found a grip to be extremely useful. I bought the Feniac grip for the original RX100 and found it made holding the camera much easier/steadier. When I got the mkIII I took the grip off the original and fitted it to the mkIII as I use that camera most of the time now. I am not sure if the Feniac grip is still made or not. It came from the States. Allan
  14. Yeah, the first RX100 went to 100mm. But the wide end was 28mm, not 24mm. I've never liked the 28mm look. In the film era, I always use primes, and I see a big personality difference between 24 and 28.
  15. Betty, I recall you saying that you mostly had your RX100-3 set on Full Auto. I use Full Auto a lot now, but did not with the 100-3. Maybe you've seen the other post where I'm bitching about a difference in speed and accuracy between the A setting and Full Auto? As I told Wim, this could a figment of my imagination. I agree that the less expensive 100-3 might be a good answer for Sally, since it will function as a second (pocket) camera. I also have a Sony 24MP a6000 with the 10-18, 28-70, and a 50 prime. Edo
  16. I have the RX100-3 and it’s only 70mm at the long end. I use it like you say you want to. I use my Fuji XT-2 with a variety of lenses from very wide to 400 mm. But the Sony in my purse or pocket is the one I’ve taken run-across shots of construction zones, new house builds, inside Walmart and a grocery, and a shoe store. I had it on a Caribbean trip and got beautiful beach pictures with it. When going into the island shops, I didn’t want to carry anything heavier than the Sony, (shopping is exhausting enough) and I had fun taking pictures with it. If it were the only camera I ever shot with, then I’d go Edo’s way. But it’s not. It’s my secondary camera. Edo said he thought my model was slow-focusing sometimes. I haven’t found that with my copy, at least not so I’ve noticed, so all is good. I will say that there has been a handful or two times that I wished for more reach with it, but not often enough to get one of the longer zooms. I prefer the fastness over the reach for those indoor shots. As it is, I have to use creative noise reduction unless by a bright window. Fastness or reach is an individual choice. It basically comes down to buying the tool you actually need for the job. Betty
  17. Thanks Allan. I'll certainly get the grip if it feels a bit too slippery or unsteady without it. After weighing up which model to get, I'm now going to postpone it for a bit, as I'm starting to lean towards the RX100-7 which is more expensive and I will need a bit more money first. Hopefully I will sell a few Alamy pics that might help pay for it 🙂 Thanks to you and everyone above for your helpful comments. It is much appreciated.
  18. Yes it is harder without a car Ed. I feel lucky to have one, as I can head off easily to different locations for photography. My brother manages without a car though, and I don't think has any intention of getting one anytime soon. I guess one advantage of being on foot with photography might be that you notice more details in your environment and you create a thorough catalogue of images of your local area. You certainly already have many great pictures of Liverpool. I hope the RX100-6 is back in order soon! I am planning to expand my images beyond my favourite nature subjects into the future. I had planned to earlier, especially with regard to street photography and events, but the lockdown put that on the back-burner. However, they have just lifted most restrictions here so life may be getting back to a sort-of normal, and I should have opportunities for more variety of subjects.
  19. I find it is easier to handle the RX100 cameras with the hand grip. Allan
  20. I suspected that might be the case, but I saw no hint of you looking for an additional stock subject on your 4 pages. To sum up: I feel the lost of an f-stop or so is not going to be an important factor, but the 70mm max will occasionally be a problem. My RX100-6 is out of order at the moment. I would love to expand my subject choice. Without a car, that's hard. And the only thing I really know about birds is they can fly and I can't. 🙂
  21. I bought the RX100 VII around the beginning of March this year. Bought from E-Infinity for best pricing. I had previously borrowed the V version for a day and hardly used it through lack of time. I went for the VII due to the lenses further reach, but normally shoot at no more than 120mm. Must get around undertaking some tests to see where the performance drops off at the long end. Previously I've used cameras with zoom lenses around 24-120mm, finding that focal length more versatile than 24-70mm if only carrying one camera and lens. Other reasons for picking the VII were improved autofocus and intending to start shooting some video. Just about to order a Zhiyan Crane M2 Gimbal for it. I bought the Sony grip, seems expensive for such a tiny piece of plastic, but it does feel better in the hand. Certainly cheaper than risking it slipping from my hand and the subsequent repair. Re its slower lens, if expected to produce OOF areas I would take my D750's. Final reason was I had the spare cash. Am very pleased with it.
  22. This article is very useful as a comparison of all the RX100 models. I had the same dilemma last year and opted for the VA. Aside from the longer focal length which may or may not be an advantage, the main advantages of the VI and VII appear to be with video. If you just want a tiny high quality camera for stills, then the VA might still be the best choice.
  23. Just another question in relation to the above post. Has anyone with a Sony RX100 bought the grip that you can get for it? It looks like a potentially slippery little thing and I'm wondering if the extra $25 for a grip is worth it and makes it easier to hold?
  24. Have a look at your files if there's a difference there. Like a higher ISO with the ones that showed the faster focusing. Or a wider aperture. The defaults for the Auto settings can be different than your own settings for Aperture. The newer ones (mkV and onward) are faster because they offer Phase Detect AF. Make sure you have your RX100 set to Phase Detect AF in the Aperture Mode: it is a setting somewhere. Phase Detect is default on for the all auto settings afaik. So that could be the cause also. wim
  25. I'll do some more tests to try and understand what's happening. I'll try importing direct from the cameras' (Lumix G5 and RX100) SD cards (instead of importing files I already have on disk, just to be sure) Mmm.. need to investigate further. If I import directly into LR from the SD card, then the "sidecar" previews are fine. But, if I import from SD card to hard-disk first using DownloaderPro (which I usually use) the problem occurs with the LR previews. Maybe Downloader Pro is changing the rotate flag, or maybe LR behaves differently when importing from hard-disk? Mark
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