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  1. When using the twilight mode on the Sony RX100 cameras at night what ISO do you generally use?
  2. "I sometimes use Sony's "handheld twilight" mode (JPEG only), which can work very well in some situations." John Mitchell Which Sony is it that won't let you shoot RAW in the Twilight Scene mode? I'll have to check it today to be sure but I believe I can use RAW with Full Auto Night or any of the Scene settings on my Sony RX100-6 or my a6000. Maybe with the RX100-3 I couldn't. Anyone know? Edo
  3. I checked my rx100 (mk1) and the files produced from the handheld twilight are only jpegs. Just took a look them directly on the card. Maybe you've lucked out somehow!
  4. It sounds as if they are RAW files. I guess the RX100-6 is more sophisticated than the a6000 and other earlier Sony's.
  5. I'm sure you're right, John. And it's (probably) the same with my RX100-6. But . . . the files that I get out of my Sonys when using Twilight are labeled ARW files and I was under the impression that that meant they were Sony RAW files. ??? https://www.online-convert.com/file-format/arw
  6. On the RX100 mk3 the raw options are greyed out in Hand-held twilight mode. Three jpegs settings are available. This was the only camera I took on a recent family trip and it turned out to be perfectly capable. I'd have preferred 6D, but that's just too big for this type of outing.
  7. Yes, Alamy is UK centered, but it is the US economy that is robust right now. While reading this thread I checked AIM and see that I have 5 stars. Submission from 2 hours ago is passed. Don't know anything more about it. I did struggle with QC failure 3.5 years ago while trying mirrorless with kit lens. Sub that just went thru was Sony RX100 III. Ironically, British subject.
  8. I am going to carry out a shoot indoors just using available lighting (no flash) and would like some advice from other users of RX100's who have done this already. What settings give you the best results handheld to produce a workable RAW file? Do you use M,S,A,P, or gold or green camera setting? Thank you in advance for any replies. Allan
  9. Whilst searching for a "have on me at all times" camera I noticed the Sony RX100 series mentioned time and time again. It seems this is a highly regarded camera among the Alamy community, so with this in mind and the fact that (according to the B&H Photo site) deliveries are expected next Friday is anyone taking the plunge and buying the RX100 Vii? The £1,200 (ish) price tag here in the UK is pretty steep for a compact. I realise it is full of tech and features, but the sensor is still only an inch and the lens isn't particularly fast. I have yet to find my ideal "have on me at all times" camera and not really sure whether to take a (very expensive) punt or not.
  10. I’m shooting with a Fuji X-T2. And I disagree with Michael a bit. (Sorry) I had a Nikon D800 and often had the 80-400 lens on it. It was way too heavy to hand-hold and get anything useful from it. Of course this is from the female perspective. I put the combo on a monopod or leaned it on a bean bag in my car window while using my car as a blind. I now have a Fujinon 100-400 lens, and on the X-T2, I can hand-hold it easy enough and get a good percentage of keepers. It’s kind of like drinking a diet coke while eating a candy bar. Every calorie not consumed, (food) every ounce lighter, (gear) counts. Then there’s that feather that broke the camel’s back. 😊 Almost everything for 28 of my last pages were shot with either the X-T1, X-T2 or one of the RX100 models (1 or 2). Before that, different Nikons starting with the D70 through D800 and Sony RX100. I will say the Fuji lens lineup is great. I have about 8 of them. (I know, GAS is a problem of mine.) They are all sharp and excellent and the images pass QC with no effort. The storefronts are shot with a very handy and light 18-135 lens which also works for travel. It’s not a bokeh lens but I don’t use it for that. What I glean from different portfolios, almost any brand of gear will work for stock. I find 24mp is the perfect size. I didn’t like the D800’s 36mp. Overkill. 24mp still gives me cropping room and the files are manageable. Fuji was way better than Sony in the mirrorless field in the beginning, mostly because of the wide range and excellence of the lenses. Sony has played catch-up there, and I assume people are happy with them now. Sherger, you have a great portfolio. Betty
  11. I've just began using selective DoF control of my tabletop food snaps (in another thread). No QC problems yet. If you want total sharpness, use the 24mm setting on your RX100 camera and leave room for a crop. That's what I often do. I have no problems with a smaller file, cropping, or distortion, or noise. All those things are correctable in LR or PH. I frame overhead, dinner's view, or I crop in some. I don't do cutouts as Micheal V suggested . . . because I don't like them. I'll leave that for others.
  12. Beautiful images and what a wonderful place to go for an afternoon walk. I've never use the HDR feature in my rx100, must give it a try.
  13. These couple of images were taken just last week & uploaded to Alamy over the weekend. I seriously doubt they will ever sell (just not the "right thing"), but I am putting them up as little Sony Rx100 showcase. I go for my afternoon walks & would never lug heavy Canon SLR, but Sony is so handy - just put it in the pocket and go. Then you end up seeing something & you are glad you had camera on you! It is still a small sensor, and it shows, but it is acceptable & would be downright shame to miss such a great sky. All images were taken using in-camera HDR feature I find quite useful (although you have to be sure you hold camera very steady if you don't have a tripod on you).
  14. Looks good, Jani. I hope I don't have to go all the way to Helsinki to get a nice bowl of pasta. I've not found any good Italian places yet here in Liverpool. I shoot with the Sony RX100-6 in restaurants. Using the back screen lets me sit at my place at the table and not disturb other customers.
  15. Just purchased a Sony RX100 Va and had the first trial submission fail QC for 'soft lacking definition' I will admit my eye is not 'in' on images at the moment but images did not look to be a problem, but was. Workflow I'm using is as follows 1:- convert to DNG 2:- process in Bridge and PS CS6, hence the need to convert to DNG 3:- output at camera resolution. as a tif. 4 :- convert to jpeg at quality 12 Basically the same work flow I have used for years with my big cameras adding the DNG conversion. Also ensured that images were shot at Low ISO and stopped down to f4 and f5.6 which after tests proved to be the best aperture. If anyone who is successfully passing QC, with this camera or any other RX100 version, has any advice and would care to share I would appreciate help.
  16. A bit of a strange one. I've been a bit disappointed that my IQ results with the Sony RX100 M6 weren't as good as those from my old Sony RX100 M3. I put it down to the different lens. Today I was editing files from my old Sony RX100 M3 using the current Adobe RAW editor (v. and noticed they also had what I can only describe as a muddy (over processed) look. I put the same Sony RX100 M3 image through my old Elements RAW (v.9.0) program and the same image seems much cleaner to me. Have any of you experienced or read about this problem?
  17. The gear bag I hump around :- 5yr old Canon 7Dmkii with a 15yr old L100-400. 4yr old 6D with a 13yr old L24-70 2.8 . The 100-400 has been repaired many times and the repairs have cost more than the lens did in the first place. the L24-70 has also been repaired many times. The 7Dmkii has 100,000s of clicks on it. Now the 6D is causing problems and Im looking at anything between $250 and $400 to fix it. Canon repair costs have gone nuts. I shoot sport, wildlife, landscape and any stock I can think of. Because of my glass I have been tied to Canon for many years. Im thinking of replacing the 6D with the Sony rx100 vii so will have a small walk about camera for a change that's up to date and will cover everything that the old 6D 24-70 did and more. Then when the 7D and the 100-400 give up the ghost replacing them with another Sony. Or do I just repair the 6D or buy another Canon. Im betwixt and between. Any thoughts would be appreciated ..... Thanks
  18. Handheld twilight mode on the RX100 works really well, providing subject is stationary and you don't want too much depth of field. As the light gets lower the RX100 (in handheld twilight mode) will open lens aperture, crank up the ISO and then take a number of short exposures and combine to reduce noise. It's surprisingly effective. My Lumix G5 also has a handheld twilight mode but it's rubbish compared to the RX100. Mark
  19. I've been looking through the forums for an idea on which walking around camera to buy. Want to buy something that will definitely have the needs to pass QC here and on Getty. Alamy use to have an approved camera list, but as technology improved, the list seems obsolete. RX100 II (Not sure of it's sony or lung( seems to keep coming up in the forums as a good camera for the task. What are you using? Or, what do you recommend? I'll order via Amazon in the U.S., but if you know a better deal, share the link. I might consider used too. Emmanuel
  20. I carry my new small cushioned bag with the Sony RX100-6 and a6000 with 10-18 zoom that way. Both cameras have wrist straps and I don't handle them without the wrist strap in place. I used to do what Bill described, tape budget screw-in filters in place of clip-in caps. Many Nikon filters were 52mm I think. So you could stake up the ones to shoot through. Some of the older Nikon lens hood were clip-ons too. Not good. My cameras don't get hard use anymore. Jay Maisel used to say, "Why would anyone put a ten-dollar piece of glass in front of a $200 piece of glass." Things were a lot cheaper when he said that.
  21. RF $$ editorial only, non exclusive, public domain image. Usage: Magazine, editorial print and digital use, up to 1/8 page, inside, repeat use within a single issue I hand held photographed this painting of Montcalm. A Canadian historic figure that is on display in a museum, with my Sony RX100 version 1. The problem was when I lined up the camera square with the painting there was a white reflection of the ambient lighting on the surface of the painting. I moved to the side to eliminate the reflection. Shooting from offside at an angle resulted that the painting was no longer square. I squared it back to normal with the lens module in Adobe Camera Raw and then cropped the painting's frame. The other problem was colour balance. In a second image I underexposed the white information sign beside the painting giving me a grey reference for Adobe Camera Raw.
  22. John -- Sony Rx 100 Mk 1. There is little story behind it: Couple of weeks before Costa Rica I was in Belize; did day trek to Actun Tunichil Muknal cave (I am sure you know about!). They don't allow cameras in the cave. I thought I'd be "smart" and put my Rx in ziploc, then strapped around my waist below swimming trunks. Well that was as dumb of a thing I could do -- didn't take any pics and camera got wet and stopped working! Week later I was in Antigua, Guatemala; took it to small camera store, but they couldn't fix it. But then, just as things work in Latin America, store owner calls his friend who brings his Rx he was trying to sell. Cash only, no warranty, nothing -- if it stopped working the next day I'd get nothing back. I gambled and bought it (~200 USD). Eventually it did stop working this summer, but it is already paid off as this is not only sale from Central America trip. I have now Rx100 Mk 3 and it is quite good.
  23. Congratulations. Very nice image. Which model of Rx100 did you use? Manuel Antonio is a special place. I was there in the late 90's. Loved the beaches, but a pack of capuchin monkeys almost stole my lunch. They were a wily bunch and probably would have snatched my camera bag as well if I had been foolish enough to put it down.
  24. Dry month and just as I thought only $ I'd get in Oct from Alamy was that DAC "bonus", bam -- my largest by margin Alamy sale drops during fabled "end of month surge" in which I'd not believe but after this I am changing my mind: Sunset at Playa Espadilla, Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. Pic taken end of January '19. They kick out out from park at 5:30pm which really sucks (this is why beach is deserted!). But I clambered some rocks outside park and waited for sunset. Ironically, although I had FF Canon SLR with me, this pic was taken with little Sony Rx100, pocket camera I swear by. I also used in-camera HDR mode & totally expected nothing good would come out of it, but what do I know. Pic was also edited in CS6 because I really wanted to bring colors out and clean up noise. This is end result --- even after Alamy took 60% my share is still $$$. It really brings in my mind yet again question of micro-stock swamp where I contribute to several agencies. I am slowly starting to upload higher end images exclusively to Alamy. Cheers, I am happy today not because of money but because it feels good to get decent reward for work I invested quite a bit into and more than anything enjoyed making.
  25. Hello! I seen Sony RX100 M6 at london drugs is it new model of Sony or it was long ago when it came up? I am Using Sony RX100 M3 wanted to upgrade any body using Sony Rx100 M6? is it worth it? any advice for me? i still doesn't have any income from Alamy im trying to put more effort
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