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  1. I don't know if this will help, Betty, but I recently got Prolost Dehaze and this is their instruction for adding to Lightroom. I think it should tell you where to look..... Open Preferences (on Mac that's Lightroom → Preferences, on Windows it's Edit → Preferences). Click on the Presets tab. Click Show Lightroom Presets Folder... This will locate a folder called Lightroom. Open that to reveal the Develop Presets folder. This is the folder that you'll copy the preset folders into. If you have Store presets with this catalog checked, the Develop Presets folder will be in the Lightroom
  2. Bryan, I use these Prolost haze filters on my 6.14, they work very well though I only tend to use 3 mild strengths of the standard 'Dehaze' on any regular basis. I'm very glad to have them and they're free as well. https://proloststore.com/products/dehaze Edit: Quite a lot on the forum about Prolost and I must have downloaded it after seeing one of these posts: https://discussion.alamy.com/search/?q=prolost&quick=1
  3. Dehaze is certainly useful - I have the free LR6 version available from Prolost - Prolost Dehaze for Lightroom 6.1 I don't know whether the Adobe version does a better job, but this one seems to work pretty well as a universal or gradient filter Alex
  4. I did download the Prolost plugin during the year before I opted for the CC version. It worked, although not as well as the slider in my opinion. I'd have left well enough alone if I hadn't needed to upgrade Photoshop.
  5. But you can add a plugin called Prolost which is free and does dehaze brilliantly. I appreciate that there are other features that the CC version has, but am yet to be persuaded to take out a monthly subscription. Main advantage it would seem would be getting Photoshop in addition.....then a lot more skills to learn.
  6. One aspect of using the preset dehaze from Prolost is that, unless I was doing something wrong, it needs to be the last thing before exporting the image. Like the CC version, it tends to darken the image slightly. It's similar to having to estimate dry-down in black and white printing. With the CC version you can adjust the dehaze using its slider and then go back and lighten the image as needed. I could be just as happy and perhaps happier with an earlier version of Photoshop, but I keep paying Adobe their EUR 11,89 per month because of this feature in Lightroom.
  7. Very interesting. Good to have first hand feed back, as I use the CC version, so I have not tried the Prolost
  8. Works great. We have had some really dreary dull (we’d call them ‘dreich’ North of the Border) days recently, and today was another. I took a few photos and used the Prolost dehaze (up to +14), and the resulting clarity is brilliant.
  9. Just tried the Prolost dehaze on a few seaside photos taken today (in Alamy Live News) and it certainly works well. Not as good as a slider, as you have to click on different options to adjust the mount of the dehaze, but it's a lot better than having to change my Adobe License. So thanks again to Justin Case for pointing it out.
  10. I used the Prolost presets with Lightroom 6 prior to opting into the CC version because of Photoshop. They work not as well as the slider but well enough. That is, they're less convenient to use but the results are good.
  11. Any filter in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop for that matter will only work on the converted image and not on the raw so will give inferior results as a general rule to working directly on the raw before converting. The Prolost dehaze is apparently a Lightroom preset so will work on the raw. I've not tried it as I have the CC version.
  12. Great, thanks. I’ve downloaded Prolost dehaze and will give it a try since I don’t have the CC version of Lightroom. Certainly, a dehaze tool looks very worthwhile.
  13. Doing an assignment in the States recently, I had an opportunity to use my client's CC Lightroom and liked the dehaze slider. Cool. Meanwhile, I'm getting by with my standalone version, and the Prolost plugin: http://www.proloststore.com/products/dehaze It works well enough.
  14. I'm content for now with Lightroom version 6.5, although somewhat curious about the dehaze feature in the CC version. This free Prolost download purports to do the same thing. Usually I just snap images up in curves, but will give this a try.
  15. If you want to access the Dehaze filter capability, using LR 6.1 (perpetual licence version) there's a free workaround here http://prolost.com/blog/dehaze
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