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  1. I'm still new to all this stock photography so I am not sure about how much these changes will affect me. What I do know is that Alamy has 0 sales for me since jan 21, another site has got me 24 sales in 2 months and another 1 sale within a week of joining with an initial 18 images. Of course they are all selling for peanuts and Alamy has to compete with that but it seems as though the agencies seem to want to offload the 'little' guys and not bother with their small amounts of images.
  2. I'm rather hoping my images will be on the searches very soon. Live in Jiaxing which is where the communist party had 1st meeting 100 years ago and they are celebrating in 2 months time, should be huge and there is a rumoured internet block while it's on. Yesterday I went to Tainducheng which has come up on the wanted list and only 20 minutes away from me. Limited audience I know but I suppose i'm in a fairly unique area.
  3. Another random question to save me making a seperate thread, if I have images of a place on the what to shoot list do I just upload and then tick the box, cross fingers,sit back and wait? Want to get my images seen and they will be alamy exclusives for now, if I get no joy then I will add to other sites in a few month I suppose.
  4. Thanks guys for the input, I am going back over the images and tagging as the whole stock photography is very new for me. I've had 20 sales in 6 weeks on other sites but very little interest here so I suppose the images are of interest to someone. I will keep plugging away.
  5. I'm just looking for ideas to increase exposure. Trying anything and everything I can. My views are ok, increasing a lot recently but zooms are terrible, had 4 in the first couple of weeks and none since. Going back through and retagging but that's a slow process.
  6. I have been playing around with my portfolio, swap images about every week to add a bit of interest. Only recently did I notice the gallery button, do we need to make a gallery, is it a good idea and helps sales?
  7. Panic over, QC passed and i'm ready to crack on with the tagging. Might have just been a bottle neck and it's all cleared now.
  8. I haven't had a single failure so far. As for the stars there are only 3 on my dashboard and 2 are black as they have been since I started in january.
  9. erm, 2/3 stars if that's what you mean. I don't mind how long it takes, just going by previous submissions
  10. Just checking if there are any delays or if it;s my terrible internet here in China. My images usually go through in between 2 and 5 days but currently I have some from 25th feb uploads still awaiting QC.
  11. Just checking if there are any delays or if it;s my terrible internet here in China. My images usually go through in between 2 and 5 days but currently I have some from 25th feb uploads still awaiting QC.
  12. I used to own and run a camera shop and would give customers the same answer every time. What suits you? It's not what gets the best reviews or the one that Bob down the road uses, or Mary in the next street. It is what you need and what does the job you require. Cameras and equipment are tools, they are not a fashion accessory (unless you are Chinese, they love brand names here), remember you take the photo and the tool just records it. I suggest you go in to a shop and try them both, play with the controls and get a feel for what is right.
  13. thanks for the heads up, some sneaked in as a copy/paste. its a tourist hidden gem in the city and character always relates to Chinese writing, it's not words its characters. I have adjusted accordingly. I will have to go back through everything, so many mistakes and errors in my rush to get uploaded before the new year when the internet dies for about 2 weeks with a quarter of the worlds population online.
  14. Thanks, will give it a try, it's not like there's a shortage of people here.
  15. Some advice on my strategy and if you agree with my thinking. I have uploaded a fair few images from my time in China, most of my work is on drives back in UK, and because I have them on another site they are not exclusive obviously. Work I have taken from this week onwards will only appear on here so will be alamy exclusive for that potential few extra pennies. Try to vary my work, take image horizontal and vertical whilst looking for unusual views or subjects. Sensible tagging with variable spelling options. I go through alamy lists every few days looking for views and if the tags are
  16. Thanks, so am I right in thinking RF for my images as they are available on another site. But for images I upload from now on they will be Alamy exclusive so I can make them RM
  17. I'm a bit confused about the RF vs RM, so for now I have left it on the default. Could someone give me a brief explanation of when I should change or select it differently to the default please.
  18. I have only just started my stock 'journey' by uploading here. Prior to that i used another company but can't easily get on to their site from here in China. So far no sales and very few views which I appreciate is down to my limited range of images although a lot will be unique. If I got a very small sale I would be happy, it's an acorn, a start for me but I can see the frustration of others. If you want to make lots of money it's not a help. Last year I entered 2 photo competitions in China, first in Shenzhen where I lived and got to the finals, netting me around £100. Next I moved to Jia
  19. I know it's very early days for my uploads and as most are in and around China will be limited in popularity but what should I consider average views? Is there a rough average per month 100 images for example?
  20. Interesting read. I like to think I have my own style and it's very similar to how I paint. Basic, clean and neat. I rarely use photoshop, don't own lightroom so I suppose i'm old fashioned. I have however had to adapt my shooting, not style, in recent times. My preference was always landscape work, anything up to and including 5x4 cameras stood in the countryside for hours waiting for the light to change. Once I moved over to digital the travel bug caught me and I found more interest in cultures unknown but of course the world virus has kicked that in to touch. I moved to China in early 201
  21. thanks, sounds like it will help. I will also need to source some more unusual and specific words to stand out a bit I suppose, although a lot of my images are of the more unusual places anyway.
  22. yes, notebook and pen I do carry. I have only had an issue once in China years ago when I was approached by police and asked for my memory card as I was photographing an old building which they thought too bad for a westerner to see. what they didn't know was I had just swapped cards so it only had 2 or 3 images on it. in my local town people are nothing but friendly so far and it's great to walk around taking photos. I made the local Chinadaily site this week so I think I am getting known around the area. the President is visiting the city later in the year so I want to get plenty of imag
  23. Thank you, I don't do much in photoshop as I'm old school and try hard to get the image done first time but I think I need to spend a lot of time researching my images. I try to do unusual places or different views. Of course not always easy to find info over here and as I have found even asking local people I am getting a blank, often nobody knows. I will try harder.
  24. I've just had an article about me on Chinadaily website. A photo I took that got 2nd prize in a local competition for expats in China has been highlighted as promoting the city (Jiaxing) I live in. Rather happy to get this kind of exposure, now I need to quickly upload the image and others for people to see.
  25. I get stuck when it comes to tagging, having read the forum bits it seems as though reaching the full 50 is not an absolute must although I do want to get as much in as possible. But often when I am doing my tagging the mind just goes blank, I can never think of the words I really need, and whilst I appreciate I can go back and add at a later time I would ask your advice. How do you go about planning your tags to get a good coverage ? thanks in advance for any replies.
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