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  1. On 27/12/2020 at 07:56, Bryan said:

    Thanks for the spot Simon, appreciated !


    Cheers Sally and Iain !


    Sunday Times online 27th




    Vitalii Karas  Santiago, Chile - February, 2020:View of Plaza de Armas main city square of Santiago de Chile  Image ID: 2D9KXAE

    Terry Whittaker Wildlife   Mountain hare (Lepus timidus) in winter coat. Peak District, Derbyshire, UK - Image ID: C17P83

    david tipling  Puffin Fratercula artica with sand eels Inner Farne Island Farnes Northumberland UK July - Image ID: C8XYTK

    WILDLIFE GmbH Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), in flight in mountain habitat preparing to land on stump- Image ID: BF2GG8

    Helmut Corneli  Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), Socorro islands, Mexico - Image ID: MG3XFW

    Bill Allsopp Blakeney harbour as the tide flows in. - Image ID: HF9DG0

    David Chapman   Red Deer; Cervus elaphus; stag; autumn - Image ID: BWNME4

    Jean Mayet / Biosphoto Group of wintering Brent Geese (Branta bernicla) , Finistere, France - Image ID: 2D9768G

    White tailed sea eagle Mull ( allegedly) - can't find it




    Marina Spironetti A stall selling juices and milkshakes at Aarhus Street Food,  in Aarhus,Denmark. Aarhus Street Food market  - Image ID: K4KT03

    Jason Bryan   Groningen, The Netherlands - Image ID: EWKPFE

    Sina Ettmer  Prinzipal Market, Muenster, Germany - Image ID: R9XNA6 ? crop

    Neil Baker  Tulips national trust spring garden sissinghurst cranbrook kent vita sackville west in may - Image ID: 2B82TNH




    "bank of england" london flowers - can't find it




    Dan Grytsku   Sick young woman sitting on sofa blowing her nose at home in the sitting room - Image ID: J39WNP

    Mike Kemp  Caucasian woman hammering nail into wall - Image ID: CBTCY6

    Stephen Barnes  Belfast, 17 Mar 2016 - Chinese tourists wear green, white and yellow hats to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. - Image ID: HWBXBH

    Richard Wayman Leo's Tavern or Tábhairne Leo in Meenaleck, Crolly,  home of musicians Clannad, Enya and Moya Bre - Image ID: EHRK0Y

    assorted biscuits - can't find it




    Alex Salmond - can't find it




    Paul Heaton Sunny Summer view of the town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire showing the railway Viaduct, Nidd Gorge and River Nidd - Image ID: 2B80MJD

    Pixel Youth movement  Ampleforth Abbey - Image ID: EDEEFW

    Nick Moore  Helene Darroze, chef at the Michelin starred Connaught Hotel in London, one of the finest hotels in the City - Image ID: EG7EFF

    Marc Tielemans Collection of vintage board games, including Monopoly, Operation, Abandon Ship, Tank Battle, Escape from Colditz and Home You Go! - Image ID: KEMX65

    I have just noticed this spot Bryan. A rather belated thanks for that. It hasn't shown up on my sales report yet, but I guess the Times is generally quite slow in reporting.

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