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  1. Hello MDM, I took my pics to digitize to a specialized lab, the digitization was in high resolution. Many 35 mm, and some 120 mm from Hasselblad camera. Yes I marked public domain.
  2. Thanks to everybody !!! I have pictures scanned from slides, because pics was taken before that digital cameras appear. I just want to know from Alamy contributors how difficult can be to pass QC by Alamy. Thanks to everyone who explains their experiences. PS: sorry if I make some mistake, do the fact that english is not my native language.
  3. Thanks for support my question. geogphotos great work, congrats!!!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new in Alamy, and I want to make sure if I can upload scanned analog pictures. Can someone help me from some similar past experience ? Thanks in advance. Regards !
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