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  1. You have too few images with (imho) too many similars. That tends to be a major factor. Keep uploading constantly, vary your subjects and you will start to have sales.
  2. My CTR is low, around 0.4 this last trimester, but I've had a lot of sales of images that were zoomed long long time ago. I've also had sales of images that were not zoomed (at least that I realized).
  3. Best one this year in January, $290 Several $100-150 this year. Average sale price since day one $82.87 per image. These days most images go for between $30-$75, I haven't had almost any sales from Novel Use, one of the few got reversed!
  4. I have uploaded from one or two images to close to a hundred at once, it all depends. I try to upload images in a certain way that lets me keyword them in batches, sometimes I succeed and sometimes dont.
  5. It was an ecclectic mix, one from Philadelphia, one from Orlando Florida and the rest from Panama, one was a resale.
  6. Six sales (five on the last day of July), one distributor... Gross US$ 422.05... All sales were for 75.73 (strange number) and the distributor sale was for 43.30. Can't complain... And August has started well with one sale on the first day. The strangest thing is that only two of these sales were ever zoomed... at least in the last 8 months...
  7. Yep, just got one of those this week... After "distributor's commission" it was about $17. If at least we got micros volume it wouldn't hurt that much.
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