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  1. 9 hours ago, John Mitchell said:

    Welcome and good luck. Don't forgot to lighten up the shadows on your images. Some of them look a bit dark. Watch out for exposing noise, though.


     and noise is my  main issue. Some of those pictures are shot at iso 100 in a very bright area yet still have to use noise reducers on everything after editing. Could either be the camera lens, composition , or just maybe shadows?????? ( using a Nikon D 5600 ).


    Shadows ... are my personal issue, but I am getting better at it as my photos used to be darker ( and friends / family when critiquing also have said it )  .


    But overall , thank you so much for the welcome Ed and John :).

  2. I may be a bit new here , but I will put in my critique cause there are some things that caught my eye that are plain obvious.


    The first thing I notice is that there is no diversity. Its just the same couple of photos, but with a different filter. I would recommend taking pictures of different things, places , settings , etc so that you can get into multiple categories.  A more diverse portfolio means more traffic and more traffic could equal sales ( especially if its unique/ a photo no one has ever taken yet ).


    The second thing I notice ... be very careful with model releases . I noticed that some have them and some don't ,and the  models are identifiable. I would recommend keeping up with the releases cause it could cause legal issues down the road.


    Other than that, I agree with everyone else. They are nice pictures , but I definitely think they wont make much sales. Thinking from an editorial/ comercial point of view, I would not know what these images could be used  for in terms of selling a product or being used as a way to help tell a story in an article ( unless its for that specific person ).


  3. Hello to the people of Alamy . I am a person from New Jersey who is trying my best to get some stuff out here and there.  I do not have that much money ( furloughed due to the pandemic ) and try to put in as much effort as possible on specific keywords. Hope I find some success here and I hope to grow in the field of photography someday .

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