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  1. A bit late for this month , but I did get a sale in the month of February . and its my first too which I am super happy about 😁 . PU ad
  2. I passed by this mural telling people to wear a mask while the individuals below it were sadly not. I did not know if the words were actually apart of it or just plain graffiti tho
  3. and noise is my main issue. Some of those pictures are shot at iso 100 in a very bright area yet still have to use noise reducers on everything after editing. Could either be the camera lens, composition , or just maybe shadows?????? ( using a Nikon D 5600 ). Shadows ... are my personal issue, but I am getting better at it as my photos used to be darker ( and friends / family when critiquing also have said it ) . But overall , thank you so much for the welcome Ed and John :).
  4. One photo I took at Halloween time . I thought it was super creative and basically helps spread the message of wearing a mask and to social distance.
  5. I may be a bit new here , but I will put in my critique cause there are some things that caught my eye that are plain obvious. The first thing I notice is that there is no diversity. Its just the same couple of photos, but with a different filter. I would recommend taking pictures of different things, places , settings , etc so that you can get into multiple categories. A more diverse portfolio means more traffic and more traffic could equal sales ( especially if its unique/ a photo no one has ever taken yet ). The second thing I notice ... be very careful with model r
  6. Hello to the people of Alamy . I am a person from New Jersey who is trying my best to get some stuff out here and there. I do not have that much money ( furloughed due to the pandemic ) and try to put in as much effort as possible on specific keywords. Hope I find some success here and I hope to grow in the field of photography someday .
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