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  1. Great stuff, good on yer - exactly what this thread is for. It's news like this that keeps everyone going.
  2. Great to hear - exactly what this thread is for. Gives everyone a boost. Nice one!
  3. Positivity is the name of the game here Marianne, so great news - long may it continue.
  4. Only the two sales, but at both ends of the scale for $4 & $225 - ying and yang in action.
  5. $225 RF popped in today after a very long dry spell. Completely random pic - never zoomed.
  6. Congratulations - a great feeling, I remember it well. First of many I hope. The thing about Alamy is that the excitement from a sale is totally out of proportion to the financial reward - but that's just the way it is. I seem to get more excited by an Alamy sale than a commercial commission that pays 30 times that.
  7. Sprint finish in Stratford-upon Avon of the Aviva Women's Cycle Tour Warwickshire stage.
  8. Great stuff Philippe - I think news of sales like this gives everyone a boost.
  9. Congratulations!! First of many I hope - It's a great feeling.
  10. I agree, we all respond better to positive messages. From my point of view, I've bobbed along without much action (or uploads for that matter) for a couple of years but a few weeks ago I had image sales of $450 and $300 on consecutive days! One RM and one RF. Unbelievable. I'm well aware that this is an anomaly and I'm most likely to return to dribs and drabs of $30 images here and there, but it has proved to be a real boost and motivated me to shoot and upload more. I think I have realistic expectations from Alamy, I regard sales as a bonus to regular income - as most people here probably
  11. Update to my original post. The original Guardian sale was refunded and two separate sales for almost half the original appeared. So they must have an agreement that allows them to use an image additionally on another story at a reduced rate. The total of the two separate sales is only marginally more than the original single sale.
  12. Sorry if i've missed this elsewhere, but I've had an education image used by the Guardian in November. It's popped up again in another different education story again on the Guardian last week - Am I right to assume this is a separate sale as it's a rights managed image?
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