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  1. This man cycled into the covid surge testing centre and was refused entry to the do it yourself in your car lane (which was empty!) and directed to the rather long pedestrian queue. Seemed a bit ridiculous. Not sold, although two others have from that morning’s trip to the testing centre have which is nice.
  2. Just as I was thinking of buying one myself!! Hope it gets sorted!
  3. High $$ Country: Worldwide; Usage: Editorial; Media: Editorial website; Industry sector: Media, design & publishing; Image Size: Any size; Start: 19 April 2021; End: 19 April 2026
  4. Thought I’d mention experience at the weekend where I happened to be right next to a “suspicious” car when the area being locked down and evacuated for possible bomb. Took photos, phoned the news desk to let them know what I was uploading was an ongoing possible bomb alert and they appreciated this and “pushed” it out. That being said, only made three sales from what I can see..... royal funeral coverage and everything!
  5. Yea I saw the cycling one and thought so too. I think cycling can be a great sport for photography....with a high frame rate!!
  6. Nigerian protest anger Territorial goose anger A bit of peace
  7. Ah so it’s what they say on paper but in reality they’ll do refunds beyond that
  8. Why / how do customers cancel months later? Alamy t&c’s say 14days cancellation policy?
  9. Myanmar's ambassador Kyaw Zwar Minn was locked out of the country's embassy in London (Alamy) https://www.politicshome.com/news/article/dominic-raab-condemns-bullying-myanmarmilitary-regime-after-kicking-their-london-ambassador-out-of-embassy From Friday everyone in England will be offered two rapid Covid tests to use at home (Alamy) https://www.politicshome.com/news/article/government-is-hiring-4k-a-week-consultant-to-normalise-testing-as-part-of-everyday-life Pubs can start serving customers again from 12 April but more than half will not be able to r
  10. I've looked into this quite a bit as I was at one point learning to fly a plane... alas no more... and it is almost the next best thing and combined with photography..! It does seem the DJI Mini 2 is the way to go in terms of avoiding a lot of the restrictions due to it weighing less and thus not needing to meet the strict requirements. I don't think though that DJI Mini 2 would take photos of a quality that would pass QC... although I suppose if you were taking news photos it might work. The bigger and more expensive DJI Pro 2 has a 1 inch sensor which shou
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