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  1. I must admit when i read 7000 images and sold 10 a year it rather put me off.
  2. Hi Nick. Small world eh, I recognized your name as my partners friend has been on a workshop with you and i have looked over your images before. Some good stuff there. Thank you for the input.
  3. I have taken in to account all the advice handed to me and i have also been doing other research. Photographs with people in them seem to be a good option for me as i do a lot of engineering inspection too and get in to some very good locations around the country. Some of the images i have just recently uploaded are similar i agree, especially the giraffes maybe i should delete some, The tigers i thought were ok as they do show different stages of him eating. I do have thousands of images on my pc but a lot have been taken with a different approach to stock, ie they were intended to sell as p
  4. Well i am overwhelmed with the responses and i am very very grateful for all your input. I will take all your advice on board and get uploading images from tonight. And what David Kilpatrick said i will also take into consideration. I have been uploading content that was intended for printing and selling as my dream would be to have a gallery one day in the city of York, So this would be the reason for the tight cropping. So therefore i am going to have to think out of the box for stock photography Gervais I use a Canon 5D and 7D with 17-40, 24-70 and 24-105 lenses . I did start with a
  5. I guess this has been asked many many times. Am i doing something wrong or are my images just not up to scratch. I have been uploading images on and off for what must be a couple of years now. Not sure when i joined though. I still want to keep uploading images in the hope that i get a sale eventually but its a bit disappointing when i have had no sales in all this time. Should i be looking at having thousands of images available ,Should i be filling in the "main keywords" "comprehensive keywords" as well as the "essential keywords sections. Should i be filling in a description, location and
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