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  1. I must admit when i read 7000 images and sold 10 a year it rather put me off.
  2. Hi Nick. Small world eh, I recognized your name as my partners friend has been on a workshop with you and i have looked over your images before. Some good stuff there. Thank you for the input.
  3. I have taken in to account all the advice handed to me and i have also been doing other research. Photographs with people in them seem to be a good option for me as i do a lot of engineering inspection too and get in to some very good locations around the country. Some of the images i have just recently uploaded are similar i agree, especially the giraffes maybe i should delete some, The tigers i thought were ok as they do show different stages of him eating. I do have thousands of images on my pc but a lot have been taken with a different approach to stock, ie they were intended to sell as prints eventually and some have been successful for me. I am learning slowly about stock and i am pursuing my first sale and hopefully in time a steady flow of sales.
  4. Well i am overwhelmed with the responses and i am very very grateful for all your input. I will take all your advice on board and get uploading images from tonight. And what David Kilpatrick said i will also take into consideration. I have been uploading content that was intended for printing and selling as my dream would be to have a gallery one day in the city of York, So this would be the reason for the tight cropping. So therefore i am going to have to think out of the box for stock photography Gervais I use a Canon 5D and 7D with 17-40, 24-70 and 24-105 lenses . I did start with an 1100d but soon i found i needed more quality equipment and the full frame too for landscapes which is what i love to do but my interest in photography does not just sit with landscape. I have just invested in a quality PC in the last couple of months as all my processing was done on a laptop so took an age to do and that's why i lost patience and did not upload that many images. Now i have the tools and just short of 30000 images just imported to lightroom its time to get them ready for alamy. Thank you for your time and thank you for your kind comments on my images.
  5. I guess this has been asked many many times. Am i doing something wrong or are my images just not up to scratch. I have been uploading images on and off for what must be a couple of years now. Not sure when i joined though. I still want to keep uploading images in the hope that i get a sale eventually but its a bit disappointing when i have had no sales in all this time. Should i be looking at having thousands of images available ,Should i be filling in the "main keywords" "comprehensive keywords" as well as the "essential keywords sections. Should i be filling in a description, location and date. I would really really appreciate a few pointers to help me create my first sale on alamy.
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