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  1. I was about to write the same reply. I correct every time possible but it's not always possible. In other circumstances I do it on purpose, to try to be a bit more creative in order to show - for example - how imposing a palace is by using perspective.
  2. Thank you Geoff. I couldn't be more distant from any thought of giving up!
  3. Thank you so much Steve for taking your time to review my portfolio and for your precious advice too! It had never happened before in such a thorough way and I feel honored. Yes, when my main job leaves me some free time to make "studio" shootings, I try to experiment as much as I can. As regards vacuum cleaners, those with the persian carpet are selling well, even without having people in them (on other agencies, not here). But you are totally right about including at least some body parts. What totally puzzled me was your comment about the building shot from its base: i
  4. Thank you Ed. I like signs too and I'll follow your advice!
  5. I never did. It only looked strange to me that my sales suddenly stopped. Thank you for sharing the performance of your portfolio on Alamy; it's always very useful to know.
  6. I hadn't focussed on this as a possible reason. You might have a point.
  7. Hello everybody! I've been on Alamy since March 2018 and I have made 6-7 decent sales a year in the first two years, so these were my expectations about the potential of my portfolio. The problem is that this year my latest sale dates back to the beginning of April and then I've not seen a single sale in more than 7 months! The numbers of zooms hasn't changed significantly over the last year (just a very slight decrease). So I'm beginning to think that there might be some kind of issue, because this complete lack of sales over so long a period seems too strange to me. What do you s
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