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  1. That's what has kept me hooked on photography since I was a teenager. I can look at a photo I took 40 years ago and remember the feeling the prompted me to take it in the first place. Alan
  2. Damn! If I'd been able to make it I'd have been wearing red. Alan
  3. Brexit will provide great photo opportunities. Empty shelves, queues for bread, ration cards, army on the streets. Mind you, licence prices will fall through the floor. Oh... they already have. Alan
  4. The problem with heat haze, which is what I was worried about, is that it shows as distortion rather than noise. Alan
  5. Well it passed. I think it was probably Mark's suggestion to downsize that tipped the balance. Alan
  6. I'm afraid I won't be able to join you on Saturday. I'm spending too much time this week on NHS premises (nothing serious - yet) and I need to take it easy for a few days. I'm disappointed because I was looking forward to meeting everyone. Next time you're over here, Lisa, come to Yorkshire! Alan
  7. Yes, I fully intend to. I've had an awful lot on my plate recently and still haven't got round to submitting. Alan
  8. Yes it may be frustrating, but it's a straightforward legal issue. If you submit images to Alamy you have certified that the copyright in your images belongs entirely to you. If you use someone else's work then you are in breach of your contract with Alamy. Alan
  9. Luckily for me I remember exactly when I stopped submitting to other agencies (7 years ago) so I simply marked everything I've uploaded to Alamy since then as exclusive and left everything else as it was. I could spend hours going through them and picking out the exclusive ones but I really can't be bothered. Alan
  10. Oooh... politics, Pam.... <whisper>but I agree with you</whisper> Alan
  11. If I take photos that feature people prominently I usually give them my card and ask them to email me if they would like to see the pics. No-one ever has done. So I wouldn't feel too bad about your compliance record. Alan
  12. I'm not sure why you think you're unpopular Chuck. You are The Original One, after all. Alan
  13. I always ask myself this question: could I have taken the same shot at another time without the objects that spoil it? If the answer is yes, e.g. birds, bits of rubbish, traffic cones, blurred people in the background, then it's fair game. If not then it's usually digital manipulation. In the case of a lamp post I would submit the pic as is, but I would also strive to find an angle or a detail without the lamp post. Alan
  14. I'm using LR6 so I didn't know about the dehazer. I've just looked it up and someone has done a preset for LR6 which replicates it. However, I get the impression that it's designed to make a hazy image crisper and not to remove the effect of heat haze, which is the slight rippled effect it gives to distant objects. Alan
  15. Hasn't gone through yet. I was waiting for permission to use some photos that were taken on someone else's premises before submitting the batch. There are objects in the foreground of mine but I don't think there's an issue in the case of yours because the train is obviously the main focus of the picture, whereas in mine it's the building in the distance, and the foreground is peripheral. Anyway, we will see when it finally gets submitted. Alan
  16. Personally I'd stick with the rhubarb crumble. I love rhubarb. In fact I was planning to make one this week but the rhubarb was too expensive. Alan
  17. Looks like tiramasu to me. Did it taste of coffee? Alan
  18. Is this date now set in stone? I will have to book a train ticket so I need to know that it won't change. Alan
  19. I didn't even get a reply from my old school to a request to license photos of their buildings. So much for their desire to maintain a strong old boys' network. Alan
  20. I regularly stay in Premier Inns. No idea if there's one in Liverpool but I'd be amazed if there wasn't. I've never noticed any wifi limit and I often spend quite a lot of time online. Alan
  21. And an occasional photo licence pales into insignificance compared with most credit card fraud. Someone once tried to spend £14k on my card. Luckily the bank recognised it as likely to be fraudulent. Alan
  22. I've given another vote for Other as in "Anywhere". The great thing about London is that there are photographs everywhere. Alan
  23. I don't know. I have all my photos online elsewhere and just use it from my own site, where it works without any problems. Alan
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