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  1. I had an entire 1st class carriage to myself all the way from Leeds to London once. It never occurred to me to photograph it ☹️ Alan
  2. My three this week were all landscape format. Back cover, front cover and inside. Alan
  3. Ha! Just found the file where I recorded my Alamywhacks. I've got six, all perfectly feasible search terms. I can give you one of them, because it doesn't exist any more so it can't be replicated: rödingen windmill. Alan
  4. To be really meaningful as an Alamywhack, it should surely be a possible 2-word search rather than an unlikely random one? I used to have a meaningful one but I can't remember what it was and it was back in the days when Alamy only had a handful of millions so it probably won't be there any more. Alan
  5. Three book sales this morning that were so good they've raised my average price for the entire year by 26%. The Alamy feel-good factor is still alive and kicking. Alan
  6. I was only answering the specific question about how to convert TIFF to JPEG. Editing is another matter entirely and given what Paul has told us, I think it would be beyond his level of expertise just now, without some further study as suggested by others. Alan
  7. All you need to do is load the TIFF into a photo editor and save it out again as a JPEG. Nothing more than that. I would think any photo editor, including free ones, will do that. The options for saving will include a quality setting. As long as you choose high quality you can't go wrong. Alan
  8. When I joined Alamy I bought a Coolscan 5000 with plans to scan my 30,000 or so (maybe 15,000 saleable). In the end I managed to find just 420 good enough for Alamy. I don't regret buying the scanner because it was when they were affordable and I didn't have any decent digital copies of any of my images, but it was certainly a shock to find that they wouldn't cut the mustard, including many that had sold over the years. The archival route wasn't available then, so if I can ever be bothered I may have a go at that one day. Alan
  9. The vast majority of my slides taken before 1996 turned out to be less than sharp, much to my chagrin. I imagine it's a total coincidence that 1996 was the year I bought my first camera with auto-focus... Alan
  10. I forgot about the clocks until I read your post at 6.30 so thanks for the reminder! Luckily it's not a big deal as I'm a hotel with time to kill this morning and when I'm away I wake up when my body tells me to. A friend of mine forgets every year and can't understand why the shops aren't open when she walks down to the village for her Sunday paper. Alan
  11. Yes, and Pretty Pictures didn't show up to set a theme so I actually set the theme of Togetherness for the next one as my pic came second. Alan
  12. That's exactly what I thought too. Alan
  13. That's so interesting Betty, because it's exactly the opposite for me! Although I love music (more than visual art) and 'feel' a piece of music in my soul, when I hear something from the past it reminds me of what I was doing at the time, whereas a photograph reminds me of what I was feeling. Alan
  14. It's actually in our interest to help less experienced stock photographers because the better the overall quality of pics on Alamy, the more customers will come, and stay. But help is not just about saying kind words, it's about giving an honest appraisal. Some newcomers need to understand that although we are not all professional photographers, this is a professional marketplace, not a camera club, and if you want to make a success in a professional space it pays to listen to the advice given, in good faith, by more experienced contributors. Alan
  15. Just one more thing to say and then I'm off. Your photo of the red fishing boat that Steve highlighted: firstly, I can't see that it's red at all on my screen. Secondly, below is the histogram for that photo. If that's not underexposed I don't know what is! Alan
  16. Well I hope you'll trust what I have to say Bridget. Some of your pics, including the two that Steve highlighted, look seriously underexposed. On the other hand, many of them are just fine (although you should take on board Kumar's point about dull lighting). So what I don't understand is this: if the underexposed ones look fine on your monitor, surely the correctly exposed ones will look horribly washed out? If you take a look at the portfolios of other posters in this thread, you will see lots and lots of perfectly exposed photos, with a full dynamic range and bristling with life
  17. Ah! This explains why there's never anyone behind me when I go in to buy a stamp! Alan
  18. Although strictly speaking those are setts, not cobblestones. Alan
  19. That sounds interesting. Unfortunately although I'll probably be in London that day, I'll be tied up (not literally) elsewhere all day. Alan
  20. Some very nice pictures. You've certainly got some saleable material there. Pay a little attention to some of your captions. Most of them are good but for example T39P6R caught my eye. I thought "What a beautiful image - I want to know where it is" but sadly the caption doesn't tell me. Captions are very important. A busy picture researcher won't necessarily bother to zoom the image to find missing details. Alan
  21. Isn't it running 10 Downing Street? Oh no, that's the Rottweiler. Alan
  22. This is absolutely my approach. And I've never been queried or confronted. All these pics were total strangers, candids, no permission sought nor denied, no questions asked. Alan
  23. I will probably be in London last weekend in October if anyone wants to arrange something. Alan
  24. My Mk2 has suffered badly from oil spots for years. I had a really good clean done a few years ago by an experienced guy at Dale Photographic in Leeds which removed them for a little while but they soon came back. I've just learned to live with them. On clear blue skies they're easy to clone out, on most other backgrounds they aren't noticeable. Alan
  25. I started on the road to stock in 1977 when I submitted a few pics to Barnabys Picture Library. At the time I was only a hobbyist so wasn't really taking it seriously, but after joining J Allan Cash in 1980 I quickly learned that stock was not about pretty or arty pictures but about useful pictures. At the time I was living in Germany so I was able to supply them with a steady stream of contemporary images from Europe. I stayed with them until they went out of business around 2000. I was put off joining Alamy for a long time because of all the letters in the BFP newsletter saying how difficult
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