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  1. Yeah, the first one feels great. The second one feels even better! Alan
  2. Britain got rid of all its trams many years ago - in the 1950s I think. Then in the 90s, when everywhere else was removing them or putting them underground because they interfered too much with traffic, someone had the bright idea of bringing them back. Perhaps that person had the foresight to realise that road traffic in city centres had outlived its usefulness. As a result several towns and cities in Britain now have street trams (never likely to happen in London because of the cost) and they are very successful. Manchester now feels like a proper European city with trams running round the c
  3. I would endorse that. I have scanned most of my old trannies five times now, each time with better results than the last as I get more experienced, not only with the scanning but with the post-processing. Alan
  4. I use a Coolscan 5000 on Windows 7 with Vuescan and it's absolutely fine. It connects via USB so no need to worry about expansion cards. Alan
  5. No, only esskeys used to be public. A few years ago esskeys were hidden and the main keys were visible. Alan
  6. Is this what is called a sh!te picture Oi, that's well out of ordure! Alan
  7. It's fashionable computer-speak for "next generation", as in Web 2.0 etc. Alan
  8. If you really want to capture the Zeitgeist you should perhaps call it f2.0. Which also actually means something to a photographer. Alan
  9. I've also tried object photography on a tight budget. I started with a light tent some while ago but abandoned it almost immediately. I found that (a) not enough light got through the tent and (b ) it was impossible to get a smooth backdrop without wrinkles and folds. I bought an inexpensive light table with a smooth translucent plastic base and find that much better. I can't justify the expense of flash either so I use continuous lighting units, one of which is behind and slightly under the table to light the background (which at the moment is only satisfactory for small objects as it doesn't
  10. Just forget about the file size. It's not really relevant at all in this situation. All you need to know is the width and height of the image in pixels. The image size is not quite width x height x 3 because a megabyte is 1024 bytes, not 1000. So the calculation is width x height x 3 / 1.05 or thereabouts - just make it a bit bigger than that to be on the safe side. Alan
  11. It's not really confusing. The image size is measured in pixels and is fixed because the image content consists of pixels. The file size is measured in bytes and can be any size depending on whether it's compressed or not. It's just like a book - the number of words in the text is fixed but the book can be any size depending on the font used. Soft or Lacking Definition. Common reason for failing QC. Alan
  12. I know exactly how you feel. I failed last week for the first time in 5 years and I felt utterly gutted (bot not "literally gutted", as some people would say). I was so enjoying watching the green lines pile on top of each other page after page that my immediate thought was "This is the end of my Alamy career. I can no longer face the world". 24 hours later I went through the five upload batches that were still in my waiting room and pulled about 20% that were borderline, and I'm now accumulating green lines again. So I guess we all start to get a sense of false security over time and the
  13. Not only that, but because the shot is taken looking upwards at quite a significant angle, IMO it would look totally wrong if it didn't have converging verticals. Alan
  14. Bill, I have had two Canon 24-105 lenses and both were just not acceptable to me. I tell people this and I get criticized for it...I'm glad I'm not the only one that dislikes that lens. The 24-105 is certainly not the best lens ever made. I presume by "corner problem" you mean the harsh vignetting at the wide end. It also suffers badly from CA at both extremes of the range, and a degree of pincushion distortion too. But all three of of these can be cured with one click of a button by applying the lens profile in Lightroom. For me, its value as an all-purpose walkabout lens far out
  15. I would have thought that any sensible newspaper would have some kind of disclaimer for crowd-sourced photographs which puts the onus for accuracy on the photographer. And how many of those happy snappers will even think to read the disclaimer? So what's going to be really interesting is when over-enthusiastic crowd-sourcers start finding themselves on the end of expensive lawsuits after submitting photos that distort the truth. That will really put the legal cat among the wannabe pigeons. Alan
  16. Yes, it seems to be the general opinion on various forums that it's safe enough. I think I may take a chance and give it a try. My 5D2 is over 4 years old now so if I fry it I might be able to convince myself that I was due for a change! Alan
  17. I hadn't come across this before. As a photographer and a software engineer the developer tools and API look particularly interesting for me. I don't like this bit though: "remember that this software can damage or destroy your camera" Alan
  18. And in the case of an unsatisfactory transaction the bitterness and recrimination could easily spill out onto the other forums. Which is why Alamy will never do it. I'm quite happy to stick with the anonymity of eBay. I see your point, but I'm not 100% sure that this would be the case. Most regular forum members seem like trustworthy types to me, eager to help and sincere. If something went wrong or the goods weren't satisfactory, I'm sure most would do the right thing. But then, as you say, Alamy probably would never go for an idea like this anyway. Definitely wouldn't blame them.
  19. And in the case of an unsatisfactory transaction the bitterness and recrimination could easily spill out onto the other forums. Which is why Alamy will never do it. I'm quite happy to stick with the anonymity of eBay. Alan
  20. I've sold quite a bit of photo gear on eBay over the years. I usually put a reserve on it which is the absolute lowest price I would be prepared to accept, but it always goes for quite a bit more than the reserve (which is why I don't bother with Buy It Now). I have to say, though, that my equipment is always in mint condition as I look after it carefully. No-one has ever complained or failed to give positive feedback. I've only been inconvenienced by a time-waster once, and I could have avoided that if I'd spotted soon enough that he had only just changed his username, and rejected his bi
  21. This is true. I suspect it's a natural by-product of the search algorithm rather than a deliberate design feature, but it does raise some interesting thoughts. For example, if you have a shopping centre in a city centre, do you keyword "shopping centre city centre" to make sure of catching either phrase? Do you keyword it "shopping centre city centre shopping center city center" to catch international searches? And what if there's a leisure centre inside the shopping centre? Or do you look at AoA and see that in the last 30 days, out of 5441 pages of searches, only 18 pages included quotat
  22. Three oldies from me: Ailsa Craig from Girvan beach: Kings Canyon, California: Railway lines, Warrington: Alan
  23. However, if you have the only photo of a unicorn in the USA and someone searches for "unicorn usa" your photo will not be found. Personally I would much prefer it if Alamy spent their time implementing some of the things they promised years ago, such as keyword phrases in quotes, which would actually be useful. Alan
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