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  1. If the shutter is jamming, is it possible that it just needs a good clean? The 5D2 is known for oil spots on the sensor so could some possibly have leaked into the shutter mechanism? When I had my 5D2 cleaned a few years ago it was like a new camera afterwards (though I didn't have the problems you describe). Alan
  2. Yep, that's me to a tee. My travel photo blog lasted two posts in 2009, my more general blog five posts in 2013-14. I even made it easier to do by writing the blog code myself so that I could compose the posts at my leisure on my desktop and just email them to the site, but that didn't help. Alan
  3. I feel just the same as I have for the last 50 years: someone who enjoys taking photographs. Alan
  4. No, because it's about Alamy searches which may well include names of places and people that are not in the dictionary. Alan
  5. Hmm... interesting! I have two computers running W10 (well, three actually but I rarely use the laptop so can't really use that as a comparison). The one that was installed fresh on a new computer seems to have no problems, while the one that was upgraded from W7 often causes me grief. The grief always occurs after I've left the computer for some time (q.v. Bryan's comment above). Sometimes it appears to go dead, much as Bryan described, and has to be rebooted, other times the display is totally messed up in one of a number of different ways. However, since the two computers share a monitor through a KVM I've always assumed that the problem is down to it not picking up the correct signals when switched, and therefore is more likely to be a quirk of the KVM or the computer graphics system rather than the OS. What you've just said, though, is making me wonder. Alan
  6. Do it while you can. I've never asked for a Margarita in a British pub but I can't imagine that you wouldn't find one. I prefer Tequila Sunrise myself. Alan
  7. This would be a perfect topic for the "Irony" competition currrently running in this forum. Alan
  8. I would say it's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but I can't be 100% certain. Alan
  9. I might go as I haven't been for a few years. But it could depend on the weather. I won't fancy a long drive if it's inclement. Alan
  10. I don't normally bother posting to this thread, because... well, a sale is a sale is a sale. But we've had quite a few people asking on the forum lately about submitting scanned slides, and my first sale of 2020 is a scan from 1998. Not only that, but the fee was higher than my average for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Alan
  11. Villages are less likely to have train stations these days Edo. I'd be happy to say hello over a coffee if you're in Leeds. Alan
  12. Yes it is. This is one of the main reasons why I use Pro, because I have metered bandwidth during daytime hours and a big W10 update could wipe out a significant chunk of my monthly limit. So I do updates after 6 or at weekends. I also wait a few months before applying every major update to allow any nasties to be ironed out. I have two computers running W10 so I can stagger the upgrades and make sure everything is OK on one before committing the other. I also have a laptop that a friend gave me (never look a gift horse in the mouth!) which runs Home and I can only use that out of hours because it's forever downloading updates. Alan
  13. Years ago I user to make the most delicious wine. Plum, blackberry, elderberry and my absolute favourite redcurrant. I was very meticulous about the process from beginning to end so I never had any disasters and it was always highly drinkable. I just don't have the time nowadays and my house is a building site so there aren't really any ideal places in which to keep wine while it ferments. Alan
  14. I've been lucky to have lived in two great wine-growing regions. In Cologne in the 1980s there was an annual wine festival where I sampled everything that was going. By the time we returned to the UK my wife and I had assembled a good collection of the finest wines from the Rheinland to enjoy back home. And 20 years ago in California I had access to many wines that you won't find in Britain. My favourite was a vineyard called Bogle. My currrent favourite for everyday drinking (or in my case everyfortnight drinking) is Phantom River Malbec, a Californian that at £5 from Sainsburys is a steal. Alan
  15. My photography drive is already using well over 1TB. Alan
  16. Since time immemorial I have had more than one disc in every PC I've used. I normally have one smallish disc for the OS and applications, and one or more much larger discs for data. Last year I added a new PC to my line-up which for the first time was an up-to-date model, built around a Ryzen processor - in the past I have always been behind the curve because it was so much cheaper to buy yesteryear's technology. The reason for the change was my recently-acquired enthusiasm for video and music production and I needed a fast modern computer on which to do all my creative work while keeping the old ones for more mundane tasks. It was recommended that I have an SSD for my OS/application drive (I didn't need much persuading) which is actually 500GB but is less than half full, and I added a 3TB hard drive for data. As well as the OS and all my applications the SSD has nearly 100GB of music samples but the disc still has less than 200GB on it so if you're not doing the same intensive work that I'm doing 240GB should be enough. I would imagine that it would be easy enough for you to add another drive - I can't imagine any PC not having that capability (though of course I might be wrong). Alan
  17. Is this perhaps a sign that Alamy are now using software for QC rather than humans (at least for contributors with a high rating)? Alan
  18. My experience this year has been somewhat different. Like you, I have sold exactly the same number as last year (after a steady year-on-year increase since 2012). But my total income is 77% higher than last year, in fact higher than any other year apart from 2015 which was boosted by a $$$$ sale. Alan
  19. Quantity can be good but two much more important words are quality and variety. A million uninteresting, poorly exposed images with a lack of variety will do no favours to anyone. As for making money, it's very unlikely that you'll earn a living from stock but if you get the balance of your portfolio right you should be able to pay for your vacations and a few luxuries. Alan
  20. It's not an easy question to answer. Back in those days you couldn't easily view images at a large size (other than projecting on to a screen which lost a lot of detail anyway) so both photographers and publishers had to rely on lightboxes to judge whether a slide was of sufficient quality for the desired purpose. I'm sure that camera shake played a part because there was no IS back then, but I think in my case it was probably mostly down to my preferred technique which was to use shutter priority to avoid shake and just let the aperture take care of itself. This often resulted (especially with K25) in the aperture being wide open a lot of the time, which meant not only that the lens was not performing at its best but also that focus (which was of course manual in those days) was critical. I don't think it was an issue with the glass because I used good lenses (Canon 28, Canon 50 macro, Tamron SP 70-210). Because I could never see the images at a high resolution (and because they were quite acceptable to photo libraries) I was blissfully unaware of the shortcomings of my method until I started scanning them. I've had a decent number of Ektachromes and a smaller number of Kodachromes accepted by Alamy so I don't think it's anything to do with digital v. film. Alan Edit: It may be relevant to the above that nearly all the Ektachromes that have passed QC were taken after I got my first auto-focus camera.
  21. Just a couple of final points in response to Michael's comments. I don't know if they're of historical value but they're sitting there doing nothing. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of slices of life across Europe in the 70s and 80s. And I already have a Coolscan 5000 and a well-established scanning workflow, including a scanner profile for Kodachrome which is quite important since the vast majority are Kodachrome. Alan
  22. Unfortunately ICE doesn't work on Kodachrome (unless you have a Coolscan 9000 which I don't and can't afford a mortgage to get one). and most of my older slides are K64. Luckily the vast majority of the sharper ones were on Ektachrome so I was able to scan those with light ICE and upload them without further ado. Alan
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