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  1. And wannabes. Campervan has a ring of ordinariness to it so some people would refer to anything with four wheels and a bed as a motorhome. The same kind of people who would wear a captain's hat on a hired narrowboat. Alan
  2. I agree with everything you've said about him and his style. But I still hate Arsenal. Alan
  3. I always understood that there was no more visceral hatred than that of a Spurs fan for Arsenal. Alan
  4. Motorhome is the more up-market term. Alan
  5. I suspect that the regularity of submissions plays an important part too. I have over 4000 images and no failure since 2014 but I'm firmly stuck on three stars. I've assumed this is because for the last 3 years or so other things have taken priority so I only upload sporadically. Alan
  6. In what context? We each have a profile on this forum - is that what you mean? Alan
  7. Sorry, but this doesn't make sense to me. If the contributor has been paid (however long ago) then this means that the funds have already been cleared. Alan
  8. Oh! I've obviously been around too long because I didn't realise/had forgotten that first posts had to be approved! Alan
  9. You appear to have 79 images on sale Sue, so you must have gone through your approval process some days ago, surely? Alan
  10. After a relatively quiet year I had a sudden flurry of above-average sales in the second half of July. The majority of them were quirky subjects - exactly the kind of thing I shoot specifically with Alamy in mind. Alan
  11. I bought my car just before lockdown. I've barely used it and there's no way I could remember the number. Alan
  12. As a well-known song from Not The Nine O'Clock News might have said: At the sink you must be brave and tireless, At the sink you can listen to the wireless Alan
  13. Hmm..., have they thought about the business they will lose from people like me who may well refuse to shop anywhere that allows people in without masks? Alan
  14. I can see it too. Alan
  15. Point your browser at the page with the image. Copy the image (e.g. right-click->Copy Image in Chrome), then paste it into your message here. Alan
  16. Especially in Kirklees. Alan
  17. Yes, I realised that. But if you get camera lens vignetting as well, the two may overlap, which is what I meant about getting evenness across the frame when you try to adjust for it. Too early to say yet. Up until now I've only been getting partial slides in the frame so I can't tell whether there would be vignetting from the diffuser. When I've got myself fully set up with the ND filter and slide mount I'll report back. Alan
  18. Yes, funnily enough I found something similar myself after I'd posted. I'd decided by then that the Illumitran was probably a waste of time because I couldn't mange to get much more than half a 6x6 with either the 50mm or 75mm enlarging lenses, so I decided to abandon the idea and put it back in its cupboard. But then I had a sudden flash of inspiration. I took off the bellows, found a threaded screw that fitted the camera's tripod mounting through the screwhole that held the bellows, dug out my old Canon FD 50mm macro lens plus the FD->EOS adapter, and hey presto I had a perfect copy stand for 6x6. I just have to make up a slide mount to cut out any extraneous light from the flash and I'm in business. Vignetting can be removed in Lightroom, yes, but I found that if there was any vignetting from the camera lens as well it could be quite tricky to get evenness of lighting across the whole tranny. Alan
  19. That would mean I have to find the time to take a small batch of photos every week! Alan
  20. That makes sense to me. I've only had one failure in 10 years (six years ago) but I'm still only triple starred. I put that down to the fact that I haven't been uploading very regularly for the last couple of years. Alan
  21. Thanks for this. Yes, I assumed it would be for 35mm only but I was hoping it might give me some ideas, which I think it has. Alan
  22. Would you care to post a photo of the setup? I've been using lockdown to finally attack my 6x6 collection. I've played around with the Illumitran but the flash is too bright without an ND filter, and as I don't have much of a budget I don't want to buy filters that will only be used for maybe a hundred or so scans and then be of no use. I tried using the Illumitran focusing light which actually gives good results qualitywise, but also some serious vignetting. So I got out my bellows and found I could get a decent scan using a 50mm enlarging lens - not the whole slide but enough to get a good 3:2 image from most of them. But the slide holder was designed for holding a 35mm mount and the pins that hold the clips are not spaced far enough apart to allow for a 6x6 between them. So I would be interested to see your slide holder in case it gives me ideas on how I might construct my own. Alan
  23. Good to see the old Consul Classic in Great Dunmow. I had one of those in the 70s. Played a significant part in my development as an international traveller. Alan
  24. Because: 1. If you do it, others will think it's OK for them to do it, and if one of them is infected someone could die. 2. If you break down, have an accident, skid off the road or encounter any other mishap that prevents an emergency vehicle from getting through, someone could die. 3. If, following (1) above, too many others follow your example and cause congestion, thus preventing an emergency vehicle from getting through, someone could die. It's totally selfish, and in these extraordinary times the last thing we need is selfishness. Incidentally, if the coast was only 2 miles from my home I would be walking there every day! Alan
  25. Apologies for this totally shameless piece of self-promotion but I think "The Silent Scream" is probably how a lot of people are reacting right now. The Silent Scream Alan
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