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  1. Thanks for that suggestion Mark. It's certainly improved the quality and it might just do the trick. I'm going to risk it anyway. It's only pride that makes me want to protect my QC record. Alan
  2. I have a bit of Javascript in my bookmarks which I think was posted on this forum a long time ago. Basically it does a Google search on any image on the current page. javascript:void((function(){var%20sir=document.createElement('script');sir.setAttribute('src','http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/require.js/0.26.0/require.min.js');sir.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(sir);var%20sib=document.createElement('script');sib.setAttribute('src','http://jarred.github.com/src-img/js/app/bookmarklet.js?version=0.57');sib.setAttribut
  3. I'm sure this question has been asked before but I don't recall anything recently to search for. Does QC differentiate between heat haze and interpolation artefacts? I have a photo that shows mild heat haze effects, e.g. on window frames, that might on a cursory glance be mistaken for interpolation artefacts. It's an unusual and difficult-to-obtain view of the subject so I would really like to submit it but I don't want to risk my 5-year QC pass record if it's going to be a definite no-no. Alan
  4. Yes... if I'm in London then. My favourite area for photography (and good vegan food!) is South Bank. Camden Lock is good too. Alan
  5. Encouraging contributors helps everyone in the long term because the higher the overall quality of imagery on Alamy, the more customers will keep coming to their pages. If it hasn't already been said, get shots of people doing things on the farm. Get in close, get shots of detail as well as the broad picture. Think beyond the farm. For example, every time there's a supermarket price war the news is all about suppliers being squeezed. What will the newspaper use as an illustration? Quite possibly a nice colourful picture of a box of apples being packed on the farm.
  6. Yes, I understand that view and veer towards it. However, I do take PU infringements very seriously because if you license a photo for personal use and then use it beyond the terms of the contract you've signed up to, then that's deliberate fraud, and I won't tolerate that. Alan
  7. I've had quite a few PU sales and it's a welcome addition to my income. So far (touch wood) I've not discovered an infringement, though I know others have. I do check them all online every now and then. Alan
  8. I've seen so many cautionary words about cheap replacement batteries that I always buy the manufacturers' own, even though my budget is limited. Alan
  9. The sole reason I bought mine was to have a camera I could slip into my pocket, which means that the Sony 16-50 is the only lens I can use with it. I did try an RX100 Mk1 first but that was nowhere near good enough for QC (secondhand so might not have been at its best) and also, with no viewfinder, I found that I just couldn't keep it steady while looking at the rear screen (I have the same problem with smartphones). My problem with the NEX might be that I'm too conditioned to crisp images from the 5D2, and it may be that some of the NEX pics I reject might get through
  10. Serious use when it needs to pull out all the stops and produce guaranteed results. Alan
  11. https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/best-place-to-sell-stock-images-photos/ Alan
  12. To be honest I hardly use it these days. Whereas about 95% of my Canon images are good enough for Alamy, probably no more than 40% of the NEX ones are good enough without me biting my nails over the possibility of failure. I mostly use it now for personal pics. So although I've had it 5 years I've only taken 1800 pics with it. The batteries show no sign of deteriorating but since I don't use it much I often top up the charge every now and then even if it doesn't need it, so I can't really tell how it would perform in anger. Alan
  13. I'm still using 10-year-old batteries with my Canon 5D2 and they show no signs of failing. Alan
  14. The Kelpies do sell. I've licensed several here, including this one which has sold several times: Alan
  15. They're not if they're incidental to the main point of the image, but they're likely to be if they form a significant part of the composition. Alan
  16. Round here the goldfinches have taken over, and now have top billing. There is the occasional sparrow but I haven't seen a chaffinch or robin for three years, or a wren for five. Blackbirds are getting rarer, and very occasionally I hear a song thrush. Not long ago I was living in Wiltshire where I logged no fewer than 44 species in the garden over two years. Wish I was back there... Alan
  17. Well done Wim! My excuse is that the tourer wasn't listed on the MG Owners Club site, only the saloon. Alan
  18. Ah, OK. In that case I'm stumped because it doesn't match any of the known MG models. Maybe it's been doctored? Alan
  19. It's most definitely not an 18/80, and it's not a T-type either. In fact it doesn't match any of the cars listed on that site. I think it's too long for any of the Midget types because the extra bit of space between the door cutout and the rear wheel suggests it could be a 4-seater. It's close to the K or N Magnettes but doesn't match every feature. However, that list may not contain all models because the K2 Magnette is missing. I think it's quite possible that it's not an MG at all. Alan
  20. Indeed! As a southerner transplanted into Yorkshire I couldn't believe how much friendlier people are. Here in the Calder Valley it's full of arty types and you would never be short of a conversation Edo. You also get the advantage of being in a town, with cities only a few miles away, yet with expansive landscapes on your doorstep. Oh, and property is good value too. Alan
  21. I could do with some of whatever you were on last night Marianne Alan
  22. Ah, this is where being a programmer helps! I often find I have little tasks such as this that would save me time if automated. It would probably take me a couple of minutes to knock up a Perl script to do this. Alan
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