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  1. I come to the forum to make myself glum rather than the other way round Alan
  2. The real Halifax also has hills of course. Luckily my knees can still cope with them - but only just! Alan
  3. More sales than any other previous October. Average fee only marginally less than last year's average for the whole year. So I'm reasonably happy. Alan
  4. Yes of course I do. I'm a photographer so I naturally try to be the best photographer I can be. I've no idea if I'm successful because it's not for me to judge, and the word "great" on Facebook has no meaning. Alan
  5. I've found this odd for a long time. But then they haven't addressed the uncompressed file size issue in the 13 years I've been here. Alan
  6. I can see 22 images on sale for you. Forget discoverability - topic covered ad nauseam on the forum over the last several years. Alan
  7. Wow, there's a blast from the past! My parents used to take me there regularly in the 50s and 60s. As a small boy I was utterly fascinated by it. Alan
  8. I've done a similar thing, with pictures from my local area, the Calder Valley. Unfortunately my song is eight and a half minutes long so no-one wants to sit through it despite the pictures! Alan
  9. Halifax (the Yorkshire one) Borough Market: Jars of jam at the Real Food Market on London's Southbank: Russian dolls including Putin and Medvedev on market stall in Moscow: Alan
  10. Good heavens, an actual real use for Alexa. Maybe I should have one after all. I flatly refuse to give energy companies my money before October, but yes on Oct 1st the heating went on. Mind you, I had just arrived home after a week away and was feeling low from the after-effects of toothache. Otherwise I would have probably have just put an extra jumper on. Alan
  11. I'm still contributing. I finally got round to joining the archival scheme so I'm busy ploughing through my thousands of trannies from the 70s and 80s. Three or four single-$ sales dented my enthusiasm a bit but today I got a $$$ so there's life in the old dog yet. Alan
  12. But that's exactly my point. The photo itself is not ranked so it's irrelevant whether it's been sold or viewed. All your photos together are ranked as a block depending on the contributor's overall performance. Whichever of those photos appears first depends on other factors as I explained in my earlier post. Alan
  13. Alamy doesn't rank individual photographs, it ranks contributors So if you appear third it simply means you are the third highest contributor for that particular search phrase. Your highest-appearing photo will either be the one whose keywords most closely match the search, or if there are more than one that match, usually the most recent one to go on sale. Alan
  14. So... we have a winner! It was neck and neck most of the way but the winner broke clear in the final furlong - Colonel Blimp's girls jumping into the water. Well done Andy - now over to you to set this month's challenge. Alan
  15. OK folks, voting will close at mid-day tomorrow (Monday), UK time. Alan
  16. Oh this was so hard! I asked for the beauty, atmosphere and excitement of being beside the sea, and I got it in spades. I would have liked to choose at least 30 for the shortlist so I will try to give my reasons for selecting each one. 1. Lake Huron in winter by Jill Morgan: the seaside can be just as beautiful in winter. 2. Children by Michael Ventura: the seaside is all about being a child, whether you're 8 or 80. 3. Beach in Hawaii by Ed Rooney: Yes, it's a manufactured shot but for me it captures the end of a perfect
  17. This month's competition is now closed. I now have the daunting task of selecting a shortlist Alan
  18. Last chance to enter. The competition will be closed at mid-day tomorrow (UK time), 1st September. Alan
  19. Someone whose geography is a bit hazy I think. He or she has photos of Spain keyworded 'england', 'britain' and 'uk'. Alan
  20. Is this fairly new? I was living in Seaton until 8 years ago and I don't remember it. Alan
  21. Blimey, you're not making my job of choosing a winner easy, are you? Alan
  22. My understanding was that each word is still treated as a separate keyword, it's just that if the keywords appear as the same phrase they should come higher up the search. But I haven't put this to the test. Can anyone else confirm? Alan
  23. I wonder if they have a video section? I made this little film a few years ago. You will recognise the location John. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jSckHJRSSk Alan
  24. I've only been to the Great Lakes once when I took the opportunity of an 8-hour flight stopover in Toronto to explore, and it felt very much like a sea to me! Alan
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