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  1. I find it useful to keep a text list of various topics which are likely to get repeated, such as places, plant or animal names


    Beaudesert, town, Queensland, Australia, scenic rim council, war memorial, 53km south of Brisbane, Mount Lindsay Highway, between Albert and Logan rivers, Great War, population 7000, cross-roads, rural
    bird of paradise flower, flower, petals, sun lit, garden, orange, red, purple, strelitzia, blossom, bright, exotic
    Bismarck palm, Bismarckia nobilis, native to Madagascar
    black bean tree, seed pods, large, heavy,  castanospermum australe, rainforest, queensland, australia
    blue faced honeyeater, Entomyzon cyanotisbird, exotic, honeyeater, olive, white, blue, flowers, shrub, wild, feathers, queensland, australia


    It's better to have too many words in this list rather than not enough. It's easy to copy in the whole lot to the tags bar, then delete any you don't need.

    It takes time to accumulate the list but saves time eventually.



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  2. Hello from the land of sunshine.

    I started photography with my mum's Box Brownie camera a very long time ago in England. Several cameras later I am trying my luck with Alamy in my adopted home.

    I used to take mostly travel photos from all over the world but since moving here in 2004 I have been captivated by the wildlife and environment. It seems like there is something new to photograph every day.

    We're not in lock-down (no locally transmitted cases in Australia now) but overseas travel is off limits.

    Looking forward to getting to know the Alamy community.


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