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  1. Alamy have sent out an email which attempts to opt contributors in to the Newspaper Scheme without their consent, even if they've given express instructions to be opted out. This opting-in-without-consent is almost certainly illegal (legally ineffective), since you would need to take steps to give positive consent to such an opt-in. In my case, it even claimed that I had read an email that I certainly hadn't. Normally I would have been completely unaware of what was happening, but by pure change I saw the second email. The email reads: "We recently sent you an email about our UK Newspaper scheme. We can see you opened the email but didn't reply to say that you want to remain opted out. We said you didn't need to reply if you wanted to be opted in so we hope we are right in assuming that you would like to be opted in to the UK Newspaper scheme and give your revenue a boost! We'll be opting you in to this revenue stream on 12th June. Don't worry though, if you change your mind and would like to stay out just reply to this email with 'no thanks' or you can opt yourself back out in My Alamy under the Additional Revenue Options section." So photographers beware! Simon
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