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  1. I for one would like to see a new opt-out of this scheme
  2. UK: Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 You might be entitled to a replacement, repair or part-refund if something’s gone wrong with software, a download or an application you bought on or after 1 October 2015. You have legal rights if there’s a fault with digital products (or ‘digital content’) such as: games ringtones e-books and online journals in-game purchases on free mobile apps film, music and TV streams or downloads software you’ve downloaded The fault could be that it’s not compatible with your device (eg phone, tablet or laptop), even
  3. Measures shows no data even though it shows today's date Database update is behind where it should be
  4. I have the tiny Canon M50 with kit lens and the image quality at low ISO is brilliant. I sometimes send out news with a mixture of M50 and 1DX images and you can't really see any difference (3000px wide images) so I would imagine the R6 to be excellent.
  5. How to improve the dreadful system of reporting unreported multiple article news images.
  6. Weather related live news (Specially dramatic) has a worldwide audience. I think you are in an ideal position to do news.
  7. Every single image is missing the 5 W's You might have a chance if you correct that
  8. Piers Corbyn https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/uknews/13329437/army-spies-anti-vax-propaganda-covid-vaccine/ Another one of yours avpics?
  9. body: t-shirt -> long sleeve thermal vest -> thin jumper -> thin down jacket -> thin Gore-tex rain jacket ( I use this setup in winter for stormy sea weather battered by rain) Legs: Camping Trousers -> Waterproof over trousers (zips all the way up the sides) If its colder but not raining t-shirt -> long sleeve thermal vest -> thick jumper -> Waist Full length Jacket measured down to -40 You need to try for yourself a few different combinations until it feels right.
  10. The pair I use (can't remember where I bought them) have been useful to -11 windchill, you can probably get thicker ones, but they restrict movement too much for me
  11. First layer; Silk glove liners Second layer: something like these https://www.amazon.co.uk/FRDM-Gear-Midweight-Convertible-Gloves/dp/B07BLV7YDP
  12. They didn't tell us Alamy was being sold to PA either, maybe that was one of the clauses, who knows.
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