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  1. Whoever gave me the red arrow, look at the emojis, it was clearly said in jest 🙄
  2. Funny you should say that, that is when we moved to Spain (I was 9) and even though I am now back in the UK, I have gaps in my 'English' and wouldn't know the difference!
  3. Now used here as well https://www.wander.am/travel/bergen-189/places/fantoft-stave-church-3193.en.html https://www.wearethepit.com/2020/08/10-things-lords-of-chaos-got-right-and-wrong-about-black-metal/ However, why would a picture buyer trying to sell your image as a calendar post it up for free, full size at that, makes no sense at all.
  4. We are told not to use misspelt words in our keywording, captions. However, I was miffed to find a recent image search last month that appeared in the 'have you found' thread of 'Santa Paddleboarders' and none of mine were seen. On further inspection it appears that the researcher had used the term 'Santa Paddle Boarders' which throws up 41 images (but none of mine) This throws up the conversation of how many different variants of a word should be used The question is the same for: Kitesurfer; kite-surfer; kite surfer Windsurfer; wind-surfer; wind surfer etc. Alth
  5. Third year uploading to Alamy Best year so far for both numbers and revenue Best Month: September $1,900
  6. Live news images that should go straight into stock disappear completely, can anyone see 2DP67P8
  7. I would absolutely love a UK based Fine Art America type integration!
  8. They should get reported at the end of this month, if they don't, you will have to self report 4 months after they first appeared, make sure you have screen shots if alamy request them. 'I am told to expect to get paid eventually, but not much' that will depend, prices go up and down every month with The Sun (I assume because of the amount of images purchased as a whole)
  9. Why is the database update every 24 hours? I would like to see a 6 hourly, hourly? updates, other agencies seem to do this, why doesn't Alamy.
  10. In AIM I would like to see some filters which are actually any use to me, ie Images with zooms filter Images that have sold filter Number of times sold/zoomed
  11. Of course if you attempt to download the summary it will give a date error, which you will have to correct.
  12. I set up a tab like this every month as a shortcut, this is for the month of December https://www.alamy.com/alamycontributorreports/Reports.aspx?Rep=2&sdate=01-Dec-2020&edate=31-Dec-2020&r2checked=True&drpval=1&netType=2
  13. No, of course not. These are lifted from legitimate sales.
  14. I have a couple of claims in the 'processing' stage (€540) plus two others. Don't bother with one man band websites without contact info, they won't bother with them.
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