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  1. I noticed a couple of threads on mirrorless and it was interesting to see the responses, some not too sure yet, others no way, etc. By chance I bumped into this guy https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/feb/18/world-press-photo-of-the-year-goes-to-image-of-child-crossing-border-fence we got talking, I was amazed he was carrying a couple of Fuji x pro2s, he had been offered all sorts of latest equipment from Nikon and Canon but refused because they weren’t compact, lightweight and tough enough for the type of photography he does. I agree, at the time I was carrying a second ha
  2. @gvallee out of interest, what’s the equivalent of The Sun newspaper in Australia, he must surely have one?
  3. Spent half my life living in Spain, so I miss the hot weather...
  4. One day I will, Still have kids living at home atm (I suppose we could blow all the money we have saved for their education though πŸ˜‚)
  5. Stop it, you're making me blush 😎🀣
  6. Searching for coronavirus brought up 750 hits for me, so I just grabbed the nearest! I apologise for putting up such a horrid image 😘
  7. Lyme Regis pic here (old live news from the summer?) https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/politics/
  8. Cheers for picking mine Sally, I think we have an obvious winner already though
  9. 2 x $$$ 7 x $$ 3 x $ Best January ever Sour note: The amount of unreported images just not getting reported any more (36 from July and August alone)
  10. Have you signed up to be an affiliate of Alamy, https://www.alamy.com/customer/help/affiliate-program.aspx if you have then you would have put where to deposit funds?
  11. I got a payment in August from ASCRL for $3.62 out of the blue last year, I let Alamy claim my DACS
  12. Live news in print always fetches $$$ for 1/4 page and above according to my records.
  13. That's the only reason I will ever fill out that field, at all other times, it's clear that the image has no releases by leaving the default.
  14. It makes sense to leave it as it is and let people make their own judgements, but once you have been here long enough it's a good shortcut to know 😎
  15. The hardest part of selling stock images, is not the image taking. It's correctly captioning and key wording your images so they get found by picture editors. "curious alpacas" and "approaching storm" won't cut it I'm afraid. Remember the 5 W's As to the property question: All uploads to Alamy automatically get a 'no' to property and 'no' to people releases if you upload as RM (could be for RF as well, don't know, I have no RF images) which lets the buyer decide if they need a release. Releases: Model - no | Property - no Do I need a release?
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