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  1. No, why are you applying for credit!!!???
  2. Go to your Dashboard Account Settings Edit 'Your Payment Info' Add PayPal email
  3. Story: Deliveroo guy had asked directions from police officer walking into scene Deliveroo guy still doesn't know where to go and attempts to ask Horse guard, hence said officer walking towards him. What a muppet Made me chuckle and one of those images that just have to sell one day. First of the month
  4. But who has the money to pay for these items, I certainly can't afford them right now!
  5. Second usage here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9309543/Is-Covid-winter-Cases-fall-FIFTH-6-035-deaths-plummet-141.html Thanks Martyn
  6. Bought a S/H Canon 1DX last year during 2nd lockdown £795 Mint condition, high shutter count (average price for these cams) Now Current price £1,019 for 'Well Used' with high shutter count. If you're into the second hand market like I am, prices have shot up significantly over the last few months. Who to blame???
  7. I’m sure quoting the bigger numbers is fine, it’s the tiddlers that some people object too. Anyway well done, now you need to find some more protests! 😁
  8. 1 of 2 in print, The Sun or The Times Oliver Dowden walking to parliament
  9. No they shouldn't be watermarked I agree about right-click Anyone stupid enough to steal from a mayor stock supplier better have good solicitors
  10. Shame you didn’t, dozens in the papers here. I definitely uploaded some!
  11. My first mirrorless was the X-T1, I had a couple of issues with it (painterly effect) otherwise fantastic camera but sold it. My second mirrorless is the current M50 and was amazed at the files, I can’t find any differences between it and my 1DX or 5D III so I have stuck with Canon. The Fuji’s are lovely cameras though.
  12. Saturday’s live news, so at the time it only had Canterbury, Kent, UK and high street 😀
  13. Cheers, found it! https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/sharp-fall-in-spending-despite-online-sales-increase-6bsb632hs
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