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  1. 1 hour ago, Phil Robinson said:

    I have now downloaded and tried the NX-Studio. I like the look, it does a few things better than the old version and I thought I was going to stick with it.


    I like captioning and keywording RAW files so I don't have to start from scratch if I reuse the file.

    This new version makes a point of not changing the RAW file in any way and instead produces a separate file that sit along with the RAW with any extra information like captions. 

    This is fine until you save the RAW file to another location, like an external drive, when the new file goes missing, along with your captions and any other additional data.

    I remember this happening with a previous 'update' which is why I am still using the now rather old ViewNX2

    I always thought you would be using Photo Mechanic for importing, captioning, etc.

    If you are talking about the .xmp file created with the raw, then you can reuse the .xmp and create iptc data from that?

  2. 20 hours ago, losdemas said:



    Sorry, forgot all about this yesterday!


    I've now posted an example of what I use here  (EXCEL file!) - please advise when you have checked it out (or otherwise, if you decide not to!), so that I can remove it ASAP. Thanks.


    All usual disclaimers apply - the file was fine upon upload, but virus scanning your responsibility, etc.


    Alternatively, just do a search for "SUMPRODUCT(--(WEEKDAY" and I'm sure that you'll find the same or a very similar solution in many places.

    Just tried that and if it is correct I've made a right tit of myself with 6 sales on a Saturday and 1 on Sunday 😂

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  3. 15 minutes ago, AlbertSnapper said:

    The website is open 24/7 as Spacecadet states. If we were to have the Alamy bods working weekends, guess who'd be paying extra for the overtime ? !


    We're told that Alamy has a very good customer service and that is why clients come back time and time again despite costing slightly more.

    To my mind if they are not there at the weekends offering the Alamy customer service 'experience' then are these clients going elsewhere at the weekend.

    How much of that weekend revenue is being missed, who knows.

  4. 55 minutes ago, meanderingemu said:



    isn't date based on day they were billed?  i have plenty of media sales that were used way before the licenced date, and some on weekends 

    I have had usages every day of the week, what I have never had is an image reported on a weekend, hope that clears that up.

  5. 14 hours ago, Stuart artyography photography said:

    Shouldn't need to be a member of a professional body. Not a free press if there's boundaries inplace to control the narrative.

    Any citizen should be able to do reportage in a public place.

    Nobody is stopping you from reporting in a public place???

    There's always boundaries to overcome, good journalists usually get past them

    Being a member of the UK press pass scheme for example shows law enforcement that you belong to a professional body that has checks in place to ensure you are, who you say you are.

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