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  1. Just tried that and if it is correct I've made a right tit of myself with 6 sales on a Saturday and 1 on Sunday 😂
  2. We're told that Alamy has a very good customer service and that is why clients come back time and time again despite costing slightly more. To my mind if they are not there at the weekends offering the Alamy customer service 'experience' then are these clients going elsewhere at the weekend. How much of that weekend revenue is being missed, who knows.
  3. I have had usages every day of the week, what I have never had is an image reported on a weekend, hope that clears that up.
  4. I have never ever seen this, sure I have had Monday sales but they come with a Monday's date, never from the weekend
  5. That's the bit that bugs me, in this day and age is that still true
  6. I've thought about this before, If Alamy started working Saturday/Sunday surely we would sell more. I know some will say that this is a traditional stock agency and we don't do things like that. But I think it's high time at least opening up on Saturday to begin with at least
  7. After 4 years of uploading I don't think I have ever had a weekend sale AM I CURSED??? Anyone else?
  8. Yep this is brilliant, all we need now is full url's of UK newspaper articles.
  9. Some scum of the earth tried to make off with the cash point using an excavator
  10. Jumble sale mayhem Enemies of the people People beach
  11. Nobody is stopping you from reporting in a public place??? There's always boundaries to overcome, good journalists usually get past them Being a member of the UK press pass scheme for example shows law enforcement that you belong to a professional body that has checks in place to ensure you are, who you say you are.
  12. Get them in quicker I have had The Sun use my images within minutes of upload to Alamy after sending them minutes earlier.
  13. If you plan on staying so long, will you apply for citizenship? you would then have dual nationality, or doesn't it work like that over there.
  14. You got it in one, keep your best ones here, delete the rest (too many similars) and caption them correctly and you might have a chance.
  15. No, why are you applying for credit!!!???
  16. Go to your Dashboard Account Settings Edit 'Your Payment Info' Add PayPal email
  17. Story: Deliveroo guy had asked directions from police officer walking into scene Deliveroo guy still doesn't know where to go and attempts to ask Horse guard, hence said officer walking towards him. What a muppet Made me chuckle and one of those images that just have to sell one day. First of the month
  18. But who has the money to pay for these items, I certainly can't afford them right now!
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