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    3 hours ago, losdemas said:

    Go back and read it. Go to the links. Read the posts. There are plenty there (from the original post I mention, onwards) which have supposedly been posted by photographers who say they have not received good service from Copytrack.

    No thanks


    A free service for looking up image theft has been useful to me for over a year and now it appears to have gone, oh well, roll on the next one (pixsy atm)

  2. 7 hours ago, losdemas said:



    What do you mean, no. The only people moaning about these services are the ones caught stealing images. Whether it's acceptable that they are then charged 10x the amount is another debate, but they shouldn't have stolen them in the first place, everyone is internet savvy, there are no excuses.

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  3. 6 hours ago, geogphotos said:



    Thanks. I'll have a closer look. Have you been able to transfer any unresolved cases anywhere else?

    Haven't looked, Once they started declining 'individual', 'scraper sites', etc I didn't bother with that side of it. It was great at finding my live news usages, that i could keep a record of and report to Alamy at a later stage.

    I have 3 outstanding claims with them that haven't budged in months

  4. In the comments section

    39 minutes ago, GeoffK said:



    Interesting background from Harry Smiths (if accurate).



    In the comments section:


    What a way of making a living in the middle of a pandemic crisis from this disgusting company. Their email ethiquette suggest you're dealing with low life people. So capitalistic so Nazi that even my grandma had goosbumps.
    Apparently Sally Anderson contacted Copytrack GmbH Germany about an image infringement that we had taken from stock images 3 years ago (it has been removed since) is requesting us to pay £638 for a single image. 2nd email rather has a threatening tone from Copytrack GmbH Germany. Don't pay them and file a report for extortion after their 2nd or 3rd email just like we do.

    That's not our Sally Anderson (Scotland) is it?

  5. 38 minutes ago, Colblimp said:

    You say that.  I had the 'you have reached your upload limit' message the other day but it's now disappeared and normal service has resumed.  Mind you, you upload more pics than me so I may be wrong...

    I had over 4000 images there, I deleted all of them except a new batch of 21.

    None have been picked up yet, I know 2 of them have been used in The Sun, so something is up

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  6. 5 hours ago, spacecadet said:

    Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ;  Media: Editorial presentation, single design ;  Print run: Unlimited ;  Start: 11-April-2021 ; Duration: In perpetuity ;

       Additional Details: Pack of 30 unwatermarked, copyright-safe, high resolution images for use by a student or teacher at an academic institution for any non-commercial project such as teaching materials, dissertations, presentations or essays.

    Got one of those this morning as well

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