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  1. Copytrack has just gone dead on me, so I uploaded a load to pixsy which appears to be ok but has a 500 image limit and atm has only brought up scraper sites which I don't think they will touch
  2. Permanently on holiday, it looks like I have now deleted all images as it doesn't look like this will survive.
  3. I didn't question anything you said, I agreed with Sally Anyway, I'm out
  4. No thanks A free service for looking up image theft has been useful to me for over a year and now it appears to have gone, oh well, roll on the next one (pixsy atm)
  5. 3 days, no domain hits, I have images that should have been flagged up by now
  6. What do you mean, no. The only people moaning about these services are the ones caught stealing images. Whether it's acceptable that they are then charged 10x the amount is another debate, but they shouldn't have stolen them in the first place, everyone is internet savvy, there are no excuses.
  7. Haven't looked, Once they started declining 'individual', 'scraper sites', etc I didn't bother with that side of it. It was great at finding my live news usages, that i could keep a record of and report to Alamy at a later stage. I have 3 outstanding claims with them that haven't budged in months
  8. I had my images arranged in collections by year, you can delete the whole folder, or highlight images and dropdown menu pops up with options to delete
  9. In the comments section In the comments section: What a way of making a living in the middle of a pandemic crisis from this disgusting company. Their email ethiquette suggest you're dealing with low life people. So capitalistic so Nazi that even my grandma had goosbumps. Apparently Sally Anderson contacted Copytrack GmbH Germany about an image infringement that we had taken from stock images 3 years ago (it has been removed since) is requesting us to pay £638 for a single image. 2nd email rather has a threatening tone from Copytrack GmbH Germany. Don't pay them and file a
  10. I had over 4000 images there, I deleted all of them except a new batch of 21. None have been picked up yet, I know 2 of them have been used in The Sun, so something is up
  11. Damn, they seem to have cottoned on and are now a paid for service
  12. First 10, March 2017- December 2017 $332 Last 10, 31st March 2021 $457
  13. Maybe shutter speed a tad slower Andy?
  14. Just to add, I uploaded 15 images last night at about 7pm and they are now showing in my portfolio, so I suggest you are doing something wrong!
  15. These are the ones you have on sale https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?&xstx=0&userid={F1611360-5823-4004-96DB-C1493B72BFAC}&name=Jim+Hayes&st=12
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