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  1. 5 hours ago, Radim said:

    Yes, it's a fantastic idea. Unfortunately unrealistic and naive. No agency nor PA, despite their current alliance with the Alamy, will want to share their exclusive information. As an individual, you are still a competitor to PA. Neither PA nor Alamy is interested in creating further competition in an already highly competitive market. Therefore, Alamy will do nothing to harm PA in any way

    Yes, but, I know of only one PA tog who covers my particular area of the country. The fact remains that this photographer cannot be in two places at once and it would be nice to know of other events elsewhere that I could attend.

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  2. 1 hour ago, M.Chapman said:

    Is anyone with access to the Times online able to check which of my images are used in this article?


    I can see that this one was used, but can't see any more due to the paywall.


    I wonder if any of these might also have been used as they were viewed/zoomed around the same time.

    The Stilton Cheese Inn, old traditional English country village pub, Somerby, Leicestershire, England, UK - Stock Image










    This one

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  3. 7 hours ago, gvallee said:

    We had our first Astrazeneca shot today. First good news.


    Then tomorrow, we're hitting the road again. 375km through the Outback on a ribbon road, no town, services, traffic or anything. The Bush at its best. Fuel consumption has to be carefully calculated. Fuel prices in remote locations are understandably horrendous. I once watched a road train next to me filling up for nearly $1,000!! We have two fuel tanks lasting 800kms, so all good. Adventure!

    What about breaking down, do you do your own repairs, carry tools, welder or do you just service very regularly?

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