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  1. Yes, but, I know of only one PA tog who covers my particular area of the country. The fact remains that this photographer cannot be in two places at once and it would be nice to know of other events elsewhere that I could attend.
  2. If it's The Daily Mirror, they have always reported print sales early in the month (for me anyway)
  3. 25-09-2021 The Daily Telegraph - Page 5 - live news, current fuel mess 2GNB7G1
  4. Here's a video I cobbled together of the show, No problems with Covid safety at all That's better!
  5. Achieved 10,000+ images I don't know why I bothered...
  6. What about breaking down, do you do your own repairs, carry tools, welder or do you just service very regularly?
  7. Your blue number is actual images on sale, the other figure could include deleted images
  8. If you click edit and double click the image, tick the 'Keep original aspect ratio' box, it will look right then
  9. Yeah, uploaded a few more and after 3 days found 1, Just not as good for me now.
  10. Wouldn't this be due to covid restrictions as observers are under the same 'rules' Just have to make sure the 'rule' doesn't stick forever!
  11. Case in point A MailOnline image just dropped in from the 28-02-2021 What they failed to do was report a second usage of the image in a different article and failed to report images used on the 21-02-2021 and 20-02-2021! 🙄
  12. I would like to know how this is going to be used for Live News Specially the selective memory of some periodicals to only report when and what they like 😞😒
  13. https://ibb.co/h8pHfhk See this image for poll tab
  14. Fixed an image that was bottom row of page 1 and is now on row 5 Keyword Skillz 😎😁
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