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  1. Hi I am newbie here. Have only just about hundread photos uploaded here, but can u look at it and say some critics? https://www.alamy.com/contrib-browse.asp?cid={370A9F64-B927-46E2-9B95-39AB0404B331}&name=Matej+Zavacky I heard that Alamy is focused mainly on editorial shoots. So my question. Is it worth uploading commercial oriented photos here? GL to all 😜
  2. nope, it was standard desktop pc chrome browser
  3. yop Harry, you are right I was unable upload photo using NX1 camera, but i wrote one more mail to alamy support and girl responded me that try te resend it to QC. They finally wrote me that unsuitable camera message for samsung nx1 must be bug it the system and told me I should send pictures using different method to check my samples (droppox). So finally QC right now rieviewing my photos. Maybe my photos are terrible but was suprised that such high quality equipment didnt qualify for uploading photos I use allways raw photos but it doesnt matter in this case.
  4. Yop, I wrote them but the answer was little bit strange for me. They said that dont review cameras but pictures which seen made by them. I am pretty sure that probably one of the best aps-c sensor 4 years ago must be enough but if they say that not good enough, even if didnt see my photos i dont see more opportunietes to persuade them. But i am shocked
  5. hello, I have Samsung NX1 semi profi mirrorless camera. But I cannot upload my 1st three photos to alamy because camera is unsuitable, and site dont allow me to send it. But after check their requirements I am pretty sure it is enough. The sensor size is APS-C and it is not too old camera, and 28mp is still enough. What do u think can be reason of unsuitable staff?
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