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  1. Thank you for your replies Avpics and Joseph. That's very helpful Joseph, thank you very much! The castles I have photos of are privately owned, but the photo I particularly want to include was taken from a public footpath, so I'm pleased I will be able to use that. Another castle photo was taken from the castles car park, so I believe that would require permission. Thanks Tim
  2. Hi, I'm not usually involved with the publishing side, but have a query regarding whether property releases are required to produce a calendar in the UK? I'm looking to include photos in a UK calendar of well known and recognisable Scottish castles, along with wildlife and landscape photos. Being aware of property releases from uploading images to Alamy, but not having dealt with releases before, I am concerned about needing them to publish the calendar. I've spent some time online researching into property releases, including searching the forum here, but a
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