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  1. the You are leaving the American Sector sign is still there, you can pose under it, buy it on a t-shirt, mug, postcard, etc etc etc.
  2. photographic must sees? Or general must sees - museums, galleries, etc etc? One of my fave tours for total Berlin newbies: Brandenburg Gate (best to see it early morning or blue hour) after seeing Brandenburg Gate early morning wander through to the Soviet Memorial in the Tiergarten, then on to the Reichstag - book ahead on their website to get a tour of the inside, would recommend Down to the Jewish Memorial then on to Potsdamer Platz / Sony Centre area, easy walk then via the Topography of Terror, onto Checkpoint Charlie, or Checkpoint Charlie Disneyworld as it is sometimes known, the mo
  3. mine wa Mine was an odd choice too, way more suited to its magazine use purchase a few days prior.
  4. just had my first sunday sale in a long time, although I wish I hadn't as its one of those appalling 'personal use' low fees. Still its only for five years, so I can rest assured that Alamy will insist this image is removed from whoever purchased its wall in 2021. Strangely the same image licensed for magazine article use 3 days ago.
  5. I note that even Fine Art America offers a full refund if the customer isn't happy for ANY reason . . . As unpleasant as it may be to experience refunds, offering them is common practise. dd Sure but FAA offer a hard copy of something and don't quality check their content on upload. Maybe Ian can say if QC did miss something? Sure it can easily happen with the amount of images Alamy get, but was a refund for that reason justified in this case?
  6. Poor image quality? Did QC miss something? No it shouldn't be allowed, but anything seems to be allowed if the client requests it.
  7. congrats Olivier, fantastic image and well deserved win
  8. I thought novel use had been made redundant. I used to get regular NU sales (for small amounts) but not seen any for years.
  9. Many thanks Colin for my selection, tis an honour!
  10. a record month though not in a good way - the most low priced distributor sales ever, a great month for sales numbers but a poor month for revenue.
  11. I had two of these also today. Checking back to my last infringement payment, it was listed in the sales report as 'Other income' and later appeared in the 'Balance of Account' as an infringement with details, ie image ref and usage
  12. yes also had this on euros - although found it was fine when first opening a RAW file, I could work on it and make changes, it was when saving it came up with the error - but providing I did not save a full bank note image it was fine. I did this image by photographing flat bank notes individually then loading the RAW files in to CS5 and doing all editing before saving - no problems saving the final image, only the individual notes http://c7.alamy.com/comp/EFG051/falling-euro-bank-notes-and-coins-EFG051.jpg
  13. I totally agree, I would much prefer for them to respond here, I think we all have a right to know what is going on. But so far we don't have much info from them - that is why I think it best to email them and perhaps if they get enough complaints they will take some action. They will probably only respond to specific enquiries resulting from a sale to the seller anyway, not openly on a forum - that seller can report back here if they wish. Yes I like Alamy too, although I am a little down on them just now because of the poor sales figures recently - low distributor sales, etc. But I do ho
  14. I would email Member Services, as they said in their post above. Everyone should do this who has concerns. MS could get a lot of emails - a lot of emails are more likely to get a reaction than a lot of forum posts.
  15. This was one of the tests I did FW4H6C and processed with photoshop. I did at first have the problems you mentioned but then shot with more images / greater overlap of in-focus areas and then found a massive improvement. If you are going to do a lot of this I really would recommend giving Zerene a go, it does take some learning but then it will speed up your workflow no end. I didn't bother because I wasn't intending to use it much - note their pricing has a higher band if you intend to sell images made with the product, to me not worth it for the very few I might do.
  16. was also playing around with this recently, as something I would want to do infrequently - tried Zerene http://zerenesystems.com/cms/stacker- you can get a free 30 day trial. I came to the conclusion that Photoshop would do what I want. It is much slower than Zerene, but I found that providing there is good overlap of the in-focus areas on each image it generally does a really good job.
  17. My first Stockimo sale appeared on my app today although at 1.59$ I'm not celebrating. Am I missing something, is there somewhere to see what usage the image was sold for?
  18. 3 from Berlin Bundestag U Bahn Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park Burgermeister cafe / beer garden in a disused toilet under the U-Bahn line
  19. My fave city too, just watch out, it gets to you and you end up moving here! Will add pics later, good challenge
  20. Can't say how much I like this picture. Brilliant thanks, was certainly a fun one to do!
  21. all sounds great, thanks Alamy, hope it is sooner rather than later for the release!
  22. For me Personal Use is not now one of the main options on the German site, but still is on the British one at 9.99 UK. On the German site you have to go into 'or choose another rights managed option' and click through then it is 20 euro
  23. The little question mark at the side of 'personal use' clearly says 'Personal prints cards and gifts' so non-profits should certainly not use that. It is interesting this is the default choice at the top of the list, very possible people just click through and don't read the info on the page. If that is the case, then the most expensive option should be the default, people might then start paying attention to what they are choosing.
  24. Sorry to say Callie, More likely selling as prints at the local street markets for a few dollars, i am sure you have already thought along those lines. Alamy we have problem! yes, hardly personal use is it, if they are being re-sold My best seller at a POD in Germany is also a best seller on A for newspaper use etc. If it starts getting sold here for personal use too, I will certainly remove it, the POD site brings in a much better return.
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