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  1. thanks Matt, Shutterstock sale makes sense. I am on 50% so this works out as you say. Still depressing, thankfully just had a decent regular Alamy sale to compensate
  2. me too, very concerned with this - is this a low for Stockimo or becoming typical? It is only my 2nd sale, the first wasn't a great amount either. It really is not encouraging.
  3. yes that has to be the most depressing sale I ever had! Nice to hear there are decent prices elsewhere, I have them still on other agencies. It really does make you wonder what is going on here
  4. Damned right, I am at the moment concentrating more on POD sites because Alamy prices have dropped so much. If Alamys sales of personal use start to damage my better priced print sales elsewhere then the future is not looking bright for Alamy, as I am sure others will be feeling the same with regards the actions they will take.
  5. yes it is a joke and I don't see how opting out is an ideal solution to either us or Alamy when it means cutting out distributor sales, a better solution is needed urgently. I get quite a few distributor sales and have had some good amounts from these, so I would hate to lose them - also not good for Alamy if everyone who wants to get out of personal use sales has to cut off distributor sales too.
  6. hopefully not too much less Is it still a positive news amount at least?
  7. Most video I upload is around 200-400mb, unless I submit something unedited, straight from my camera (5dII) then it is much lower, usually less than 100mb. I don't have a super fast connection, I'm in the former east Germany, super fast connections don't seem to exist here. But it still is not a problem, I just leave uploads running overnight. I recently uploaded about 80 clips to 3 different sites, so equivalent of 240 clips uploaded.
  8. I enjoy video, I do have 250 clips, have had success with them elsewhere, but have never bothered applying to Alamy. Submitting on hard disk? No way.
  9. Is this taking the responsibility off the buyer and putting it on us? If we say we have no property release for an image is that not clear enough? If the buyer then decides to do whatever with it, is that not their problem?
  10. Six months is far too long though. Standard EU law would do me - http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/index_en.htmwhich would allow 14 days, long enough for anyone to change their mind. Of course Alamy HQ might not be part of the EU soon, in which case it will be 5 years and the buyer can do whatever they want with your content during that time (vote remain)
  11. I have had similar a couple of times now Pearl, once recently the same as yours, just a couple of months after the payment had cleared. Last year I had an agency sale refunded from one made a few years back. Alamy sorted both out but they did assure me it was very rare for this to happen. But yes, very annoying.
  12. It is mostly to be expected, can't expect them to sell our images without using them in publicity. The third party use could be concerning (I have still to read the full changes) but I assume this will cover social media use, web campaigns, etc. This though is odd - what publicity are we allowing Alamy to get in return for use of our images at a conference? Just a byline or credit for Alamy? Same as the scum companies that contact us personally and offer us a credit for free use of our images? Hope its more than this. supply of Images to third parties for use in conferences/presentations/
  13. no, I would just contact member services, it is most likely an error, they have always been very helpful sorting out problems for me.
  14. very interesting - I did not know this is happening in Germany and also elsewhere. Sounds to me much like trying to outlaw taxis to keep the coachmen and their horse buggies in business. more to do with Berlin (and other cities) having sufficient low cost housing for people to live here! Berlin is actually a very cheap city to live in, amazingly so for a major European capital. That is the way it should stay. With Airbnb and other such rental sites, a lot of accommodation gets used for nothing more than holiday let. It was found that large areas of the city were occupied more by touris
  15. I've used Airbnb in lots of European cities, mostly good experiences, mostly renting a whole apartment - some not so great. But going for places with good ratings and feedback helps - our not so great experiences have been down to last minute bookings and not much availability either hotel or Airbnb. A few cities in Europe are getting tough on them though, Berlin has just banned the renting out of whole apartments through Airbnb to try and protect affordable housing for its own residents, other cities are doing the same.
  16. Colin totally agree on not being able to visit once, that's why we moved here from England, we kept coming back to visit so often it just made sense to stay permanently! Alexandre totally agree about Potsdam, it's a beautiful little town , a total contrast to Berlin and the parks and palaces are fantastic.
  17. I thought I had read some years ago that NU was being phased out. I just got curious as to why I thought this and after a little googling found a quote from the Alamy blog on the Microstockgroup forum. This was posted in 2012. There was certainly a drop off in the amount of NU sales from 2013 onwards. So what changed? Is NU being resurrected? Novel Use is being phased out according to James West - see comment number 34 under his blog post here. Quote
  18. Dov yes that was all I could assume, but I'm not really sure of the logic, wouldn't a potential client want to continue with the same great deal for future purchases? And I still can't see how NU is the right deal just because they are a potential client. To be perfectly honest, I don't think it is in the spirit of what I believed NU was when I signed up to it, it certainly doesn't fall within Alamys recent definition given to me "It can be defined as anything that’s outside of the scope of our standard price calculator." somehow, I don't really feel I should be held into NU until next April
  19. Yes the quick and easy web licence which Alamy define as Websites, apps, social media and blogs (excludes advertising). Worldwide for 5 years. Seems to easily cover it. I can understand A making bulk deals and discounting for those, but these novel use editorial sales are a mega discount. Very odd and not good. If they keep happening I will be marking my calender so I remember to opt out of NU next year.
  20. confusing to me too - so confusing I never followed it up any further with MS. Maybe this is their plan, to confuse us so much we go quiet and submit to their will?
  21. yes that would be very cool to have lying around in Potsdamer Platz! There are T51 tanks at the Soviet Memorial in the Tiergarten
  22. ah that Novel Use editorial license, yes I had 2 of these some weeks ago, exact same details. I did query them with MS. I was told the definition of NU "It can be defined as anything that’s outside of the scope of our standard price calculator. It is impossible to give a ‘profile’ of a novel use customer or a novel use agreement." When I queried how editorial sales fell outside the price calculator I was told, "this is different because it was bulk invoicing under the Novel use scheme for a potential client. License details are taken from the price calculator that has set values so it’s no
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