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  1. When is an infringement not an infringement? Or, how long after a use and no report of sale does a use become an infringement? I found this image of mine used by the Telegraph online, 12th April 2013 and never reported as a sale. I queried this with MS who told me they would follow it up and it would certainly be appearing on my sales reports. The sale appeared today: Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Image Size: Any size Start: 01 July 2016 End: 01 July 2021 One use in a single
  2. Mmmm, I've had exactly the same thing happen today. Same picture licensed on exactly the same date last month - amount this time (also c$90) for a couple of $ less. Can't see the license details yet, but it's not looking good - fingers crossed That's interesting Kay, thanks for posting that. Was your sale for an "educational book" in the UK like mine was? If you can see the sale in your sales report, you'll also be able to download that and see the license details (it opens like a spreadsheet). Geoff. Educational book but says worldwide rather than uk. License exactly the same
  3. I'm sure Bob has had enough reds thrown at him now though, he has apologised for the bad start, probably would be best all round just to move on from this thread and give him a chance.
  4. Not knowing what that particular Google search was makes it a little hard ☺ but if you were searching for Alamy and other agency usages it is not always incredibly representative, images do still get used a lot in print. My latest sale for example is to a Japanese magazine, print, over $150 and does not appear in a Google search.
  5. Chrome desktop still says Alamy is a typo. Unemployed. 4 images on sale, soon to be 20 at next indexing. Why would I launch an "attack"? Because I was questioning the legitimacy, and my first impression didn't help. Note to self: Alamy has a large and yet vicious community Actually Alamy has a very helpful and friendly community.Your original request did come across a little strange and certainly not based on any recognisable facts. I have had many sales to US based clients so I don't think you are right with that first remark. I wonder how you came to this conclusion, mayb
  6. I am curious, what is a biulder, as in your name? If it is supposed to be bobdabuilder then I would recommend you check your spelling on all your keywording. Good keywording is essential but useless if not spelt correctly.
  7. https://www.dumontkalender.de/ruehr-mein-herz-o-sprich-mit-mir-2017-kalender.html#zoom december - Cwx8a3 - Frank Seifert January - B6XPDX - Mine! April / cover image also Alamy but can't find all distributor sales through Mauritius in Germany
  8. Just had an over $150 sale too, the second within 2 weeks - one a direct sale, the other via a distributor.
  9. I never bother, I reported an unauthorised use I found to Alamy recently (through Pixsy) and they mailed me back saying it would definitely appear in my sales within the next few months. I did respond and ask that the price was set at a suitable level for when the mis-use was made as it was a few years ago, but waiting to see! Also found others in Pixsy where an image had sold to a newspaper then other sites took it from the newspaper site and credited the photo back to the newspaper. Pixsy are chasing 3 of these at the moment.
  10. I occasionally like to play in photoshop, usually combined with my love of urbex and abandoned buildings. This one is an abandoned hospital not far outside Berlin, the original is same as this http://c7.alamy.com/zooms/8a580cba87ac44c084d62023a01b0711/abandoned-hospital-brandenburg-germany-c2bm8t.jpgtaken a few seconds after. The manipulated image has sold a few times, the original never. This one is the abandoned villa belonging to Goebbels at Bogensee near Berlin, again taken on a bright sunny day after having had lunch on his patio with lizards running around. Original photo just
  11. Philip I really don't think the same exists throughout Germany, although someone may correct me here! But as an example I can say, a German agency I deal with who are very strict on property rights and also the rights of photographing people in the streets here will not accept images taken of Sanssoucci and other palaces of SPSG but they are perfectly happy to accept images of other palaces from other German states, also church interiors etc. German law is also good with regards to the freedom of panorama, certainly better than I have experienced in other European countries. To quote from anot
  12. Interesting that I can find Sanssouci images in almost all stock agencies. If you go to google maps there are hundreds of images of it. As I said, I dont understand what are they trying to protect here. Those images can only enhance tourism to the place. I quite agree, even if not surprised it happened! If the organisation who owns the palaces and parks are on a campaign to clean up all images then they will have a hard time. And yes, they lose a lot of publicity. They already lost my support anyway by making the decision, I no longer visit them
  13. Panoramafreiheit only applies on public land. The grounds of the palaces are not public, they are private property.
  14. I have had the same. To be honest, I was not surprised, German agencies removed them a few years ago after a ruling by the Federal Court of Justice of Germany which applies to all images taken from the grounds of palaces, ie Sanssouci
  15. +1 Paul. + another one + another, providing we can be assured that only low res images are being supplied for the low priced presentation use, otherwise this will be used instead by these clients. My last presentation use to show the size of image supplied said a 60MB 5616 x 3744 pixel image was supplied, ie full sized, totally not necessary for a presentation, "Use in slides/materials to support a presentation or talk - such as Powerpoint or Keynote.".
  16. I would think so, providing you can point them to a specific website address, ie your FAA own site or "your images at Alamy" page. I initially used my own website to import images, however it seemed a bit hit and miss. I did in the end write 500 pixel wide images and upload these to their site. OK good. Glad to see there is also manual upload route which I could use for images where I know there are some infringements to get the ball rolling. However, joining Pixsy appears to be "by invitation only" at the moment due to high demand. I just got this back from them "Thanks for signing u
  17. Just in the process of myking another claim at Pixsy. They have changed their info needed for the claim to add the following: We searched the Internet and found your photo available on a stock agency website. Note that this may affect the amount of compensation we are able to claim, and many of our legal partners will not accept cases where the original image is currently listed on a stock website. We recommend delisting your image from microstock agencies so that we can argue for the best possible price. Have you made this work available through Alamy?Yes, and it's still available. Yes,
  18. I would think so, providing you can point them to a specific website address, ie your FAA own site or "your images at Alamy" page. I initially used my own website to import images, however it seemed a bit hit and miss. I did in the end write 500 pixel wide images and upload these to their site. Also, just noted this on their website https://my.pixsy.com/profile/subscription, so yes you should be able to import from anywhere.
  19. I have a few being chased by Pixsy at the moment. They will only chase commercial / profitable sites. They asked me to confirm with Alamy that no potential sales were showing for that image/ site. They did not ask me to remove the image from Alamy or elsewhere. So far impressed with their service but have not had any settled claims yet (only been using a couple of months).
  20. Alamy how about pointing people to the Professional stock photographers forum on Facebook that a lot of people here use, they are quite happy to discuss Stockimo, indeed there has been recent Stockimo discussion there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/776238155806117/?ref=bookmarks
  21. 12 sales so far this July compared to 6 by this date of the month last year. But July 2015 I had a over $500 distributor sale early in the month, would love to see one of those drop in this year too
  22. July is being pretty good so far, just hoping it carries on this way - if it does will be my best month this year.
  23. 6 sales so far and a couple of decent amounts direct sales. 3 are lower priced distributor sales
  24. the higher levels of 0,38c I don't supply micros because I don't agree with their ripoff pricing. To get 50% of a micro price is really quite insulting. Your husband has it totally right there!
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