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  1. I couldn't resist - did have 7 sales on the 23rd then another today and some payments cleared on the 26th, so not totally quite.
  2. Merry Christmas to all at Alamy. QC has been super fast lately, so its a well deserved break
  3. commas for me too this morning - images keyworded in Lightroom. Does this mean we don't have to use " "
  4. Alamy once told me they were generally trying to fill gaps in their collection with these requests. Seems a strange gap to identify though, they are probably missing a lot of substances covering peoples faces
  5. Now that is positive news, congrats to you Can you say if you had many distributor sales are included in that gross? Ans roughly how many images you added this year?
  6. how do you mean it is 'natural'? It didn't just grow there like that? Do you mean it was not manufactured in a factory? I would still call them posts - or "debarked natural post"
  7. Had this reported late last night: Country: Worldwide Usage: Marketing package - Large business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). This license is for large companies with more than 10 people. 60 MB 3744 x 5616 pixels 2 MB compressed Start: 10 December 2016 End: 10 December 2021 $199.99
  8. Just checked bank and the payment is in! Down on last year as paid to me but that will be due the plunge of the pound against the euro. I converted both back to UK pounds at the exchange rate on days of exchange and this years is an actual good increase
  9. and 9.99 euros here in Germany. Which is approx $10.65 . Come on Alamy, 19.99$ is cheap enough but 9.99 euro is ridiculous, lets have some parity of pricing here at least.
  10. I just checked back on my NU sales - most were historically 1.00, I would say 95% of them. My highest was 7.63, but only 1 at that rate, then 1 at 6.66, everything else under $2. Before this latest batch to India my last NU sale was May 2014.
  11. 14 sales, lower number than normal - but revenue average, higher sales than most months this year
  12. on your seller page under additional revenue options, click on novel use - but you can only opt out in April of each year Thanks very much for that, but I can only opt out every April? That truly is retarded. totally agree there. I am only still in it because I thought it had been phased out so nothing to worry about. I remember a statement being made by Alamy to this effect some years back - see this thread on the microstock group with a quote from James West. After that I had no NU sales for some years then it started up again a few months back, always the very non-novel editori
  13. on your seller page under additional revenue options, click on novel use - but you can only opt out in April of each year
  14. I have had a few of these over the last few months - novel use for an editorial website, a very non-novel use - these are the very reason I will be withdrawing from the novel use scheme when it is possible in April.
  15. looking good, thanks for the update, I like the new discoverabilty tool and getting rid of flash is most welcome
  16. thanks for answering Alamy - certainly do hope you can fix this one. Surely allowing an opt out of sales at art.com would be fairly simple for starters?
  17. Alamy could you also answer whether opting out of personal use means you will be opted out of all distribution? thanks
  18. I would totally agree with you Mirco that Alamy keep us better informed than any other agency, which to me is a good thing, no information is too much! The problem here is when a little extra info is posted on the microstock forum - it was, as far as I can see, a little more than what we were told in any thread on this forum - this is not a good way for contributors to find anything out. It is easy to make a mistake of course when dealing with different forums, but now it has left us with extra questions and concerns - hoping they will be answered by Alamy in the next few days.
  19. Forest near Basdorf, Barnim, Brandenburg, Germany by Liepnitzsee, Wandlitz, Barnim, Brandenburg, Germany Fichtelberg, Oberwiesenthal, Saxony, Germany
  20. thanks for the update Alamy. I have no objection to site changes, but a little respect for contributors is always appreciated. If you are changing the requirements on keywording letting us know asap would really help. Right now I am uploading images, but I do have to wonder whether I am wasting time keywording to current guidelines. What date will the new tools be released? How exactly will the new keywording field work? How are you going to migrate existing keywords to the new field? Is it going to be best to just not upload until we see the new tools? Having spent a lot of time going back ov
  21. I would have assumed that is the price the customer pays - so yes we get very low priced peanuts. I just looked on Art.com, 25% off site wide today, if they frequently do these deals as a lot of POD sites seem to, then we get even less. Its hard to see how prices are set on art.com, is it fixed or did Alamy set these prices? I had a German distributor sale recently of an image that is opted out of personal use. Whether that is universal or not I don't know. Opting out of personal use means that you automatically opt out of print sales and having seen these prices I'm not unhappy at t
  22. sorry I missed the other thread too, been away a while. These prices look ridiculously cheap compared to what I sell my own prints for - "Prices range from $14.99 USD for an 8x10 inches to U$ 79.99 USD for 54 x 26 inches." - do we know what percentage of this we get? And do we have an answer yet from Alamy as to the whether opting out of personal use / print sales results in us opting out of distribution?
  23. their budget for photos is never going to be decent, they won't ever believe in paying photographers a fair price - I can only see this move by Lego (and other advertisers in the pipeline) as positive news.
  24. I have had a few NU licences to India and totally agree they are very un-novel. Looking forward to being able to leave this scheme. It is certainly not a typo, I had some correspondence with Alamy over these - no satisfactory answers though.
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