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  1. I just had this. Germany has freedom of panorama too, German agencies have no problem accepting these images. Strange thing with the one they mailed me about though - it is this image A0KGNE 

    Museum der Verbotenen Kunst, Berlin, Germany - Stock Image


    Is this street art? When does graffiti become street art? Because Berlin has so many surfaces covered in what I would call graffiti, this will affect so many images.

    I do have many images of 'street art'taken around Berlin, such as CE926A "Yellow Man - street art by Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (known as Os Gemeos), Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany", this is what I would be expecting ALamy to refer to (although under Germany's Freedom of Panorama it is not a problem) - all are marked as containing property with no release.

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  2. the problems with foliage seemed to me to be down to excess sharpening. It was certainly something I noted when I first got the camera - this is something also discussed at length on the fuji forum. The files need very little sharpening. In Lightroom the detail and amount sliders particularly need to be low - just checked one of my recent files which has a lot of foliage, my detail slider is down at 14, sometimes it is lower than this. No painterly effect in evidence at all.

  3. David re the focusing, have you tried changing the setting so the OIS is in mode 2, ie it works when you press the shutter button rather than the mode 1 continuous setting? When I first got the camera I was finding the focus a bit hit and miss and was recommended to do this - it really made a difference to me. Also turning it off when you don't need it certainly does improve focus. I'm also trying back button focus just now, which I am liking so far.

    My 10-24 is nice and sharp at the edges at 10mm from f8, softer at the edges at f4. 

    Haven't had a problem with the colours yet, but I have not shot any portraits, only landscape and architecture and also always in good light. I'm shooting RAW, initial processing with Lightroom 6. 


    btw, video is also quite pleasing, as compared to my 5dII - had some 4K clips accepted in the libraries I submit to anyway :) 

  4. I got mine 3 weeks ago after first considering it last year. So far I am incredibly pleased with it, more than I expected to be and think my 5dII will probably just live in the studio from now. I got the 10-24 and 18-135 lenses both of which are excellent. I was really surprised with the 10-24 at how little distortion there is - also surprised at both with the quality, sharpness, lack of CA etc. 


    I had to answer neither which doesn't seem too accurate because I like them both for different elements - basically for pretty much the same reasons as djmorgan. Basic processing in LR then over to Photoshop for final tweaks, anything more complex and for checking at 100%.

    But always LR for keywording




    My workflow is the same as yours and I answered 'both'.


    The poll could have been worded a bit better.





    True - if it just said 'both' I would have chosen that but 'both equal' I wouldn't agree to because I would generally favour PS over LR.


    In the top left where it reads "All submissions    Images ....." Mine says I have 10916 which is incorrect. I had suspected this is including deleted images. I just checked under a pseudo I previously used for moving images into that I wanted to delete, this still shows a preview of the images I deleted back in 2013. Why are they still there? Why are they included in the number of images count? 


    My number seems to include uploads that failed so is not the same number that I have on sale.





    thanks Paulette, interesting failed uploads are included too - surely all anyone wants to see is the images that are actually on sale here and those awaiting being put on sale. 





    You can't see all the +50 tags when you select several images. That's the disaster: you can't get rid of duplicate tags in batch  :angry:





    I can. I've selected 4 images and I'm seeing over 150 tags and can delete them as required. Tricky to find an individual one though.

    Still wondering what's happened to QC though.



    I can't!


    When I select two images with 50+ tags, I see a lot less tags, and yes, I can eliminate some but can't add a new tag without seeing the message "You've exceeded the limit for tags on one or more of your selected images.:angry: . But when - after eliminating tags - I select just one of these two images, I see again ALL duplicate tags.






    I get exactly the same problem Philippe - the reduced number of tags showing are because the duplicates are not shown. Can't add new because of exceeding the limit. I had gotten around this on day 1 when then system was deleting the extra words when we did a save. But that stopped working and seems to have made this impossible without going through every single image 1 by 1 and deleting out the duplicates 1 by 1. Way too much hassle.

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  8. In the top left where it reads "All submissions    Images ....." Mine says I have 10916 which is incorrect. I had suspected this is including deleted images. I just checked under a pseudo I previously used for moving images into that I wanted to delete, this still shows a preview of the images I deleted back in 2013. Why are they still there? Why are they included in the number of images count? 

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    We really need some clarity from Alamy on this one. If it is about infringements then POD sites and my own website would surely matter. If it is about offering unique licensing then it wouldn't.

    Also - will there be a search filter for 'only on Alamy' images for buyers? Is it really worth my time going through over 9000 images and working out which are not with other agencies?


    On the odd times I have had exclusive licence sales Alamy have contacted me to check whether it had been licenced elsewhere, or might be in the future.



    yes it is highly probable that this is what the field is intended for but I think we need to know for certain. Its actually quite a lot of work to go through too, just on the off chance of an exclusive license. I answer my emails very fast anyway!

  10. Has anyone else found a problem with duplicate keywords when saving? It seems, when I first view an image it shows duplicate keywords - count of keywords 50. When I save the image the duplicates disappear but the count stays at 50, even though I can only see 30. This means I cannot add more and can't now see the duplicates to delete. Am I missing something?


    solved this, just had to deselect the image and then reselect

  11. has anyone worked out how to increase discoverability yet? I have been playing around with this, increased super tags to 10, added more keywords including phrases, completed categories - discoverability doesn't seem to change. 



    edit - just checked some images marked as good discoverability - 50 keywords, only 4 supertags and no categories completed, so I guess it is simply down to number of keywords. Not so sure this is then entirely useful, not all images need 50 keywords and adding spam is pointless.

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  12. My headaches with DACS continues.  In spite of my letter from HMRC directing DACS to make payments WITHOUT deduction of UK income tax, they have withheld 10%.

    That's better than 20%, but it was always 0%, until now.

    This is a first for me.  Anyone else making a direct application (especially in Canada) have the same?


    I've sent the Canadian government an e-mail asking for their reaction.  I can't make heads or tails out of the treaty (Article 12):




    You could claim the tax back from HMRC - the same form you filled in for the tax treaty has a space for claiming back overpaid tax https://www.gov.uk/tax-uk-income-live-abroad/taxed-twice

    Shouldn't be necessary of course, but it seems DACS made a few errors!

  13. Since this is about DACS, can I vent about withholding tax again?

    Last year I went through a whole lot of trouble getting DACS to reverse the UK tax they withheld.  In the end they paid it back to me rather than me claiming from HMRC. 

    I filled in the form for HMRC, signed by the Canadian government to avoid withholding tax for at least the next 5 years.

    Guess what?  DACS withheld my 50 bucks again.  Arghh!


    Reimar I am going through the same just now - was your form also processed and approved by the UK tax office? Mine was still in process but DACS had said they wouldn't pay out to me until it was sorted, but they did so in error, were very apologetic, I just told them I would claim back myself. I never bothered claiming back last year but I'm now putting in a claim for the last two years together. 

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