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  1. Italy's photography is governed by the "King's decree on image rights" from 1943. All subjects, regardless of age, have to provide the photographer an explicit written permission. Without such photographs can not be taken or stored. The only two exceptions are when somebody /asks/ you explicitly to take a picture (and this applies to professional photographers with a studio) or when photo-journalism is concerned. The latter is so only because the Italian Constitution, that is more recent and more powerful juridically, applies freedom of speech on the citizen's right to be informed. This does n
  2. Greetings everyone, I remember that long-long time ago there used to be a way (or am I dreaming?) to download one's meta-data (i.e. titles, keywords and such) in a single file, edit it and re-upload. Is it still that way? Does anybody know how to pull this one out? Thank you!
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