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  1. thanks for the great information , this is very useful indeed and it is interesting to note which images are getting viewed. I will review my images and ensure that the tags are relevant for the image - I guess I need to have a good sized portfolio on Almy to start getting sales - I only have x16 images now but am hoping to build this up over the next few months thanks again for all the comments 🙂
  2. CTR ranking ? what does this refer to ? How is this ranking decided ? I am also interested to know if there is a way of finding out if an image has been viewed - I know the dashboard show sales - are image views registered as well ?
  3. Many thanks for the replies - I actually use a Mac trackpad which I now know is not great when you have a list to scroll through ! It does seem very odd that the categories the potential customer uses does not relate to the to the ones we can use on AIM 🤫 Surely that can have an impact on customer's search results ? I have also read on this forum that having images with high discoverability rating is not necessarily important - is this correct ?
  4. Hi all I am relatively new to Almy and in the process of uploading my images which mainly consist of wildlife and landscapes. I noticed that there is no actual category for Landscape images, so would like to understand where such images are categorised by others on here - any pointers would be greatly appreciated thanks Malcolm
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