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  1. Hi Patrick Cooper, That's truly awesome on KAP photography knowledge you shared here. I like how people have various skills & methods just to present amazing shots from up in the air. It would be quite a feat, however, just to consider using KAP here in Malaysia coz I'm unaware where we could possibly get the type of kite & all the gears required. What you're doing is just cool
  2. Hi Patrick Cooper, Appreciate your insights regarding KAP kite photography. There's certainly alot more going on while the kite is up in the air as compared to a drone. Although I haven't tried KAP before to do my aerials, piloting a drone itself requires full focus. I've crashed my drones before due to distracting surroundings especially if you're in a crowded place for your aerial shoots, so utmost focus is so imperative while manning them mid-flight, especially for video shootages. I believe kite flying should require more skills and experience, while working on unexpected varia
  3. Hi MizBrown, I'd be amazed with people who submit that many images on weekly basis, as there's alot of work in touching-up to do prior to submissions. It's commendable that you're actively keeping your hobby active, kudos!
  4. Hi Cal, It's more of a challenge for me if I seriously invest in my equipments just to comply for stocks' requirements. It'll be a day job for me the moment I embark on this
  5. Forget all the other stock images including Alamy if it's drone stocks from any version lower than the DJI Inspire V1 or the Air Pro 2. Everyone is still welcome to try coz who knows, 'pass one pass all' still stands. It's a long shot, though.
  6. Hi MizBrown, Great sharing knowledge here by you! I for one will definitely keep in mind when getting myself a new camera sometime in the future. Micro 4/3rds sensor it shall be. Many thanks, MizBrown.
  7. Alamy contributors with the Inspire V1 model will be delighted to know this. Hopefully Alamy accepts the Mavic Air Pro V1 & V2 ones too.
  8. Hi Allan, I can't verify but am sure that only the DJI Inspire 1 may have this sensor, since Alamy seems to approve of ONLY this particular model.
  9. Hi MizBrown, Yes, your prompting for a Micro 4/3rds was mentioned in the link that Wiskerke posted above. I'm unaware whether drones like the DJI Inspire 1 or their smaller models are capable of being modified to suit this. My DJI MA 2 won't be able to so, that's for sure. Will need to do more research in advance on this before I can share this info here.
  10. Hi meanderingemu, It all boils down to "passing one, passing all" & "failing one, failing all", yeah. I've most luck with Adobe Stock submissions thus far, for everyone's info. By luck besides Adobe, I also contribute to Pond5, Alamy & Shuttershock. Hope this helps
  11. Hi Wiskerke, This is useful especially for all of us who's submitting drone shots. Seems like the minimum preference here are for the DJI Inspire models with wide angle shots. As for camera shakes, DJI Mavic Air & MA 2 passes the mark. Can't say the same for the Mavic Mini, though. Appreciate your sharing the links here. Many thanks!
  12. Hi Cal, The Mavic Air 2 was my preference & not the Mini coz the battery last longer and it'll be more steadier /stable during a flight because of the size and weight. However, MA 2 boasts of having 48MP quality pictures, but it's usually not the case. It's still worth the purchase, though..... for me, at least Alamy did gave guidelines as how / what to shoot which they'll definitely accept, but after comparing between Adobe Stock contributions, I've realised that Alamy has stricter guidelines when they rejected my submissions by stating that all my photos were "gr
  13. Hi spacedet & Wiskerke, Thanks for being patient and sparing your time with me, but I'm going to leave it for now. It seems like giving up halfway, but I do realize that as long as Alamy's requirements doesn't include drone shots, I'm just going to keep getting axed here for now with any submissions I make. This is not the end, cause I can still contribute without drone shots in the near future. My humble thanks to both you guys and everyone else involved in this throughout. Gordon signing off for now.
  14. Ok, there seems to be an occuring issue here. Even after choosing the option that says uploading in 1600 x 1200 (21 inch monitor), I'm still posting the images at 1280 x 720 here. It's kind of exasperating lols.
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